Stella Dimoko Police Say Alleged Suicide Bomber Was A Policeman Who Mistakenly Denotated Hand Grenade With His Elbow


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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Police Say Alleged Suicide Bomber Was A Policeman Who Mistakenly Denotated Hand Grenade With His Elbow

The Ebonyi State Police Command has said the man, who died in an explosion, on Tuesday in Afikpo, was not a suicide bomber as widely speculated.

The spokesperson for the command, Loveth Odah, said the victim of the blast was a policeman on duty in the area.

She said the policeman was a riot policeman on special deployment in the Afikpo North Local Government Area of the state.

Odah stated that the cop, Idi Aminu, died as a result of an accidental hand grenade explosion.

The incident, which occurred opposite the Amizi Amangbala Primary School and the popular Eke Market in Afikpo, threw the residents into panic as passers-by ran helter-skelter.

Residents had speculated that the deceased was a suicide bomber, but Odah said he was an inspector of police.

“He mistakenly hit the lead of his grenade, which was hanging on his waist, with his elbow, resulting in the deadly explosion,” she stated.

She noted that the police officer served in the MOPOL 32 and was not a suicide bomber as being circulated in the social media and other platforms.

Odah said his remains had been evacuated to a mortuary.

A source in the area said the incident happened around 10am.

“He made an attempt to enter the Amaizu/Amangballa Primary School, but he was turned back by the school security men because he couldn’t explain his reason for visiting. He immediately started running to a nearby bush before a big bang was heard,” the source stated.

The source said residents ran helter-skelter when the bomb exploded, but reconvened at the scene a few minutes later only to discover the man’s corpse in a pool of his own blood.

The state Commissioner for Internal Security and Border Peace, Chief Stanley Okoro-Emegha, confirmed the incident, but noted that he had yet to get the details.

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*I am confused.. What is a Police man doing walking around a community of people with a hand grenade?


  1. He mistakenly hit his elbow on the hand grenade on his wrist, really?
    So they, the police were there videoing it when it happened?
    How about a policeman who is on his own jihad mission?
    Let the police chant another verse in soprano, this bass sounds like a drum.

    1. This is also my line of thought. What was he doing with a handheld grenade in that busy place at the time?

      The way the police spokesperson described the incident as if they were there recording it as it happened.

      Oh well, I'm not disappointed πŸ™„

  2. Dem don start to do cover up story wa for naija police

  3. All these una story no dey add up.

  4. Oh Jesus! What is all these??☹️

  5. No be only grenade,na baton!They should continue.

  6. They have started oh, very soon they will start blaming ipob again. God help us

  7. I'm confused too..
    Why was he trying to gain entrance into the primary school?

    And then he ran into a nearby bush???

    Anyway i'm glad he didn't take anyone else with him.

  8. The police should be careful, why will he even make an attempt to enter the primary School? For what? Is it that the police force has also been infiltrated? He was a suicide bomber abeg.πŸ˜’πŸ˜

  9. So a policeman was carrying bomb up and down? Even around a school area? Abeg turn your for
    At times I sit and wonder how we got here, I wonder who we offended in this country
    Lord please help us, we've been punished enough!!

  10. All this their stories that never add upπŸ™„

  11. Hmmm. This story get as e be

  12. Na so! 😏😏
    Mistake ko, mistook ni

  13. Covering up rubbish,
    That man was a suicide bomber.
    Na wa.

  14. What ever his mission is. God of the innocent has taught him a lesson. See how God is twarting all their efforts.

  15. What a SHOCKING story from the Police ladyπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Thank goodness that he mistakenly hit his grenade by himself and killed himself by himself.

  16. Part of the training one must undergo in the NPF is lie101 3points.

    1. More like 5 points. The thing be like the credit unit of project sef 🀭

  17. Hmmmm. What is a police officer doing near a sch that he couldn't give a solid reason for tryin to enter the premises?
    Why is he going about with grenade as a "riot officer" when the area has been calm?
    It's embarrassing that the police is making this statement which shows they are not adequately trained to handle such weapons.
    It is interesting that the police knew how the incident happened when the "police officer" who was working alone

  18. The idea , as I see it, was to bomb the primary school then blame it on IPOB/ESN. There's been a very apparent effort to weaken all possible defences the East can have against terrorist onslaught, using intimidation and propaganda on its security network. E no go work for them. God remains on the throne.


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