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Saturday, April 10, 2021


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Good Morning...

Lord have Mercy on us all today as we begin the day with different weather in different Countries....

What was i gonna say sef?...... Sleep no let me fit type well

Have a nice day and stay out of harms ways... i love Saturdays so much!

Hmmm that Friday Amebo post na wah!

Some people still need answers to their questions on Frequently asked questions posted on Thursday.....PA please post the link in te comment section.



  1. Alive and grateful.

    Good morning everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Got one of the most amazing gift for my little one yesterday.

    So I am a Chelsea fan, a staunch one and my husband is a staunch Man U fan. One of his friends that came for dinner yesterday left for India sometime in September last year to get married and just got back.

    When he came yesterday, he handed us the most interesting gift. One Man U Jersey (short included), 3-6months size and then one Chelsea jersey, 6-9 months. Super duper quality. They are so painfully cute. Can’t wait to wear them for her.

    So painful that they outgrow clothes so fast.

    My husband and I have actually been arguing on which club she would be a fan of and then this happened. I hope she grows up, sees herself in the Chelsea jersey, realises she was way cuter in it and then decide to be a Chelsea fan πŸ˜‚

    1. So cute!
      I'm a Liverpool fan.

    2. Awwwww, so nice of him. Me I am a Barcelonia fan. And hubby is Chelsea fan.

    3. Eka pls baby Alex is a Manchester United fan periodt πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

    4. Eka is still here telling stories... 🀣

  3. I read and saw disturbing videos online yesterday on Facebook how the Nigerian military were bombing a community in Benue State, killing civilians and destroying properties thereby forcing citizens to become refugees in their own country. The destruction was so huge that a community was almost razed down with reason that, soldiers were killed in that community.

    Few days ago it was in Akwaibom state were the Nigerian sponsored military were dropping bombs in a local government, destroying and killing people. What about the one in Orlu in Imo state?

    My question is this, has there been any time the military bomb or destroy a village or community in the north because a solder(s) was killed? We all know solders are killed in dozens in the north everyday but you won't see these idiots destroying properties or razing down communities/villages in retaliation there in the north.

    What does that tells you? Come on! Think very well. The sons of Usman Dan Fodio are beginning to wage war on Southern Nigeria. I kid you not, these people have an agenda but definitely it will swallow them.

    Very useless people.

    1. BITCHandSLUT.com10 April 2021 at 08:58

      Please, please, please, you people should stop this it will swallow them, their plans will fail slogan.

      They are doing it and succeeding and we are comforting ourselves with "they will not succeed"?

      What are we doing to counter their evil agenda to make them swallow themselves?

      We cannot just sit back and keep saying all will be well.

      Heaven help those who help themselves.

      Truth is, Southerners just sit comfortably doing nothing yet running mouths, chanting they can not succeed.

      Yes! These people are waging war against us!

      When will the south arise?

    2. That video was indeed so disturbing. bombing the houses was totally uncalled for. Wasting lives and properties..

      This country needs an urgent attention...

    3. I understand you perfectly well but you see eehn, the governors we have in the south are all bunch of what will I even call them sef. Do you see how Zamfara governor took side with Buhari even though he is a PDP man, that a protest against the president is an attack on the north.

      Now ask yourself, how many governor in the south has condemn the military bombardment or even say, an attack on any state is an attack on the south? Now you see the problem?

      If not for ESN, the south would have been runned over by now by Fulani herdsmen. You saw what happened in Ebonyi state, where over fifteen people were killed and houses burnt. Do you know the herdsmen that did that are all working freely. Do you know Ebonyi governor came out and acknowledged that it was the herders that committed the said crime. Now ask again, have haven't they been arrested?

      Do you see why the unknown gun men are killing them?

    4. This is so sad, the southern governors should please rise and face this injustice,they should stop this ass licking please 😭😭😭

  4. Good morning to y'all on here and happy weekend to you too.πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ€£ Where's that person that's always talking about imaginary haters and saying that people are crying wolf? Shameless! I am doing my laundry this morning and hey,go get something doing too

  5. Good morning Everyone.. noted Boss

    Here's the link

  6. I just read through Friday night gist...sleep no gree me comment.

    Happy birthday Shinning,may God's light shine upon you.Have fun.

    Good morningπŸ’žπŸ˜˜

  7. Good morning beautiful people.

    Have a fun-filled day

  8. *How we withdraw and spend dead people's money - Bank manager*

    No one is praying to die unexpectedly but the obvious truth is that people die unexpectedly everyday.
    As you leave your house, it's only God that knows whether you will make it home alive or not. We are not praying for the worst but we need to let at least one person in our family especially wife or children to know all the secrets of our bank accounts, ATM pins and everything they need to know in order to withdraw money from our accounts in case something happens.

    *Read the confession and warnings of a bank manager.* After reading this, share to your husband or wife or children of the assets and money you have in bank accounts. Wives also inform your husbands.
    Please read the warnings of a female bank manager.....

    While talking with a female bank manager she made a scary revelation to me. She told me how Nigerian bank vaults are filled with monies of dead men who kept their bank accounts secret from their wives.
    She explained it was against bank ethics or policies for an account officer to inform the relatives of a deceased customer of his account (without his permission). And since the man is dead without giving his permission the bank dubiously keeps silence on the money. She told me it is rampant among many businessmen, even the Christians. She revealed many instances of dead men whose families are still suffering even though they have millions stashed in their secret accounts.
    She mentioned one that happened few months back. The man died and the wife was crying all over the place, looking for money to bury him or even do his funeral. Whereas the man had nothing less than 60 million naira in his accounts. The banker said it got to a stage that she could no longer bear it, her conscience was pummelling her.
    She had to go against her bank rules, and got in contact with the widow and revealed to the woman how much her husband had in his accounts and how to claim them. She also told of another story of one man who escaped death but his right hand was paralysed.
    He couldn't sign his chequebook with his left hand and he was in a desperate situation that needed him to sign papers and cheques. That was how he learnt his own lesson the hard way. As soon as he got better, he immediately made his wife co-signatory to all his accounts and involved her in all his businesses. What if he had died? So, that was how his family would have suffered in the midst of plenty.
    This stupid behaviour is not reserved for wealthy men alone, even paupers who earn little too have their own complex issues. I just read on the wall of an Igbo group where a man complained of how his friend refused to release his ATM Pin Number to his wife even though there was an emergency at home, and his ATM was at home.
    Many orphans and widows that are suffering today are put in that condition by their uninformed dead father. Women and Retirees are not left out; someone told me how a relative of hers died and none of her relatives knew where all her properties scattered all over the world are.
    Not even one house. Not even a dime in her accounts. If you knew billions unclaimed in banks belonging to selfish dead people, you would weep. Banks and Bankers grow fat on these oafs. Please do the needful now that you still have the breath to do so, of course tomorrow is pregnant and only God knows what it will deliver. A word is enough for the wise daddy and mummy.

    Thank u.


    1. Most bank managers become rich from people's money. I know that one tey tey. Thank you for pospting this. #spotremover#

  9. Good morning beautiful people.
    Happy birthday @Shining, God bless your new age

  10. Attaining Spiritual Maturity!!
    1 John 2:12-13.


    "The Scriptures have the capacity to build you unto  Maturity"

    "The Word is  your life; therefore, yield yourself to the Word to build  and nourish you"

    "The Word is the only ingredient  that can transform and build our lives on all three levels:  spirit, soul and body"


    Dear Father, my heart is opened to receive your Word  and live by it today. I’m transformed from glory to  glory, and positioned to fulfill your destiny and plan  for my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  11. Good morning beautiful people
    Candy dear please we love you wishing your sister speedy recovery πŸ™
    Bv Salma we will keep praying for your husband he will be alright please stay strongπŸ™πŸ™
    Stella I hope your hand is fine now

    Bv Paris how are you feeling today I hope you are getting better, please be fine

    Happy birthday to you bv shining you will continue to shine bright in all areas of your life enjoy your day and please don't forget to bring my Cake 😘😘😘

    Teejay the odogwu himself why you fall hand na we gather dey wait for your gist,well I hope say you dey alright no forget to gist us oooooooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Have a smooth weekend everyone 😘😘😘

    1. I am sorry bro, came back late from work and was so tired. It's a developing story and I am trying to put it down and will write it in my corner. Sorry about the disappointment last night.

    2. Amen, thanks Slimzy❤️

    3. Tanx black slimzy.
      God bless u

    4. Thanks darling πŸ’™πŸ’™ I'm much better today! Enjoy the weekend πŸ₯‚

    5. Bv salma.... Some of us went to bed late last night because we were waiting for your gist....
      You promised to share oooo and you know promise is a debt....
      How's your husband's health today? I have been praying for him for the past 1 week now...
      May Allah grant him Permanent healing....

    6. Amin pritypao.
      May Allah see us through

  12. Good morning lovely people of SDKville

    Up and thankful. Blessed be the name of the lord.

    Nice day y'all πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  13. A pleasant morning Sdk fam,the nights seem shorter,PHCN has started their own "American wonder".Thanking God for life,family,good health,provision,peace and others.Father,we do not take your mercy and grace for granted.If you judge according to our iniquities,who will stand?Nobody.....Have a boessed day peopleπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  14. Happy birthday Shinning.

    Paris ❤️ Trust you feel better this morning?

    Thanks Jubilee for the mention of Enya, I just downloaded her best songs.

    1. You are very much welcome.

    2. Thanks Sweetheart ❤️πŸ’• I'm much better today πŸ™ enjoy the weekend πŸ₯‚

  15. Beautiful Saturday morning everyone, do have a superb πŸ‘Œ weekend.

  16. My job leaves me feeling energy drained & burnt out that I am always looks so stressed out to lift a finger to do laundry on weekends...
    Like I will just lie in bed all Saturdays sleeping or checking sdk blog till infinity..
    Has anyone ever been in thus situation as me?

    1. Yes, I have been in a situation like this. It was a toxic work environment, and I always felt mentally drained. It was so bad that my sister had to call my attention to how I was beginning to even forget things too easily. I was most useless to myself on the weekends. I quit that job in the middle of the pandemic last year, and I have never felt more productive and at peace with myself.

    2. Some jobs are like that,if I can't cope,it's best to let go, sometimes money ain't everything.I know people who have taken that step and are better for it.A man resigned,he got another job that paid him less but he was happy.He had time for himself and his family.
      He realised that at the end of life's journey,no one is going to care how much you made, but the lives you touched.
      Money is a necessity, but it ain't everything.

  17. Is BV Paris sick? Haa! Y'all better stop all this o, get well soon queen. 😘😘

    BV Salma nwanyioma, love you. All is well with you and yours asa.πŸ’πŸ’

    BV Candy sweetheart, it is well with you and your sister hun.

    You all are coming out stronger and better my darlings.❤️❤️

    Happy Saturday everyone.

    1. Tanx sis . I really appreciate u

    2. Thanks NneπŸ₯°πŸ’“ I'm much better! Have a fabulous weekend πŸ₯‚

    3. Glad to see your replies my ladies, it shall continue to be well. πŸ’‹

  18. Sweet Saturday to us all Amen.

    So many deaths everywhere. God Almighty comfort all.

    Enjoying this song by flavor, zubby and what is the other one name.

    Danceable songs. May we all enjoy this weekend without stress Amen

  19. Good morning y'all. It's a good day to be joyful.😎
    I was sad yesterday, I woke up feeling inspired. Believe it or not, DMX death really broke me.πŸ’” It's so painful for real. There's so much chores waiting for me, currently playing "Ruff Ryder's Anthem". I need all the motivation.😎😎 Rest in perfect peace X.❤️

  20. Good morning lovelies.
    I'm on an early mor mor native market hustle with plenty empty sacks with my Nwunyedi.
    Thereafter we follow up on some palm trees because isi akwu ga adalili,me must carry palmkernel plenty go Lagos.
    Bombass ofe akwu is loading.
    For palmwine, my trunk is booming,like 150 unfiltered foaming liters,bought and then proper chilling and freezing will take place at home. Some families are waiting for theirs in Eko.
    Everything don cost for hinterland o, chai. Even native mango is war. Hian.

    Castle Windsor...I saw your comment. Nnem it's not all about enjoyment here o, we've attended 2 okponku burials, by 8 am you are fully kitted and waiting for arrival of ambulance from Awka Etiti Mortuary. Events berekete, na manage person dey take hold down kids, and other families were there for our parties, we have to go cry with them too.

    I will do my boss strong thing,only 3 working days was approved for my casual leave because of how old grandma is but I added Friday that was yesterday. Hahaha. I smell ogbonge query but no shaking. The kind bottles of cashew nuts and some other things I already bought go bend some hands. Duuh!

    Have a great weekend.
    Stay safe and protected.
    Corona virus is real.

    1. XP, which town are you from?

      I’m from Awka Etiti.

  21. Happy birthday to me❤️
    April girl

    1. Happy birthday, wishing you the best life can offer

    2. Happy birthday, wishing you the best life can offer.

    3. Happy birthday honey πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯³πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ€πŸŽ your new age is blessed and highly favored πŸ™πŸ™ keep shinning and soaring!! Have a fab one🍹🍾πŸ₯³

    4. Happy birthday my Aries Baibay, you are such a shining star 🌟. God bless you and yours πŸ’›

  22. So am throwing a question. Schooling in a private university in Nigeria or to school in Cotonou for three years. I want to know which is best in terms of quality of education and which school certificate is more standard and accepted if I want to use it to travel

    1. I’ll pick schooling in a well recognized private school in Nigeria. Please emphasis on well recognized.

  23. Good morning lovelies.. happy weekend.

  24. I keep seeing this post "you can have the title of SSCE, OND, HND, BSC, MSC, and PHD, but only a man can give you the title of a Mrs, so ladies humble yourself"

    These are the kind of post that would make a girl drop out of school to get married, these are the kind of post that would make a lady who is not mentally, psychologically, spiritually, financially or emotionally ready for marriage marry and start disturbing us with hide my ID stories.

    Women... always prioritizing marriage over common sense since 1532.🀦‍♀️

    My Dears,

    Only education can give a person the title of a Doc, a title that qualifies you to treat people and save life... The people we run to when we have health issues.

    Only Education can gives the title of a Barrister to a person. A title that qualifies you to interpret, defend the law, fight for justice and be referred to as 'a learned person'

    Imagine someone recognised globally as a learned person... everybody agree say e know book... no cap!😎

    Only education can give the title of an Engineer to a person, a title that qualifies and gave people enough knowledge to build bridges, make roads, build cars, different gadgets, turn a rural village to a modern city with modern technology. Engineers are the reason you have a phone and social media to post without thinking.

    Only education can give the title of a Pharmacist, which qualifies a person to prescribe drugs, make research and develop cure for different ailment.

    Only education gives the title of a professor, someone who teaches doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc, he teaches them enough to be qualified in their various field.

    You see these titles? The are beneficial to you, me and the world.

    I really do not mean to be a kill joy or sound like I hate marriage, but what economical, political, social, medical and legal benefits does the title 'Mrs' gives to the society?

    People can give birth without getting married remember?

    They can give their children education and raise them to acquire the various titles that benefits the society.

    So I ask for the 610th time, what purpose does the title Mrs fulfil or how has it made our lives better?

    I'm waiting... 😐

    1. A bouquet of fresh red roses to you for this beautiful piece.

      Beautifully written. 😘😘😘

    2. Dante is typing while Ceaser will reply tmr or next. Chike will sure be here while i activate my reading mode

    3. Hmmmm,I thought it's could give me all! thought I was free from my toxic father n stepmum but u know wat????it's gives nothing!!!now,I am back on my career,at 32, just encourage me Anon,that I can n I will achieve my dreams.waiting for u....

    4. 12:19
      You are the big next thing
      You will achieve more than you ever dreamed of.Keep your head up darling sis.Love and Light from me to you.πŸ’šπŸ’š

    5. Thanks Anon12:42!one day,I will be here to tell wat I have been able to do,God's u darling Sis!


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