Stella Dimoko German Based Nigerian Journalist Ruona Meyer Sues BBC Africa Over Kiki Mordi's Tweet


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Saturday, May 01, 2021

German Based Nigerian Journalist Ruona Meyer Sues BBC Africa Over Kiki Mordi's Tweet

German based Nigerian Award winning Journalist Ruona Meyer is suing the BBC because of a Tweet made by another Nigerian Journalist Kiki Mordi.....

Wahala dey!
Read and let me know what you think!

In a series of tweets she explained why she is suing...

''For the record:
I have officially begun the process of suing the BBC for its role in the handling of my employment information such that falsehood among its staff was not curtailed for 3 years, resulting in the defamatory tweets. I resigned TWICE and declined a verbal UK option''.

When Kiki Mordi shared her delusions, I called, then wrote to the BBC. I asked them to provide me with written statements of whether I was asked to leave. They did not respond, but mysteriously, Kiki’s social media was wiped of the tweets and staff were deployed to talk to me.

I refused, because: it is an outright LIE. Also, Kiki’s tweets still exist on blogs read worldwide, and it is only regurgitating what gossip she heard during the use of her temporary pass. I had written to the BBC circa 2019 about specific staff pushing that narrative.

I named names (who are now part of this suit), told the BBC I wanted to sue but I had/have many colleagues I love, respect in the BBC and I also had the other matter of cancer to deal with. HR apologised, told me they’d advised those named. Only years later, I see Kiki’s lies.

That told me I needed to put an end to this barbarism. So, we go. I will be requesting all my information, to add to the recordings I made at the meeting I REQUESTED with HR in London in April 2018. Yes, I knew I would need receipts. I will also be using this to set a PRECEDENT.

My career was built on sweat, tears, fighting sexism, racism- on literal BLOOD. The blood of my father, shed via assassination makes me the type of journalist I am. NO ONE will tarnish a career established even before BBC Africa dreamt of opening its Lagos office! So, let’s go!



  1. One thing that is for sure is that popularity and supposed power can be intoxicating. Kiki Mordi has successfully turned herself into a nuisance hiding under the guise of feminism and wokeness. For the record what she represents is not Feminism, it is misandry!

    Constant bullying and attempts to intimidate anyone that has a different opinion as her is now the order of her days.

    1. Ruona no dey play. She has rare guts. She it was who called out Funke Phillips for stealing her business idea and exposed her for being arrested for carrying hard drugs. All Funke's activist feminist friends on social media kept mute on the matter. Two faced fellows

    2. Please this is not about having rare guts.
      I'm beginning to suspect this Ruona lacks street sense.
      Did she even know who owns the drugs Funke was caught with? Those are moneybags who control the narratives in the judicial system over here. She jumped bail,that was a regular occurrence, someone school Ruona how shit goes down at Shaw Road, Lagos.

      As a very intelligent lady,creating worthy contents, many things are good good for her but it appears she doesn't have "Lagos sense".
      How can she engage her brains in a project like Sex for Grades and allow Kiki Mordi to "run her street".

      That Kiki was supposed to do just the narration,then she ran with the glory. How?
      Who were Ruona's lawyers? Or she's selfish, doesn't pay for legal services?
      The closing credits for that project remains improper. I remember I complained.

      How is Kiki winning all the awards and rubbing it on Ruona's face? It's painful. Someone's brainchild. Aarrgghh!

      The 3rd paragraph says it all, BBC refused to reply her queries, meaning they are "complicit".
      Sue them!

      Kiki that cannot hold a candle up to Ruona is tweeting mockery and jargons on Twitter?
      Have a day in court guys. Justice prevails.

      E-kisses Ruona.
      Good you're in a sane environment where the regulations and law is working.
      You'll pull this one off.
      Good luck.

    3. @Xhirted, I don't think Rhuona was part of the sex for grades documentary at all. She was merely fighting for recognition for an unnamed young girl who was part of the documentary but chose to be anonymous. Can't remember her name now. Kiki was also part of the documentary but chosen to be the face of it. Kiki won the awards because she applied for them. Sex4grades was not Ruonas idea and I dont think she ever claimed such.

  2. These two are still at war?

  3. Chuwenchy chuwenchy one sure came with it's own banga...

  4. This two should go and rest biko...

    1. "That told me I needed to put an end to this barbarism".

      Not Ruona saying that ☝️ Lmao. Such a barbaric, vile, uncouth and foul-mouthed individual.

      For your information Ruona no one cares, both of you can keep fighting each other.

      Stella if you like no post am.

  5. I think say dem don settle..kiki Mordi u sef too do. Oya na come dance music dey play

  6. Do you see why racism thrives? Instead of sisters to come together and resolve they are busy fighting one another. Egocentricism everywhere


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