Stella Dimoko Nigeria Records 45 New Cases Of COVID 19 Infections


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Friday, May 28, 2021

Nigeria Records 45 New Cases Of COVID 19 Infections

 Corona virus is still in alert!


  1. Still within the new average of less than 50.

    Please stay safe everyone 🙏🏿

  2. Its getting better..Thank you Lord

  3. Stella I am the one who posted about my severe reaction a while back in Match (I think).
    I finally took my second dose 2 days ago and my reaction was almost non-existant. Nothing compared to the first dose. Infact I was jumping around, laughing and smiling.
    However, I still had very little reactions only noticed by me; including; severe hunger. I'm not a foodie and I'm very selective with my meals but the Hunger I felt in the last two days is something else. Like every 3hrs is like I haven't eaten in 2days then there was the back pain but not as severe as in the first dose but it was there. This I knocked out with aspirin.
    Then slight chills immediately accompanied by heat the normal temperature and then it begins all over again. Like I said before, I often sleep in the nude but I had to sleep in my pyjamas and socks but no sweater and head warmer. This was because of the bouts of sudden chills. Also, no tremors.
    Finally was the muscle weakness in my arm. I had to be focused when gripping especially tiny or slim objects like pencil, spoon etc. Even my phone kept slipping from my hhands; thank God for screen guard.
    In all I thank God. I've read several reports against the vaccine and most either have no basis or the explanations are not justifiably enough. I simply put my faith in God and took the vaccine saying what will be will be.
    This is my testimony after vaccination. I thank God for my experience and I'm grateful for his mercies


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