Stella Dimoko Crooner Seun Kuti Says The Yoruba's Can Break Away From Nigeria Through A Referendum


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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Crooner Seun Kuti Says The Yoruba's Can Break Away From Nigeria Through A Referendum

Seun, son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, has suggested a way the Yoruba nation can actualize Oduduwa Republic.
He said the Southwest can break away from Nigeria through a referendum.

Seun who spoke during a live video on Instagram, insisted that Nigeria can be divided without killings and war.

He says : “England just left the EU recently; did they fight anyone before leaving? The Scottish are agitating to leave England. Why are they not saying they want to fight war before they can leave England? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these people don’t fight but understand the narrative.

“Referendums now put the decision in the hands of the people.

“If Nigeria truly wants to divide we must pose it in a referendum program, yes or no vote to all the people in this country so that we can make our argument for and against and the people would be carried along every step of the way because we will need them to make the final decision.

“If the Yoruba people want to leave Nigeria, it is not overnight. Anybody wey tell you say Yoruba people can leave Nigeria over a ten-year period, that person is trying to put you in another long jump. Our problem needs like fifty years of dedication to see front before everything balance.”

“Even before we do constitutional conferences, democratically in any country, before you do a constitutional review, you must put it to the people, the people will now decide a yes or no vote for the review before you carry your review forward.

“But when only a handful of people want to make decisions for hundreds of millions of people, this is what you now get. Everybody is only discussing one angle, one way of separating Nigeria which will kill millions of us in the name of separating Nigeria.”

From Daily Post


  1. Who they epp??
    'I' tribe can do without them but not sure about other tribes from what I see.
    They want break up yet they are still looking up to 'I' tribe for help.

  2. Oyaa!
    Ejaka wama lo, ileya Odun Oduduwa.
    Yoruba ogo gbogbo adu lawo....tesiwaju

    1. Well...the Yoruba race is the only tribe I believe will flourish in peace and prosperity if they broke away. My Igbo brothers that I see today will implode and consume themselves if they eventually have a nation.

  3. Nawa o. The Yorubas have been the unifying factor of Nigeria, now wen e don choke dem, no be small thing. Las las everybody go dey alright

  4. Exactly what we have been clamouring for. Each time we talk about referendum, the government will misconstrue it as a call for war. If actually they believe Nigeria is indivisible, then they should put it into a contest and let the people decide.

    Referendum have been used in Nigeria before. So I don't see need or reason the political elites are making it seems as if it's something alien to them. It was used in 1961. So why the refusal at this. time? You can't keep clamping down on agitators without understanding the reason they opted out for secession.

    Nigeria breeds disunity and can never progress in such mentality. Now let me quote you the words of the man you called your vice president to see how evil, wicked and biased he is on national issues.


    "IPOB is a threat to Nigeria's unity and we the Federal Executive must crush them and their activities by fire by thunder. So we beg true Nigerians to provide our security agencies with IPOB's information/plans/activities for proper action to be taken immediately!" ~ VP Pastor (Prof.) Osinbajo

    "I plead to Nigerians Don’t Retaliate Fulani Herdsmen Killings, Pray For Them Instead; just as we the Federal Executive are praying hard now." ~ VP Prof. Osinbajo

    *** In case you're wondering if Osinbajo actually said these, YES! he did, as Reported by Thisday newspaper, April 18, 2021.

    Do you see the grave injustice that is being perpetrated on the country. Now, you know why Fulani herders act with impunity.

  5. All these secede, secede, I have a question for all of you?
    Any part that secedes, who are the political class that will rule you?
    Or are new politicians going to fall from heaven?
    If the s/west secedes, it will still be stuck with Tinubu and Sanwo and co
    These are the same problems that Nigeria is facing. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    If they can hold the entire Nigeria to ransom, how much more s/west only?

    1. Oga, leave lagos and go to your State. Go and hold the governors of your state responsible. Tinubu is not your president. Leave him alone moron

  6. These people do not even understand the genie they are letting out the bottle.

    Millions of ethnicities have intermingled and intermarry. Breaking it all up will not land anyone in safe haven

  7. Only those who are afraid of change will be scared to see Nigeria break up. Until we unbundle this illegal structure foisted on us by the British, we CANNOT make tangible progress. Why? Because it was made specifically to fail and line the pockets of Britain and the Fulani period.

    1. You are very intelligent. From the onset, Nigeria was structured to fail and only to serve the purpose of the caliphate. The reason the north will always kick against restructuring. You can't tell a man who structured what favours him to restructure it. They will rather than see Nigeria restructure. Remember, that vwas the reason Gowon reneged on the Aburi accord.

  8. There is no referendum in the 1999 Constitution. An ignorant noise maker. Teejay will latch on this to dish out his usual nonsense. Only the 1960 Constitution had referendum. There will never be Biafra, Oduduwa or any other trash . Yorubas, Hausa/Fulanis and Igbos are our problem in this country. They have benefited extensively from our country. They dominate everywhere at the expense of the minorities. Yet they keep crying maginalisation. We the minorities are dominated in all ramifications in our nation. Those 3 ethnic nationalities destroyed this country. Once they don't get what they want they start heating up the system with their foolish and childish rants.

    1. You will always leave an issue of discourse and attack me as usual. Before your very eyes, Biafra will be restored. Be very careful, for all those who said over their dead body will Biafra come are all dead now. I can mention eight persons who said that and passed on in the last three years and now. Be very careful. Biafra is a spirit that can't be crushed not even with power of a gun.


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