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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....

 Hmmm na wah....!


Dear BVs...

I feel like I need a brain reset slap. 

My married ex whom we dated many years ago while in school has refused to let me rest. Blocked him from every social media account and he will always create a fake social media page to reach out to me begging for audience. 

I have stopped accepting friend request from people that I do not know on my social media page because of this. He reached out to me through an unknown WhatsApp number telling me sweet nonsense of how he missed me and wished that he put up with my shortcomings which are bad temper and not being domesticated. 

He wants us to travel outside the country for a vacation and has been asking me to tell him the car model that I want for my birthday this month. My birthday is this month and we are almost birthday mates. 

Usually, I don't allow him to type more than five sentences before I block him because I always feel like I wasted my precious 20's with a human dog. Lately, I feel like he has cooked up a jazz for me and I am falling back for him like back in school. 

Tufuakwa, I can never date someone's husband. Someone should please give me a resetting slap, I need it.

* There is no Jazz here but long throat for the things he has dangled before you.... what would be the implications of collecting the car? Do not go on any holiday with him cause that would entail giving in to bedroom activities.

Do you know why he keeps coming back? Because you keep blocking him and saying No but your silent Yes is louder than the loud No.
If you dont want this to continue until you end up in bed with him, then put a stop to it.

You dot need a reset slap, you need to sit yourself down and talk to yourself... surely you cannot be so useless and full of self hate to wanna re- attempt this huh? (I replaced the slap with yabbing you first and then will close with a hot slap)

You were not good enough to marry but you are good enough to be made a side Ho? Think about it.... 

Respect yourself Oh....


  1. I hope that Stella's slap reset your brain. You used to block him until he mentioned car and vacay. Your mind is starting to sweet you. Don't let greed push you. Receive sense by FIRE

  2. Dear poster please respect yourself ooo. Just move on with your life

  3. Oh no! After yabbing her, the slap still enter 🀣🀣

    Poster the truth is you be akpi ogologo. Stella is right! Your silent yes is louder than you spoken No.

    Learn to love yourself and place your hand on your chest and say ' I deserve better'. The guy just wants you to his side Hoe! You are bigger and more beautiful than that shit!

    Tell him to geddifok out!!

  4. Looool you called him a human dog yet you think you may be jazzed because you are falling for him again

    Why would you roll with a dog?

    Are you even ok?

    1. why is everyone gabbing her please?. Temptations come to us as humans, but the ability to withstand them, is what sets us apart.
      She has withstood the dog for so long and the reason she wrote this is cos she wants to keep running. Kudos.
      Poster, please dont listen to anyone that will beg you, collect all evidence .
      Tell him you will send your chats to his wife if he doesn't stop.
      If he actually doesn't stop, please go ahead and send it to his wife.
      If it continues, send it to his siblings etc etc

  5. You're falling for him because of the gifts he's dangling before you. This our gender sef! Why not prove those that say women are scum wrong? Na wa o! Person husband? Smh.

  6. Stella thank you for that resetting e slap. Poster I'll double it for you.
    Shebi I said it yesterday, the primary reason a lot of girls date married men is for the money.
    You know he is a married dog yet won't pick 440 simply because of the material gains you stand to acquire.
    Would you still be considering him if he is poor?

  7. I don't understand why some single ladies find it hard to be firm with stubborn married men.
    Let me teach you a trick.
    Tell him that if he wants to date and have sex with you, no problem, but married men will also date and have sex with his daughters.
    Also, single men will have sex with his wife.
    Since he doesn't mind messing up the daughter of another man, men will mess up his daughters too.
    Don't worry. He won't bother you again after this. Works every time.

    1. It doesn't work for all. You've not met the ones that will tell you that they don't mind if married men are messing with their daughters and other men messing with their wives. All they want is to sleep with you and nothing you tell them will deter them. I guess they ones you've met are those that sill have some conscience.

    2. You all should stop the bushings of married men. Many of you sound politically correct and saintly on this blog but f..k married men. I will unveil some of you hungry hypocrites on this blog shortly. I know your real names but not your blog IDs being used here. Nonsense!

  8. Stella, this your slap loud o 🀭
    She deserves it anyway πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Dear Poster, you know what to do. No one has jazzed you. You are being fooled and played with. If you try it, you'll enter one chance.
    You are falling for the things he's dangling before you. Remember, not all that glitters is gold

  9. 🀣🀣🀣🀣, I hope Stella slap will be hot enough to reset your brain. 🀣🀣🀣

  10. Poster, collect the car gift and better fuck, clean mouth joor. No follow advice for this blog oooo. Many of us here go collect am come dey form holy, holy for blog posting. You fit collect car and fuck den leave am. Ya current boyfriend, dat na if you get sef, wetin he don do/dey for you? No be just fuck? Abeg collect your pension and gratuity from the ex wey you serve before joor.

    1. God go bless you. Dont mind goody two shoes here. Make sure you collect the car first sha. He is only attracted to you cos you say NO. The moment you agree, he will ghost you, but If you gain a car from this transaction. Its a win win.

      They say, when you have sex, make sure you getting power or passion, the moment you not getting either of the two, that means you are being fucked! That's messed up. Be wise.

    2. Rubbish advice

      Poster RUN!
      Person wey set trap with car , overseas trip wetin e wan catch

      Leave long throat and face your front!

    3. Poster, don't listen to those hungry desperado up there, who can sell their souls for a bowl of porridge.

      Women always think men are stupid till they put head and get stuck.

      Hold your head high and walk girl. It is more honourable that way.

      Believe me, I am not telling you what I have not practised.

  11. That guy is wicked and has come to destroy you. I think you should talk to your mum or an elder that will counsel you, before things go out of hand. I were in your shoes, I will plan with my husband and set him up. Plssss talk to someone, because u are getting weak and can't withstand this temptation.

    1. Which husband.
      @east coast

  12. If he loves you so much why didn’t he marry you.

    1. Ohh ooo

      GOD save you front public toilet

      You want to go back there?

      Osiso, Run away from destiny destroyer!

  13. Poster, do not give in to his desire no matter how tempting the gifts might appear..

    Be more firm in resisting him...

  14. Why won't married men just be contented with their wives.

    My friend's married ex of 2007 has started disturbing her again. I have sha told her to tell her husband so she doesn't get into undeserved trouble with him.

    Married men, stop putting ur eyes outside. Keep ur blokos in ur matrimonial home ffs.

    1. We can not stop putting our eyes outside. We will continue to put our eyes outside. Our blokos isn't meant for our matrimonial homes only. We are by nature promiscuous but modern day society has tried to curtail us.

    2. It is good na anon 15:57.
      Hope you know one boy somewhere is chopping your wife? Or you think your wife doesn't know? Keep being stupid till you jam HIV + Hepatitis B. Sho lo fe dense ni.

    3. @Dainty T, don't worry yourself about me. Even without HIV and Hepatitis B we will all die. People are dying every day. I'll rather get the pleasure I seek and die young than deprive myself and still die. At the end of the day we all die. Do you and I'll do me.

    4. The sermon of he that doesn't fear GOD


    5. I wonder who is selling this promiscuous by nature bullsh*t to young men of today. That's how you will be flexing and the devil will be dancing azonto on your head. By old age, you will be full of regrets after you have ruined what could have been a good home for you. Jisike inugo?

  15. If our two "brothers" talk now, ..... anyway Lady Stella done close the case. And the Chronicler too know truth has been said to her.

    1. O lorun maje. They are your brothers not mine. I can never have anyone like that in my lineage. God forbid evil.

  16. Asi ocha. Lori iro. He has married whom he loves. All he is looking for is a bed mate. Babe. Maybe he had a bet with those guys that know two of you together that he will get you back. He has eaten his cake and wants it back. What did he do for you when you were dating?. Nothing that he will give you that Worth's all those wasted years with him.
    Dare him. Ask him to divorce his wife and send you the divorce certificate with two months then you will know you don't even worth a sidechick to him. You are just a bed mate. Fling him away biko. You worth better

    1. Poster just remember that he does not think of you as anything better than a side ho. You are nothing but a ho to him.

  17. Poster you are the one encouraging this yeye guy, you kept on giving him attention, ignore him like he doesn't exist and see him walk away forever.

    Poster why don't you collect the car gift, task him for heavy money but do nit go to bed with him and after you have collected the gifts, money you block him. If he can sponsor you to leave this country babe do that and dump his sorry ass.

    Do not sleep with that fool, cook up some stories like you need some time to fall back in love with him while you take what you want to take from him and move. You cannot be better and more beautiful than his wife, so I will say never fall for his lies to sleep with him.

    1. If you want to reject something,do it completely.It is better she doesn't near him atall

  18. Same long throat that will destroy many of these hungry girls. Jazz ko, juju ni. Ode, go ahead, maybe this time his wife will finish you up, or the man needs your parts for juju or sale.

  19. Why didnt he do all that for you when you both were still together?? Guy man just want to fuck can collect the car as pension nothing mega

  20. Empty promises,lady,do not go back to your vomit else you will forever regret it
    THE guy just want to mess you up completely.Even if you are not married yet,respect yourself and have selfworth.

  21. Greed
    Anu nchi
    Did you see all you are?
    You jazzed yourself with anya ukwu; big eyes.
    Let me give you some baskets I weaved this morning for you to
    cover your head in shame. 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺
    If you spread legs for that man, you will be fighting God who said
    no one should put asunder what he put together.

  22. Life didn't start today & it won't end today.
    Infidelity or polygamy didn't start today neither will it end today.
    Poster if you want to fuck your ex (who is now a married man presently) go ahead and fuck him. You won't die, neither will you loose your pussy, it is still yours and another man or finally your husband will still come and own it.
    Your body is yours do whatever you want to do.
    But first before you fuck him, let him give you the car keys and documents ,make sure everything was bought in your name. Since he is that desperate to fuck you, make your demands. And make sure they are legit & genuine.
    Then you can fuck and fuck all you care.
    This pussy you are preserving na still one man wey fit cheat on you go still carry am last last.
    Now women expect anything in that marriage as long as you are not married to Jesus. There's nothing like karma shit.
    A man that will cheat will definitely cheat.
    My sis met her man as a virgin and she didn't sleep with any other, at last they are married and oga cheated.
    & I'm sure he will still cheat given the opportunity.
    Sis is very beautiful, lovely,good hearted, great cook, doesn't like wahala, people even take advantage of her soft heart, but didn't oga cheat? Sis fine oh, bomb shape, the kinda babe that men follow like where fly dey follow shiit, na she get suitor pass for my family.
    All these karma na mumu talk.
    Man or woman wey go cheat go cheat. Fidelity in marriage isn't a reward for good behavior neither is karma a reward for bad behaviour.
    So many things make a woman to sleep with her ex, could be she needs sex, money/material gains,companionship, whatever the reason, let her do her do. It's her body.
    You all come here acting I Holy pass. Abeggi, my life can't be like yours, people are different just like their faces are.
    Your own demons might be different... if we begin to watch the video recording of our daily lives most of us will never envy the people we envy, and that which we feel we ought to be ashamed of will no longer look awful...
    Na una sabi.
    I dey my house come yab me.

    1. 17:37, look in your mirror. What do you see there? Filth, right? Good. Just imagine the manner you displayed your truncated self esteem with consummate elegance. Ewu

    2. You vex o😁😁😁

    3. Sister, you never jam, if you jam people like me, you go know say people carry different spirits.

    4. This life sha so car is now a pension . Car that can be stolen. Do you know that the one time the man want to sleep with her can cause her serious damage she may never recover from. And about cheating , if your husband or wife cheat on you, it is on them not on you,if you decide to cheat because your wife or husband cheat ,then you have no respect for youself or body in the first place. You can be bless without sleeping around.

  23. Many men cheat because they marry women not for love, but because the women fit into the acceptable mold of 'wife material'. They marry not because they are ready or willing to be with one woman, but because they click an age (mostly 30) which is the 'right time' for marriage according to society.
    Many married women were chosen not because of love, but because they fit into what men have been taught are ideal wives - same tribe, homely, quiet, domesticated, pretty, yellow skin, good home, etc..

    There's hardly real love and genuine friendship for these men. It's mostly about fulfilling what is expected of them. They've been taught this since childhood and it's been ingrained in their consciousness. They will pass over the women they love because those women don't fit the mold. Then they come to marry you, the wife material.
    Tell me, how do you expect continuous fidelity when the heart is not truly involved? This is a bitter truth, but it is truth all the same.
    They will cheat because something is missing.

    This is not justification for bad behaviour please. It's just what I have noticed over time and women keep blaming everyone else other than the randy men who do not take responsibility. And so the cycle continues

    1. God bless you! That's how olosho colleauge married the only girl he couldn't sleep with but we've not had peace cos this guy's wife keeps calling a mutual friend to nag and cry about her husband's ashewoism since she gave birth about 2 months agoπŸ₯΄
      That guy is lucky he didn't marry a jaguda babe cos e for hear am


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