Stella Dimoko Mother's Day Thanksgiving/Memo Post


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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Mother's Day Thanksgiving/Memo Post

Do you have a Mother's day memo to share? Or a Mother's day Thanksgiving story?

Today is Mother's Day and irrespective of whether your Country is celebrating it or not, Mothers day is everyday ...

Mother's are priceless and we celebrate them and all women still waiting.
Add your Mother's day memo if you have any.....


In my teenage and young adult years, I wished for a marriage blessed with 5 kids. It didn't matter which gender outnumbered the other, as long as I had 2 of each. Later on, I reduced the number to 3. Male and female. Outnumbering gender not relevant.
Right now, I have only 1.

Do I want more kids? Absolutely! I have chosen a name already. I have chosen names too if God blesses me with twins.

I read testimonies of marriages blessed with the fruit of the womb after long years. I rejoice with them but silently say "not my testimony". Why would I be excited that I had a baby at 50, after 25 years of marriage? How much can I do for the child at that age? Why is that testimony more important than the life God has given me? Why is that more important than other goodness of God to me? I am 36 and I do not wish to buy baby diapers at 40 years.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but I really feel sad when women go through undue pressure, suffering and humiliation just to get pregnant. Some undergo belly pumping just to look pregnant. No fetus. Just fufu. Why the theatrics? Why go through the hassles and pains of countless IVFs? Some adopt children and steal/buy children secretly and guard it, not to protect the child but due to their low self esteem. If not, how else will someone have a new born baby looking like a 3 weeks old baby. 

Why hide to breastfeed a baby in front of your fellow woman?

 Because there is no milk!

Some men who have medical conditions that make it impossible for them to sire kids arrange with their wives to have someone knock up their wives on their behalf.

Let's not forget the spiritual baths too.

There are a lot of untold and familiar stories about the journey to have kids.
After all these, will the child be worth it? Will you be truly happy?

I am open to adoption. I will let my child know they are adopted because I wanted them. No secrecy. No coming to me years later to say I deceived them or to find out why our genotypes have disparity.

 My adopted child will have the same privileges as my biological child. If after giving my adopted child a good life, and they wish to look for their biological parents, that is the problem of their privileged ass. Not mine.

What are you saying? Don't you know that no one can care for you like your own biological kids? Really? Are (were) you very caring to your own biological parents?
Must someone be your biological child before you can love them unconditionally?

 Is that the only one to not feel pain and hatred if they failed you?

In the light of that logic, I am also open to surrogacy.

If you are a fertile ground and can take in every year, fine. If you are having a hard time being pregnant, instead of all the emotional trauma, miscarriages, humiliation, sadness, endless prayers, joylessness and worry, why not widen your horizon?

Take it easy on your vagina and womb. Adopt a child legally and give the child your best. The world will always adjust.

The world is evolving. We learn, unlearn and relearn. In a world of so many battles, why not leave a battle that has a known victory.

Whatever your journey, God bless you.


  1. Happy mother's Day to us all!
    Mothers are priceless (I mean the sane ones)
    Being a mum is one of the best thing in the world, the pain is totally forgotten immediately the baby is born and they know how to upset you and also make you happy.

    Motherhood is a blessing and should be experienced by all the women that want to have that feeling of caring for some cuties.


  2. In the middle of the night
    I heard a cry, so bitterly and so softly eeh
    She pray for her children
    She pray for they her education
    Then she pray for the man that left her with her children
    We pray for Hero's everyday
    But there are does who forget to pray
    The women of these world
    You see them do not run for anything
    They stand and fought for what is right
    They do not run for anything
    They stand and fought for what is right
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman
    God bless the woman
    Even when time are so hard
    They are so cool, calm and connected
    They do not run from anything
    There stand right for what is right
    They do not run for responsibility
    They stand and fought for what is right
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman
    O God bless the woman

  3. God bless you for this piece.
    Mothers are priceless.

    In a day like this mothers need to get a good treat .
    Oya ooo, Husbands take your wives out and spoil her silly.
    Children ,make today memorable for your mamas.
    Mothers rock.
    Happy Mother's day to good mothers out there.

  4. Lord, I'm grateful for my Mum. She's a great role model to me. Thank you for the strength and good health you've given her. Please continue to keep her safe and well, cause her to live so long in great health to reap the good fruits she has sown. Bless her children so they won't lack the wherewithal to take care of her.

    I'm a wife and mum now, Lord I'm grateful for these beautiful blessings. Thank you for the strength and grace to carry out the tasks you've assigned to me. I pray to also live to enjoy all your blessings and let there be no regrets. Thank you, Lord.

  5. If you are mother ,just relax for today let them pamaper you.
    You guys rock

  6. Happy Mothers day to myself, my mother, mother in law, sisters in law and all the amazing mothers I know. Grateful for the grace to birth and groom my son and daughter,with the help of my husband.
    May God answer every call upon Him today for the gift of a child.
    Happy mothers day SDK and all BVs!

  7. I can never ask for a better mother than u my lovely mum, u are the best Iam lucky to have u in my life mum. God bless and keep u alive for me and my siblings and your grand kids. U are a blessed woman

    1. Stella maami, please join your voice and pray for my mum, she is my greatest treasure. My mum is brave,bold,courageous and she really wanted me to have a better life than herself.
      So my dad is a civil servant, but he also runs a small beer parlour dt my mum assists him in. Stella, my dad made it clear dt I was not to further my education despite all my mum's pleas, she sighted so many examples of females that did/are doing well through the help of education but my dad still refused. My mum took it upon herself to pick small money from the shop to save for my education and that was how my mum started daily contribution of a thousand naira for me. After two years,we had about eight hundred thousand naira,at the same time she told my dad to atleast send me out to learn a trade,he actually agreed to that. My mum still continued with the contribution, that is the third year. I wrote jamb while still going to learn my tailoring, thanks to God,i got admitted in school by then I was eight months into my tailoring. I had to combine my tailoring and school,it wasn't easy but my dad still had no idea about anything. It was just myself, my mum and my younger sister that knew. I finished my tailoring, my dad bought machine for me,I had to start sewing little by little at home. To cut long story short,by third year my dad found out I was in school,he was so mad,he stopped my mom from going close to his money in the shop,he frustrated us but God of heaven stood by us. From the money we had left,I paid my school fees,I had to double my hustle via tailoring so as to meet up,it wasn't easy. I came back from service last year, and my dad has been telling people that he is proud to have a graduate,dt his first daughter has made him proud bla bla bla. I just want to gather money and go rent my house so I will stop seeing his face cos the more I hear him boast to people about my achievements, the more I hate him. Am still into my fashion designing,no job yet but I know I will have one soon cos I know God will not let the labour of my mother to be in vain....Amen. Bvs please help me celebrate the best mother that ever liveth. I love you mummy, you are my strength, my role model, my confidant and the best prayer partner. God bless you mummy (please forgive any typos,am very emotional now)

    2. Chai,may God bless her plenty o.May she live to reap the fruit of her labour,amen

  8. Happy Mother's Day to all the women in my life. You guys are doing very well πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ₯°
    God bless you all and may all you desire come to pass πŸ™πŸΏ

  9. Happy Mother's day to me...I'm resourceful ,help meet,God fearing and submissive.
    May God continue to give me the grace to be a special mum to my kids and husband .
    Happy Mother's day to Good mothers!

  10. Wow!!!
    Very good and thought provoking piece.

    Happy Mother's Day my favourite Ladies(my mom, sister,and my daughter)

    It's an amazing amazing 247 job, and I am loving it.

    Happy mothers Day to all the amazing ladies here, and to you SDK, we ROCK!!

  11. Happy mother's day to all the women all over the World.May we live to see our children's children in good health and peace in Jesus name.

  12. My dear mum. Thanks for all your love and support. God bless you for been such a backbone in the family. Thanks for the many sacrifices. Thanks for staying strong in faith. Thank you for been so virtuous. God bless you richly my sweet mother. Happy mother's day to my mum and all the great mothers out there. We love you 😍 ❤ πŸ’œ ♥

  13. Happy mother's day to me and all the mothers in the world.

  14. Happy mother's day to my self,my mom and all the noble mothers out there,we deserve to be celebrated every day.

    My two adorables give me so much joy and i cant thank God enough for making me their mother😍😍.

  15. Mothers are special
    Mothers are wonderful
    Mothers are everything especially the praying ones that produce Dynasties
    Happy mother's day to all the strong women out there.

  16. Congratulations to every mother in the house. Not an easy job being a mother at all. God bless you all for the sacrifices

  17. Happy Mother's day to all the beautiful, wonderful, blessed Mothers on this blog.
    We are strong πŸ’ͺ, we are powerful πŸ’ͺwe are extraordinary ❤

  18. Happy mother's day to all the wonderful mums out there.

    I'm expecting and the journey hasn't been easy, sometimes I just sit and ask myself "so this is what my mom went through too" Truly women are strong, Mothers are awesome and priceless.
    Happy mother's day❤

  19. Happy mother's day


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