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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - Tact 101

My write-up is twofold -the first is positive; the second is negative, (but there is good in bad - ire ń bę nínú ibi).

I lost my dad when I was 15 and naturally, the responsibility of raising me from that stage to adulthood fell on the frail shoulders of my amiable mum. She effortlessly stepped into the giant shoes of my dad and she did not falter in any way. May the good Lord rest her beautiful soul.

Unlike most of my friends and young children of my generation, I never had a girlfriend throughout my secondary school days and even when I eventually had one after secondary school, we never got intimate (sexually) for the number of years that we spent together, six (6) years. She might just be reading this piece  Yes, I've always been a good boy!

My mum, after retirement decided to operate a mini supermarket and that used to take her out of the house as early as 7.00am from Monday to Saturday. Sunday was for her Creator. The earliest she ever got back home was 6.30pm. That was indeed the standard practice at the time.

 However, for every general rule, there is an exception. On this fateful day, my friend had come visiting and unknown to both of us, my mum would be returning earlier. I think she got back at about 2.30pm and I almost "peed my pant"! She had always seen and treated me as a good boy. Never seen me with any girl and I wasnt ready for her usual sermons. She could sermonize for Africa!

 I hid my friend in one of the rooms and went to welcome her from the gate. I was fidgeting and I guess she knew something was amiss. Well, she was my mum after all and she was experienced. "Lion no dey born goat na". 

She sent me on some errands to a very far place, deliberately. Who am I to refuse? I set out and I knew that I was in trouble. Big trouble. I was going to be away for like 2 hours and this poor girl had to go home. I think after a while, she bolted out of her hiding and my mum who was sitting on the balcony sighted her and looked away. She pretended as if nothing happened.

Guess what, I got back home and my mum held me down with different gists for over 1 hour. I wanted to take my leave, she refused. Eventually, I ran back to where had I left my friend earlier. Lo and behold, she had vanished into thin air! 

I ran back to my mum to see whether she was going to betray her emotions. The look on her face betrayed nothing. That woman! She never asked me any question till the day she gave up the ghost!

Looking back now, what lesson did I learn from that? Tact! She simply allowed my conscience to torment me for several years after and that was the last time I ever brought any girl to that house in her lifetime. She defeated me with tact.

The other lesson is a bad one, but I also learnt something from that too.

 I lived with my brother 'ABC' briefly in his Uni-days and his friends loved (and still love me like their own blood brother till date) and that really aided my unique exposure and maybe early maturity. 

He had a friend -Bros XYZ who was a little bit naughty at the time. He never spared any stray chicken in the neighbourhood! Wow! He loved chickens but he neither purchased nor reared any! He would go hunting as late as 10.00pm and there was something unique about his strategy and tactics. He would wait till like 8.00am the following morning before slaughtering his captives.

Ekiti people have an award in raining curses, yes, that's who we are. "Èpè original!" An average Ekiti woman would rain curses as early as 7.00am when she discovers that her possession has gone missing. Ekiti women do not joke with their pets. Are they even pets or mere livestocks? 

Bros XYZ would wait till 7.00am when the owner must have wailed and rained curses. The moment the owner finished raining curses, he would go ahead and slaughter his captives. However, I noticed that whenever the owner failed to rain curses, he would free his captives.

Then upon a further interrogation, his response was startling. He was of the view that those who have capacity to do evil do not exhibit same and that it is the empty ones who display their emptiness by raining curses to his hearing. This philosophy propelled him and he continued for years.

I learnt a big lesson from him though. Whenever I see anyone shouting and threatening fire and brimstone -"do you know who I am?" I just smile and cast my mind back to Bros XYZ's testimony and Fela's song -"Shakara Oloje... iro ni oh, ko lee ja, oje lo n yo".

Stay safe.
I am Kunle


  1. Awww God rest the souls of your parents. Your mum na real OG 😊

    1. Bros Kunle I dey really enjoy dis ya gist.
      But when we go see ya front na? 😁

    2. At anon 20:13 wetin you wan use him front do? 😂

  2. Interesting
    Lots of Sense
    Well done

  3. This is so true.
    Never kill a man who says nothing!

    The story of the hawk, hen and duck buttresses this point.
    A mother hawk sent her child to hunt for food, he flew across the length and breadth of the sky and found nothing. On his way back, he saw a duck with her ducklings and carried one of the ducklings. The Duck just looked at him and continued on her way. When he got back, the mother asked him about his quest for food. He narrated everything, then his mother told him to return the duckling because its mother didn't utter a word! That's dangerous!
    After returning the duckling, he saw a hen with her chicks and carried one of the chicks. The mother hen shouted, raved, cursed and even chased him some distance, and continued cursing him even long after he has gone.
    When he got home, his mother asked him about his trip, he narrated everything, and his mother told him to eat the chick and fear not, for the hen is just bluffing.

    People that go silent when offended are the most dangerous.

  4. Your mum is like my mum. Lol. Sure woman

  5. Well done Kunle

    The most Complex B

  6. Could Remember d day my boyfriend (now hubby) came to greet me at home in d evening. I signaled to him thru window to stay outside cos my mum was inside sleeping. As i dey tiptoe go meet am, she told me to let d person come in or i pack my things follow am. I nearly fainted cos i think say sleep don enter her(though she b light sleeper)
    It was later she told my sis dat na d person perfume wake her cos she had bn perceiving d perfume any time she came baq from work.(her Nose na FBI anyways)
    Dr. Freak, i love d way u write
    God rest ur mum soul

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Your mum na real FBI😅😅😅

    3. Na wa ooo 😊
      Children usually feel they can outsmart their parents, sometimes parents keep quiet and watch them with side eyes, shaking their heads wondering how their child thought she could deceive them.

    4. 😂😂😂😂 Mama D Mama.
      Anon 20:19, you're right. You just described my mom. Now, I look at some of my daughter's tricks and SMH.

  7. Interesting,Your mum tried .
    It is not easy for a woman to train a man.

    But why will someone cause you pain with their evil acts,when you try to respond maybe out of anger they see it as a curse.
    You intentionally hurt someone and the person says something like you will not know peace.
    Is there anything wrong with that??

  8. Very interesting narrative, one of NY best segment on SDK.more ink to your pen sir

  9. Interesting read. Just love reading your stories, always so interesting and alot to relate with

  10. Oh this article moved me to tears. My first love( dad), he did this all the time. I love and miss you, I hope you are happy where you are. Earth was cruel to you. I know if were still here with me, we’d have found solution to this problem that keeps me awake at night and makes me soak my pillow with tears. Daddy you left me alone, I know it wasn’t your choice but I do wish I can see you one more time. I wish my phone would ring with you as the caller. I was told it would get easier as years go by but it hasn’t, if anything it’s gotten harder. I hold conversations in my head with you. I miss you daddy, each passing day. Rest on P. N.

    1. Same here. I miss mine with every fiber of my being. God knows I would have spoiled him in his old age. I always wished I could rewind the hands of time because of him..It still hurts every day. I love you daddy... always and forever.

    2. It is well. To the two bvs missing daddy, talk to them often. They are there. Still watching over you and protecting you. The difference is you can't see them. When you need advice, still seek it from Dad.Tje answer will come in the most amazing way. But, you will know it's him giving you answers. They never really leave us. They simply transition.

    3. Awwwwwww😓😓😓😓

    4. 3Amigos Bread @ 6 Okesalu St, Ikotun. 0813851632814 May 2021 at 04:54

      Anon 17:20, may God be a Father to you and give you a solution soonest to that pain that keeps you up at night, Amen.

      @Sozaya, may the Holy Spirit comfort you, Amen.

  11. He loved chickens but he neither purchased nor reared any! The 😂😂😂

  12. 👏👏👏 braaah Kunle. I love your stories.

  13. Lovely write up, silence is golden. Thumbs up to your Mom


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