Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Imposes COVID 19 Restrictions + Night Clubs And Gyms To Close Until Further Notice..


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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Nigerian Govt Imposes COVID 19 Restrictions + Night Clubs And Gyms To Close Until Further Notice..

Nigerian Government has announced another phase of nationwide COVID-19 curfew to curtail further spread of the disease.

The National Incident Manager, Mukhtar Mohammed, made this known during the Presidential briefing in Abuja on Monday.

Mohammed said the curfew would take effect from midnight on Monday, 12am to 4am.

He also said with effect from Tuesday, night clubs, gyms and others would remain closed till further notice.
He noted that gatherings of religious groups and weddings have been reduced to 50 percent attendance. “While official engagements, meetings and conferences should continue to hold virtually, ” he said.
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Let us pray that the Indian strain of COVID 19 does not enter Nigeria...let us pray!!!


  1. Government has not told us the real reason for this. In my person opinion, I think this borders on the insecurity issues especially as it's coming at a time when the Covid 19 infections are low in Nigeria.

  2. The Indian strain of Covid-19 have crawled into Nigeria, that is why they want to start gradually by first locking down night clubs and gyms.

    What I don't understand is the 50% reduction of guests at wedding parties.... What if the guests list is 1500 guests, 50% will be like 750guests, still a lot of people gathering together in an enclosed environment.

    They should stop all the partying for now, at least until Nigerian rainy season is over.

    1. Stop why???
      Why will govt suddenly wake up and impose restrictions no warning or notification. Vendorz that has been paid for wedding and is very close. Large halls already paid for. Wat happened to it. This govt is just too wicked.

  3. Stella no talk again. 3,800 died in one day in India! India,Brazil,USA Italy, France and the Countries worse hit by COVID-19

  4. So they lifted restrictions before on the curfew.... Stupid government

  5. When other countries are operating up, weather is getting better. Our government is wicked. Back to us as citizens, we are so lawless. My experience in Lagos airport 2 weeks agp on my way back to the UK. People were giving the officers bribe to go into the airport with their relatives. Few masks on,no social distance. About 6 different stop and search points because officers wanted bribe. So disgusting

    1. When Nigeria was open and all the people were partying, other countries were on lockdown and some are still not ready to open up.

      Don't forget Nigeria doesn't have same weather with other countries! We're in spring and summer is very promising, that's why Europe is opening up step by step.
      Why you compare, don't forget to put into consideration, the different weather and the almost one year lockdown that some countries imposed on their citizens and businesses.

      I am in the tourism industry, and believe me, we have suffered the most in this pandemic.

  6. There shouldn't be any social gathering at all,some churches have 2000 members 50% percent attendance is still risky.Y'all should stay safe please,Covid is real

  7. How is it that countries most hit by this Covid are countries running 5G; and India's upsurge coincides with it's recent testing of the network? Nigeria intends to go ahead with her 5G plans in her usual 'follow follow' fashion because she 'doesn't want to be left behind' As far as I see it, the truth has not been told about this Covid matter. Nigeria should not dabble into what she is not sure of. Pls remain adamant in ur stand against 5G transmission, till further notice. I maintain that there must be a link btw 5G transmission, weak immune systems and the fatalities being witnessed. My to investigation. Nevertheless, are we to take it that viral transmission doesn't occur between 4:01a.m and 11:59 p.m? The govt shd state it's true agenda.


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