Stella Dimoko Four Teenagers Arrested For Allegedly Stealing A Goat


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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Four Teenagers Arrested For Allegedly Stealing A Goat

 The Kano State Police Command arrested these four teenagers for allegedly stealing that goat in their midst...

Me - Looking at the Asun...


  1. This is how it starts....nect dem go dey kidnap human being

    1. Where's the rape kit? These Malo boys are something else...

  2. Lol.. No be small asun. This type of goat is the type that has body odour and tastes delicious, e go make better sense.

    But seriously, we need to set our priorities right in this country for God's sake. This selective justice leaves a bitter taste in the mouth SMH

  3. Beautiful Me🧡27 May 2021 at 15:54


  4. News like this does not need national publication. Not sure their ages, but this could have been handled without the fanfare.

  5. Stella me looking at the goat meat pepper soup.

  6. They don start IT... Very soon they'll hit the streets

  7. Na so dem dey start, all those small bike boys that commit all sorts of atrocities are mostly tennagers/young adults.

  8. Omokiri Police command, everybodi for Nigeria sha know who their power reach.

  9. Indeed, this is a great achievement for the Nigerian police.. Don't go and arrest the real criminals that are everywhere even right under your noses. Be there fooling yourselves. Hisses

    Wizkid FC

    #Proudly Tiv

  10. As young as they are already stealing, that means when they turn to adult they will be holding guns.

  11. Why so many comments of condemnation and expressions that this will be their future destiny. Pray for them, pray that they get reformed so that this can be simply a mistake in their life that they never repeat. I feel uneasy in seeing so much condemnation of the young.

    A forgiving heart is needed to go through life. Let them work off the cost of the goat in labour for the owner, let them do community service and enter some kind of program that can help them use their time more productively. We should never give up on our young people. And no I never did anything like this when I was a teenager, but that doesn't make me special or better than them.

  12. Are these kids you to 18 years? 🤔


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