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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Interesting New Movies Post / Spoiler Alert.

Any new Interesting New movies or Soaps ?

I saw movie ''Mother's Suspicion'' On Thursday and though it is not a new movie, it is quite Interesting to watch.. It details a mothers fears about her young daughter new boyfriend becoming real. She started dating and didnt tell her mum but the mum sensed the new trashy behavior and began to snoop on her stuff...

 There were fights and all... Interesting and as a parent, this movie will make you worry more about your kids and those they will end up dating... that is if they will tell you oh.

Have you seen 'Gangs of London?' OMG OMG OMG!!!.... It is a series but you can watch all in two days if you have Netflix...

You will come back to thank me if you watch it.....

I need to watch all over again to Understand it well before I can do a spoiler! ..LOL

You got any to spill?


  1. Watching sexy, still trying to figure it out. My brother recommended umbrella academy and I am loving it so far

    1. Stella i did not see gangs of London on Nigerian netflix ooo. Or is it peaky blinders you re talking about

  2. All thanks to Castle Windsor, I can now download as many movies as I want with little airtime.
    Didn't realize how much I was missing till I started watching POWER. Ghost is my kinda guy any day, any time; less talk, more actions. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Please, what's the secret of downloading with little airtime?

    2. Fill me in please. How do I download with little airtime?

    3. Twin Nwanne mm is it NT2? Or another code?

      Biko let me know before รšgbรณ oma aghara mm

      @Jasmine and Anne,I use NT2 option..#50 for #500mb at night with MTN,I repeat and get 2gb for #200 which expires 6pm everyday so before then I download as much


    4. Martins, Anne K and Jasmine it's midnight download. Switch to MTN pulse and for just N200,you'll get 2 gig to download movies from 11.00pm to 6.00am. *406*3#๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€

    5. Martins,come and explain better,biko

    6. Ok Nwanne mm;Thanks..its the shortcode for mine,I use the SMS option and will save this now..Ndewo

      @Anon 15:39,its a pulse night plan that starts from 11pm and ends 6am everyday;you get 2gb for #200

      1) Migrate to MTN PULSE by texting "406" to "131"

      2) After migrating,11pm everyday text "NT2" to "131"

      Each cost #50 so you do it four times which is the limit daily for each sim(I have two so I get 4gb everyday)

      You can then go to Netflix,netnaija,fzmovies,utorrent etc to download movies

      You can also use the *406*3# which twin squared posted incase you don't want to use the SMS option

      Hope this helps..


    7. Amarachi with C15 May 2021 at 16:03

      Twins Squared, go and watch "The handmaid's tale", Queen of the South, Good Girls. The handmaid's tale is about future America, prepping girls for the commanders, and taking their children from them. Also watch, "How to get away with murder". is the place for my weekends.

    8. Thanks Amarachi with C ๐Ÿ™. I'll download them.

  3. I don't really enjoy watching Nigerian movies but I watched a few and I must say they are good.
    Beauty And The Beast
    Fisherman's Diary

  4. If you are a lover of Korean series, welcome to Waikiki (season 1) so funny,and Mr queen... you must love it!

  5. I just finished watching New Amsterdam 1 & 2, totally enjoyed it.
    I loved Mama Drama too.
    Dear Affy is just a waste of time, movie could have ended in 30mins, they kept dragging out the story line.

    1. New Amsterdam is quite interesting,I enjoyed it too.

    2. Sponge Bob I lowkey want Lauren and Reynolds to get back together for a relationship.
      There's also sexual tension brewing between Max and the oncologist.

    3. Yes,the Chemistry between Dr Sharpe and Max can't be denied but a patient of their already foresaw that it won't work,so sad.Love Lauren to pieces

  6. I liked Jupiter's Legacy, then I came across a black comedy The Upshaws which is what I'm currently watching.

    I saw two movies that looked interesting... Those that wished me Dead with Angelina Jolie and A woman in the Window.

    Finally downloaded the movies I have been looking for...Dark Shadows and Stardust. Did it over the hols and I have been laughing since.

    There are some movies I'm waiting to drop end of this month or so like Army of the Dead and The Hitmans Bodyguard 2...can't wait.


    1. Stardust is soo wonderful. Read the book many many years ago and can tell you that the movie is true to the book. Enjoy

  7. Dr Bello IMO is a waste of data.Just a parade of stars and nothing more.

    I saw fisherman's diary and liked it,reminds me of growing up in a riverine village.I loved the child actor.
    Currently gathered courage to watch Surviving R-kelly and I am speechless

  8. First time I'm commenting on this segment.
    Well guys have you all seen secret society featuring vivica fox,reena and one Pinkett lady like that.
    It's a good watch though at first I felt it was a little amateur but then it got some good plot twist.
    Its all about two transgender ladies and their struggles but it's a good movie.

    This lady called life is a Nigerian movie featuring Bisola Ayeola. You need to watch this guys,it got me laughing,all loveydovey and shedding tears.
    Nice one.

  9. I saw Wild Mountain Thyme and Without Remorse recently on Amazon Prime Video and enjoyed them both.


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