Stella Dimoko Bride Marries Wedding Guest After The Groom Vanished From The Wedding Venue...


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Friday, May 21, 2021

Bride Marries Wedding Guest After The Groom Vanished From The Wedding Venue...

A recent bride made the most of an unfortunate situation after her wedding went awry. After her groom unexpectedly disappeared, she went through with the wedding—albeit with another man.

The Tribune reported that the incident took place on Monday in the town of Maharajpur, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. According to the news outlet, the couple had just completed their jaimala, or exchange of garlands, when the groom went missing. At the time, their families were getting ready for the main ceremony.

The bride was apparently distressed by the news. Family members reportedly searched for the groom in a state of frenzy, but he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, it became clear that the groom had not gone missing under mysterious conditions—rather, he had purposely fled the scene for reasons still unknown.

Finally, one of the groom's guests suggested that the marriage continue, but this time, with a suitable wedding guest as the groom. The bride's family deliberated the pool of potential husbands in the groom's wedding party, called a baraat, and settled on an eligible suitor. There, at that same venue, the bride married her new groom.

According to The Tribune, the bride's family filed a complaint against the groom and his family after the wedding. An official reportedly released a statement on the matter:

"We have received a complaint in this regard from both the bride and groom sides. While the bride's side has sought suitable action against the groom and his family members, the groom's father, Dharampal, in his complaint, has sought police help to trace his missing son. Investigations are continuing in this regard."

from Newsweek

*Can you just Imagine the wicked groom..... I imagine him running away from the venue when no one was looking. he surely must have planned it or he developed cold feet and tan....LOL


  1. LOL look for the most handsome there and God help you make e be better man without any disease and move on.Hope this will not be a trend now ooo.

  2. After all na woman dey marry man for there 🤣

  3. Nothing is impossible in this life
    Lol nothing surprises me again

    The most Complex B

  4. So wrong of the groom but this one the bride married someone she barely knows, is it a marriage for real or let all the decor, food and preparations not go to waste? I will be a real story if the last minute marriage stands the test of time.

  5. Which plan or develop cold feet? Man run for his life when he know say this sham of a marriage won’t work

  6. Replies
    1. This can only happen in India! But babe for real? Marry who you don't know,love or attracted to? Haaaaa

    2. The attractive one she knows and loved who ran away nko,?

  7. 80% of Indian weddings and marriages are based on matchmaking by parents

  8. I must marry syndrome.
    How many normal people still remain for this country??

    Ooops!! I didn't read before commenting.
    Mumus plenty for Indians

  9. Can otedola or dangotebe the replacement guest if this happens to me??

  10. Only in India. How can marry someone you barely know?

  11. I suspect foul play. Something involving the groom and the new man must have gone down behind the scenes.

  12. I hope he will return home.He would had refused outrightly from the onset than this shameful action...

  13. Honestly it looks like something I will do. Once I feel you did it to spite me, I go just marry another guy and use up the money you speny for the wedding. And if I see I for road, I just holla u like an old friend. You cannot come and make me worry my life.

  14. He would have collected dowry and japa. Shame on him

  15. Indians and weddings ehnn?? Nawa oh.

    Something like this recently happened, although this one they called off the wedding just less than a week to the white wedding.. Everything had been done and set, cards, asoebi, gown, hall, cake etc. I'm still trying to pit my head around why the bride changed her mind.. The groom is so devastated..

    IT is well

  16. what if he was kidnapped.

    1. We are thinking alike. At least they would have waited to know what really went wrong.


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