Stella Dimoko EX President GEJ's Aide Denies Report That He Fathered A Baby Out Of Wedlock And Fingers Those Behind The Report.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

EX President GEJ's Aide Denies Report That He Fathered A Baby Out Of Wedlock And Fingers Those Behind The Report.

Ex President GEJ's aide, Reno Omokri has reacted to allegation that he engaged in extramarital affair with a UK lover and they welcomed a child.

A report making the rounds on social media said the controversial former aide allegedly abandoned his wife in America while welcoming new baby with a UK-based lover.

The Publication also claimed that Reno who is still married to his wife Tope went ahead to welcome his fourth child with his lover in the UK outside his marriage.

Reacting, the former aide in a statement released on Monday night, debunked the news. 

“I just read the scandalous story about me, that I will not even want to repeat.
A Nigerian proverb says the bird flew at night, and the baby died in the morning.
 The story is false. If you look at the platform that originally carried the story, it becomes obvious that it is being sponsored by the Presidency, to distract me from going to Paris, because they know that the Africa-France summit is an international platform and any protest will highlight the failures of General Buhari.
“I have never and can never engage in premarital or extramarital sex. I abhor it. God forbid!
On a normal day I would never bother to even respond to such a malicious attack on me by the Buhari administration. And I will not be baited to talk about private family issues publicly. Suffice to say that I have never had, and will never have a child out of wedlock.

“To me, it is best ignored because the devil is a known liar, and that is who has inspired those behind this story.
Nobody can break my focus. After we are done with the Paris protest, my lawyers and I will sit down to decide if and when we should sue,” he said.

  Omokri had earlier called on Nigerians to join him in a protest in Paris, the capital of France on Tuesday, to ‘harass’ President Muhammadu Buhari back to Nigeria.

He urged Nigerians in Paris to converge at the Temporary Exhibition Centre, in front of the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday for a peaceful protest.

from dailypost.


  1. Replies
    1. I knew they will open his anus after bad-mouthing babymamas sounding all saintly last week.

  2. I believe him.

  3. Lol. Carefully worded.

    He didn't deny the existence of a baby.He can't do that since he was publicly congratulated by several people.

    He simply said he would never have extra/pre marital sex. (Which by the way is untrue of this social media racketeer), but that's a story for another day.

    He has a baby. The baby girl isn't from his legal wife.

    Sooner rather than later, the baby's mother will want some recognition.
    Reno,you know this right.

    1. What are you saying? Did you read this sentence "Suffice to say that I have never had, and will never have a child out of wedlock."

    2. Well, he did say that the story is false so he technically refuted the rumour. Some people badly want this claim to be true (including me) and I don't blame them because onu nsi mmiri has spewed some of the vilest and most asinine rhetoric, and they'd all want this to be a classic case of Leopards eating Reno's face if the allegations turn out to be authentic.

      I always say the truth is like the stench of fart, it cannot be hidden for long and would eventually permeate the air. We shall see.

    3. Teejay,

      "Out of wedlock". Please scamper away from my comment. Not all of us speak or write without cause.

    4. And if I don't scamper? What will you do? Beat me? Pls go and yansh down one place.

    5. Teejay,

      Gutter language. Definitely displays what you are.

      While at it, please go and check the post showing where ThisDay newspaper congratulated Reno on the birth of his child. He responded and thanked them.

      The lady in the newspaper pic looks nothing like Tuope. Nice pic of Reno, a fair skinned lady and a fair skinned baby.

      Except Reno's head was superimposed and his response was forged. Which is possible. Reno knows a whole lot about doing that so others can as well.

      You are so narrow minded that you do not allow yourself think things through. You are a very angry human being Teejay.

      Please take care of yourself.

    6. People don't really practice what they preach if this is true

  4. Mrs A, what do you have to say about this? I personally mentioned you for you are often in a haste to condemn people without investigation. Same way you attacked IPOB for being responsible for the bullets found in a container. Do you think if truly it was IPOB the government wouldn't have rush to the media to accuse them of it. The silence over that container and the bullets up till now speaks volume that it may not be IPOB after all.

    Even a criminal isn't labelled guilty until proven by a competent law court. If Reno is guilty of this, then time will unravel it all.

    Pls don't be too quick to pass judgment on things you have no solid evidence about. Even if you are right, there should be a proof to back up your claims. Thanks.

    1. "Don't be too quick to pass judgement bla bla bla" Tj, I think you should take your own advice.

    2. Teejay, I'm standing by my words!
      I am not as gullible as yo

    3. Yes anonymous. Do you have any other thing to say? Now run along... Quick.

    4. Teejay, you and your likes knows what ipob is capable of doing!
      But, keep dancing with them and cry later

  5. APC shame on you.

    God gat you bro... Please continue fighting for us, go to France, if we protest, they will shoot us, abeg make una go there on our behalf. Clueless govt. Goodluck.

  6. Ok Reno, well noted. Keep going and doing you, i'm a fan of you.

  7. So why did your wife took down all your pictures from her paid and revert back to her maiden name.Reno say something else.

    Motivational speaker isonu always doing the most yet morally corrupt.

    1. Don't mind all his blind followers!
      Reno the hypocrite is a demigod to them.

    2. I am not even a Reno fan but you are just like him..Full of hate and bitterness...Grow up woman..You are not a kid anymore..Always fighting people on this blog!Drink Some honey!

  8. Wawu!!! He took the side chick to a fertility clinic and had her artificially inseminated? This is the real APC next level.

  9. Hmmm. This story don dey be as e get. I first believed Reno but if you read between the line of what he said, could it be that he married this new mother as a second wife. In that case, it's possible he didn't have premarital or extramarital sex with her but a polygamous one. This polygamous angle off me though, pastor dey practice polygamy? There's clearly a baby and why should the first wife deny her own child? Either some mad level politrics is going on or Reno dey try play with people's head by the vague expressions in his denial statement.

    1. It was Reno who announced to the world that he had a baby girl during the pandemic.
      He was congratulated by the former president and the other one that will never smell the presidential seats again

      His wife has gone back to bearing her maiden name on Instagram and she has deleted every pictures of Reno from her page.

      Reno even announced the baby dedication, he was with the baby alone and no pictures of him and his wife holding the baby together.

      Reno is an hypocrite!!

    2. You are everywhere with this same comment, abi you copy am from the other side?

    3. I ask again, is Reno such a big fool to announce such? Given his public stance on such issues. I don't think so.

  10. It’s fake. The picture is clearly photoshopped. Everyone is tired of Reno and his rants.(me inclusive) and I guess someone just started the report. Sorry Reno

  11. This Reno matter na... the more you look, the less u see.

    Wonders everywhere.

  12. There is no smoke without fire.
    I read in between the lines,I want to believe he married a second wife, reason he said he cannot have a child outside wedlock I never liked motivational speakers most lie and cannot do what they preach. His disrespect for single mothers is appalling! Are there no single fathers also? Some of his write-ups I agree but on this particular issue, he is not truthful.

  13. Time.
    Time will reveal Everything.
    I am never in a hurry.

  14. Wasting time ranting about a country you have escapedfrom with riches that came from impure sources while your own home is crumbling. Wendell Simlin the clown.

    These are the people that were the face of corruption and illegality in the days of GEJ, one of the the Lai Mohammeds of that time. Their only problem is that others are the ones now looting and not them. ApC=PDP= corruption.

  15. Pastor Reno with a second wife, lashing out at women who are actually his colleagues. Self hate na wa.

  16. This Reno isn't straight forward for real .his statement means he married a second wife or divorced his first wife n married another

  17. This is a simple issue now.

    He said he doesn't have a child outside wedlock, meaning he married whoever it is that had the child for him probably traditionally.

    I think he is estranged from the first wife though not divorced and has another Mrs now.


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