Stella Dimoko Actor Stella Damasus Reveals She Was Sexually Molested When She Was 8 Years Old...


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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Actor Stella Damasus Reveals She Was Sexually Molested When She Was 8 Years Old...

Veteran Nollywood US based actress, Stella Damasus has revealed how she was sexually assaulted when she was only 8 years old.

In a live session with the veteran rapper, Bouqui, and monitored by 1st News; she narrated how she was molested by a supposed relative at a tender age.

The 43-year-old mother of two shared her story while explaining why she had been calm about the recent rape issue.

Here is what she said;

“I hate it when people come and say this thing happened to you; why are you just talking about it now.

Bouqui, it has happened to me, I don’t say this anywhere, I have never said this before, it has happened to me, it wasn’t rape, it was molestation, by someone who was supposed to be related to me.”

I was eight years old, I couldn’t talk about it for years because it traumatized me, nobody knew; I was dealing with it myself.

Why couldn’t I talk, I knew what happened to others who had spoken up about it, they were disgraced; if you see the shame, even in school, once the word got out, it was about her being a prostitute even as young as we were, they would call you names, so man as seen you?”

In the latter part of the session, Damasus stated;

Man has touched you?

It’s not about what you’re going through, at the end of the day you spend years dealing with your trauma and we are not in a society that believes in “oh! Go and see a therapist to talk about it for counseling,” said Damasus.

Stella Damasus revealed that she has since healed after going for counseling.

from 1st news


  1. Sorry Stella. May your healing be permanent. So many stories like this abound. May God protect all young ones

  2. Pele...a lot of ladies experienced this and may God completely heal them

  3. May you find healing.
    Parents should be watchful these days.
    So many sick men out there.

  4. It's not easy at all, and it one way or another affect the victim negatively. I was also molested in my teenage age by my piano teacher, a priest of an Anglican Church at Agege in lagos, an old man in his 70s then, while playing the piano the God forsaken man would put his hand in my dress, fondle with my breast while standing at my back, I couldn't tell a single soul not even my brother that took me to him cos of the shame and blame. This really messed up my life.

    Parents especially mothers should make their children their closest friends so that they'll be able to open up to them if there is any form of abuse towards them.

    1. So sorry about what you experienced. Hugs.

  5. Haaaaaaaaa! Everybody has a tale of sexual molestation.

    1. Exactly! My uncle then molested me as young as I was (15years or thereabout) whenever he comes to spend a night in our house. We lived in two rooms then, my parents slept in the room while us the children sleep in the parlor. But when my uncle came visiting, since there was no spare room, he sleeps in the parlor with us. But one night, I noticed someone’s hands pressing my breast, I immediately woke up and changed my position.
      I couldn’t tell my mom then because she won’t believe me. But recently l told my mom after 10years later. She was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything.

    2. It's scary honestly.
      Everywhere you turn.

      E-hugs Stella.
      God protect you always.

    3. Haaaaaaaaa, thank God for the only uncle He gave me from my mother side....
      God healing dear


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