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Monday, May 24, 2021

Dr Freak's Journal - "Power Pass Power"

 Dr Freak and his sweet tales....

Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy and famous man in Africa named M.K.O Abiola. He was famous to the extent that he interacted with almost all the world leaders on a first name basis. In spite of all the fame and wealth, M.K.O wanted more. He wanted power. Unfortunately, he paid the supreme price in his quest for power.

Also, Fela Anikulapo Kuti in his album -"Vagabond In Power" (VIP) sang "...I say everybody get him power, everywhere."


What then is power?

Power is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as (i) "ability to control people and events."; (ii) "the amount of political control a person or group has in a country"; (iii) "an official or legal right to do something."

In my quest for a better grasp of the subject under reference, my thoughts wandered back in time and I found myself in the second largest city in Africa circa 1993. I was in the University at the time and I hitched a ride with a military man from Ondo State to Lagos. The man under reference was one of the few young men who inspired me to join the military early in life. The well starched khaki uniform was a sight to behold. He spoke with authority. He exuded undiluted intelligence.

Back to my gist. Egbon picked me up from the pick up point as early as 6.00am. We set out for Lagos early enough and a good time we had of it. We had a stopover at Osu (that was before the by-pass project was conceived and effected by Obasanjo) to feast on "Akara-Osu" and bread with Afri Cola to wash the "baddest" combo down. We progressed for another 45 minutes until we arrived at Ibadan. Few kilometres away from Iwo Road, an army truck overtook the "Babangida Spirit" (Babangida had just "appeased" the junior officers by gifting them 307 and 504 cars at the time, just after the annulment of the June 12 elections and the military boys nicknamed the cars "Babangida Spirit") in which we were travelling. 

The manner in which the truck overtook our car was reckless though and a "bloody civilian" would have overlooked same, but Egbon who was a Captain at the time would not let it slide. Never! He swore and he disengaged the manual gear. He gave the military truck a chase, evened up, overtook and blocked it with that tiny vehicle of his. Obviously, the driver of the truck knew that only a fellow soldier could have done that. It was just 9.00am in the morning and a "bloody civilian" could not have drunk himself to that suicidal stupor level that early. Egbon alighted from his car and he advanced towards the driver of the truck with a view to landing some beautiful slaps on his rough military face. 


A smart-looking dude in a military fatigue emerged from the passenger's seat of the truck with a hand pistol and behold, he was a Major! A step ahead of Egbon in the military. Upon sighting him, Egbon gave him compliments. Omo! You needed to have seen the way Egbon was startled. He became "loyal" by force and chanted "I'm an officer sir" over four (4) times. 

The more senior officer simply warned him and few minutes after we were back on the road. I waited for Egbon to explain what had just transpired before about four (4) of us few minutes ago and our prayers were eventually answered about five (5) minutes after. Egbon managed to mutter some words. As much as he tried to compose himself, he betrayed his emotions as he sounded visibly shaken still. He was like don't mind that bagga, he was driving recklessly because he was driving a Major." I noticed that he never made any unpleasant remarks about his superior thereafter.

 One of the disciplines instilled in the military, I would say. "legatus non potest peccare" - "a senior officer can do no wrong." Deep down, I just said to myself, "power pass power."

If you live in my part of the world, you will be familiar with clichés like "do you know who I am?" If you dig deeper, you will treat yourself to the unending drama of power play in my society. Party "A" would call one "Oga" and party "B" would call another "Oga" who knows Oga's Oga and the hierarchy goes on and on.

In the course of my career, I've lost count of how many clients would ask me, do you know the Judge or do you know the Commissioner of Police or Commander or DPO or how we can reach any of them? I simply shake my head, without having to verbalize my thoughts. Must I know any officer before I can get justice? Like my Big Brother Emuobohwo Mudiaga Odje would say, in my country, what you get is Judgment, and NOT Justice! Only well structured and nurtured institutions can guarantee us Justice. We shall continue to live in the Hobessian state of nature for as long as we continue to live like this.

If you live where I live, your quest for power shall be insatiable, as "you're dead without power." I shake my head!

*In the Nigerian parlance, it means "where the power of the one ends marks the beginning of the power of the other." -Literal translation. "No one has monopoly of power." -Figurative translation.

Its Kunle.


  1. So sad the kind of country we find ourselves

  2. That is why people do unimaginable things to cling to power. If you don't know any of the so called respected personalities in Nigeria please hold Jesus firmly or else. Sorry!!

  3. Interesting read. You see this thing call power? No matter a certain level one has reached in power, they are never satisfied, they want to keep going and never letting it go

  4. I must say, I love your write up. Always interesting,with moral lessons. Keep it up

  5. Nigeria we hail thee...


  6. That is why we must respect institutions not individuals..Once you make individuals powerful, what you get is chaos and anarchy..Thanks Mr Freak

  7. Good read.

    Line on marble: You are dead without power.

    Weldone Kunle.

  8. Technically, we are living in the Hobbesian state of nature.

  9. The quest for power can go beyond one's control

  10. Honestly, only a well structured and nurtured institution can indeed give us justice. I concur.

  11. And the day they die, that power perishes with them. Jeje laye o.

  12. Awon 'do you know who I am '??
    How I moved into this area every one started claiming do you know who I am.In my mind, I would be like do they really know who I am??
    Power pass power

  13. Cheery's hairs25 May 2021 at 00:35

    That's why some persons are ready to do the unimaginable in their quest for power. Well done Mr Kunle. It was an interesting piece 👍


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