Stella Dimoko Sad Story..


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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Sad Story..

This is really really sad.....

 This story was shared/ Tweeted by Food blogger Sisi Yemmie ....


  1. #LeaveToLive

    I don't know some women find it so difficult to leave! It's better to leave in one piece than in body bag..yes some will surely laugh and mock you but it's far better than living innocent children behind to suffer when dead and gone! RIP

    1. Since I was small I hated anything that caused me pain.

      Even in school I would do anything to get out of punishment (flogging)🤣

      I really don't know how people do it, stay with someone who beats them.
      Ahh, I couldn't have.
      I always say nobody can beat me and I mean it.

      Sorry to her

    2. Push up, are you me, is me you?
      I honestly don't know why people put themselves in the place of pain and remain inside. Even in secondary school, my principal could not flog me without sending senior students to catch me first. How does one even stand and receive slap when you can actually see the hand being raised?
      Please ladies, if your life is not safe in marriage, if you are not happy, walk. People will laugh but you will still have your life to wake up to.

  2. so sad.
    walk away!! walk away!!
    Life has no duplicate.

  3. This is so painful especially as it's avoidable. My heart goes out to the children and I pray that they get the adequate care and upbringing they deserve

  4. You see dat previous post,may dis not be her portion. I dont know how a man can attempt to kill u with his car and u dont run for dear life.
    I have a friend who met d most perfect man we thot,we were all so happy for her,he was a succesful IT specialist in Dubai,good family,quiet and barely socializes nor drink alchol and treated her well. He proposed and she suddenly called it off after she went to stay with him and he displayed some crase behaviour....he didnt touch her,but he thrased his own house,breaking stuff ard out of anger. Na so dis girl pack her load back naija.
    If u see a man with anger issues pls just run pls.

    1. See your mouth, na dem, the man just suddenly developed anger issues? What did your friend did that made the man angry? All of una go dey behave anyhow with no iota of conscience? It’s best she left, he will meet a better girl who won’t get on his nerves

    2. Anon 11:52

      I want to assume you’re being facetious because there’s no way a sane human being with a folded, complex brain would vomit such drivel. Again, there’s no way a sane human being would be so flippant on such a serious issue. Either way, you’re fucked beyond redemption and I hope you stay far away from all women because you’re extremely dangerous.

    3. BITCHandSLUT.com29 May 2021 at 12:33

      @11:52 your case is in the hands of whatever that you believe in.

    4. 11:52
      I guess she reminded you of yourself when you are angry. See 'annoyment' on top wetin no concern you.

    5. Anon you are not a serious person.
      For a man to trash his own house in anger means he lacks self discipline and control.
      One day he will forget it's his wife and trash her.

      Does he fight his boss when he is angry. No matter the reason do not touch anyone's child (male or female)

      If it's so serious get a divorce.

    6. I can say 11.52 is right to some extent being that for every man, there is a woman. The advice is, please if you know you are not built for wahala, please find you square root. This same man that B&R described up there, there is a woman he will meet that will best suit him and his issues. In fact, certain kinda woman may marry him and bring out only a positive side of him.

      May God not let us marry another woman's husband.

  5. Ceaser and co will be silent on this one when their fellow jobless and emasculated “alpha male” murders an innocent woman.

    If it’s to scream “women are entitled”, that’s where they’ll be at the fore front. When men are entitled, it can be extremely deadly because they’ll feel very slighted when they don’t get what they feel entitled to, and can even kill.

    Imagine calling yourself a man and not contributing anything to your household but feeling entitled to your sons money probably saved up by your wife. Entitled men are the worse.

    1. Such a petty man with no self respect, entitlement, zero self esteem, anger issues , resentment and foolishness in surplus

      And the common problem of Nigerian men EGO

      Women stop marrying down
      You are not a poverty alleviation scheme

  6. Lack of self control is very important Ability to control yourself goes a long way.

    Now, the evil tempered man has left the two boys motherless....

    1. Lack of self control is important?

    2. Rephrase that first paragraph please

    3. Self control is important...

      Thank you Jules...

  7. This is why it’s bad to shame women that leave abusive relationships.
    People like Reno Omokiri that said only single mothers that are widows should be respected.

    I left my first husband after lots of abuse. The last one was 3 deep stab wounds that got infected and I had to stay in the hospital for 5 weeks. My Aunty saw my dad and told him she was praying for my husband and I to resolve our issues, that divorce wasn’t acceptable.

    My dad didn’t speak to her for 8 years. He was so angry. This woman knew what I went through and how many times I went to the hospital.

    I’m married to another man now. Five blissful years and counting.

    Leave the abusive marriage so you can live to tell your story. Don’t let someone else tell your story when you’re dead.

    1. That your aunt is an agent of death and darkness. God bless your dad and you for leaving. I wish you happiness forever.

    2. So many of these Nigerian Aunties dont mind their business....wonder why? Even when ur parents dont have a problem with u being single or divorced; its dem dat will carry ur matter for head like gala. They will pressure dere single nieces and mock dem during family functions to get married. Also them dat will be mocking those dat decide to leave a bad marriage.

    3. Asinn real agent of darkness!!! Happy for u anon

    4. Thanks anon.

      It was so strange how everyone, even strangers were praying for me to God back. No one, except my parents and siblings supported.

      A close friend actually stopped talking to me because her husband didn’t want me to influence her. Some of my clients told me to my face that they lost respect for me. An abuse victim being abused again by the general public because she had the courage to leave her abuser.

      The general consensus was that it was unacceptable for a woman to leave a marriage, except through death. You should stay and manage him.

    5. Kaiii Nigeria has a loooong way to go! Tuehh . Mocking the unmarried, the divorcee and the childless, tueehh! What a country to live in as a woman or child!

    6. Thank God you left @11:49, who knew what would have become of you if you didn't?

      Women! Have a mind of your own, develop self love and respect. Stop listening to/caring about what the society thinks. Who be society? That Society can go to hell as far as your life is concerned.

  8. So painful,
    Walk away, they will not listen..
    May her soul rest in peace

  9. Women should learn to love their kids and their lives, one thing consistent in such cases is the kids suffer, the abusive partner doesn't give a hoot about the welfare of the kids, see now the boy she was planning birthday for is now left alone in this life with the brother.may God help the children hmmmmm

  10. Another one bites the dust😁😂.
    Which one be "sad story"?

    May God provide new deserving parents for the children who are the victims in these wicked environments and arrangements called marriage. We are tired of advising you pipo to leave2live. Now ehn, just stay and die so that your children can get better parents. Wicked/stupid couples don't deserve to live with children. Yes, I said it😕.

    1. BITCHandSLUT.com29 May 2021 at 12:39


    2. Spot on!!!
      I wonder why a woman will be so weak and wicked to create the room for getting killed.

    3. Women


      It is sad and painful

      But you should stop being in denial and know when your loved one is no longer sane or normal

      She refused to tell herself the truth

      Phone of how much?
      Savings box of how much?
      Claiming right with an insane person plagued with an overabundance of weaknesses?

      When a man has no self respect and is so petty, has been violent in the past, has anger problems, acts envious of you or your achievements

      He is a ticking timebomb


    4. Amebo, I've always been an advocate of leave to live but at times u ask if the woman even has the money to leave and start a new life; is she married to the type that will chase after her and the children (at all cost) to kill her; is she strong enough to fight him in court and gain custody or will she be forced to co-parent with a lunatic? Ppl's circumstances are different. One size does not necessarily fit all. The 'war room' strategy actually does work for some ppl. One just has to understand the circumstance, pray and move with wisdom. Generally speaking, women shd never rush into marriage. Take time to study the intended partner. If women can focus on prayer rather than sex before marriage, they'd have keener perception to see through any guise.

  11. BITCHandSLUT.com29 May 2021 at 12:29

    Oh jeez!

    What's all these wickedness in marriages sef(I won't say these days cos it's been there since the days of old)?

  12. Dear women...if you think marriage is an achievement then let this be a lesson to you.

    She never thought the father of her children will kill her but he did. It's obvious he was a deadbeat who probably married her for her money.

    Better to be single and have peace than marry a low key psycho cos you care about what society says. Cos when you're dead...they will be the ones to write 'RIP' and move on.

    And If you do marry, make sure you're financially secure to protect yourself cos the angel you thought you knew might be the demon you never saw.

  13. The part that confuses me is when they are the breadwinner,so they can do well by themselves,as that seems to b excuse of those that want to leave...Lord have mercy.

  14. Nothing to be sad about! she made her choice!if she loved herself or even her kids enough, she would have left way earlier! I have no sympathy to waste on such beings.

  15. Rest in perfect peace is all we can say to you.

    Live before he kills you they will never listen, one of their slogan is "my children "

    1. Are the children blind?

      Stella please run a story here on adult children of abusive parents and see gist full everywhere of how they long-term damage their children from a young age

  16. I remember when my mom left my abusive father, I was super happy and I was just a teenager then, my dads brothers called a family meeting, trying to intimidate my mom telling her even if he kills her he has the right since he was her husband I was just 16 I put all of them in their place, I was so angry they later concluded that if my mom doesn't go bk to him she should never step foot into their family house. 11 years and counting I haven't stepped foot there. Standing up to my uncles made my dad say he won't train me to be a lawyer, but then when his elder sister who is a professor and a domestic violence survivor heard their verdict she nearly ran mad cos when her husband was beating her and doing all sort they were the ones that asked her to leave the union so why is it different in my moms case.... Story long shaa but ladies it's better to marry late than marry wrong

  17. But Stella you said women who call the police on their husband's abroad are do you see why some of these men get kicked out of their homes

  18. It is so sad! May she find eternal rest and May God take care of the kids in Jesus Name. Amen. A lot of Nigerian men have way too much ego! Ego that you cannot use to run the country properly. EGO plus ANGER is deadly. Anger rests in the bosom of fools says the Bible. His eyes would have cleared immediately and I bet there may be a side chick going places so they can fight and replace his wife. I know what I’m saying. Abuja is Nigerian sodom & Gomorrah because there is easy sinful money there. Hope the side chick will side him in prison. May God punish him

    Leave a violent, angry man (50% of Naija men either when poor or rich) when dealing with their wives. Now you know why they call the cops overseas. After the first slap, he will pay mortgage and child support till they are 18! Encourage your out of control spouse to get help but leave with your life! They neither marry nor give in marriage in heaven! Nobody “falls in love in heaven” to borrow from someone’s song


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