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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Wordless Post



  1. Hian! we are on our own.

    1. I don't really support violence against the police or other security agents but I was embarrassed when I travelled to East, these peeps mount road blocks in every corner and was extorting motorists. They lobby to be posted to the East especially Anambra State, now they lobby for redeployment, smh. GREAT ANON

  2. Which one is, worsening situation? Are they not cops? They should deal with it! Mbok.

    1. 9:05 lol. But seriously I use to pity them but alas, they themselves are bad

    2. They are human being like us despite their foolishness attitude
      They have love once that care for them (wife,children siblings parents).
      Let them run for the sake of their love once
      Not for themselves

    3. Luv girl, loved ones* not love once

  3. I no blame them. If they die during active service, they die for nothing because there government will abandon their families and eject them from the barracks very fast

  4. When they were taking bribes and lobbying for deployment to the Southeast dem no know sey Dia actions go create insecurity? Injustice Anywhere is a Threat To Justice Everywhere.

  5. was bound to happen.

    When they were oppressing and killing innocent citizens, they didn't know their evil will come after them and most of them are northerners.

    1. So one of the reasons they are killing Policemen in the Southeast and you guys are cheering them on is because most of them are Northerners?


    2. Aboki...the same police from the North kill innocent citizens and they got away with it.

      You cheered them on didn't you??? We are returning the favor

  6. There is something fishy about the situation in the south east. What is stopping FG to declare State of emergency and deploy soldiers. It well

    1. The federal government should not declared any state of emergency in the East!
      They have state government, don't they?!

      People who have got no feathers talk less of wings want to fly

    2. So mrs. AE, easterners are your problem?now I know why people always drag you here. if God says biafra will stand who d fvck are u to stop it? Mtseww

    3. The disgust you have for the SErners, i don't get it. Did they murder you in your previous life mbok?

    4. Anonymous that lack wisdom, Easterners are not my problem, you know the problem but you have refused to have sense or even borrow one.

      Why are you killing each other?
      Drag me all you want, the truth will never be addressed as lies!

    5. Mrs A.E All what you said is very wrong!! Remember after ENDSARS how uniformed men went into Port-Harcourt and South East to kill young men in broad day light while the governors arms were folded...You should channel your disgust to the South East governor who prefer to use their citizens for political gains..And please don't think the South West is safe..Have you read the news of what they did in Kogi state over the weekend!!

      Why are all energies exerted in the South east but the North is a precious place...Mrs AE Nigeria is a failed state and don't blame the Easterners at all...This is caused by inequality, unfairness and lack of justice which will lead in a state of anarchy...So please don't say that....After ENDSARS they did same in Lagos, Burnt down police stations up till today those stations have not been rebuilt....

      Nigeria has serious fundamental problems which the rulers dont want to resolve but would rather play to the gallery...

  7. Lol... What country???
    Police is running away instead of doing their job and restoring peace...
    They want redeployment, where they will be forcefully collecting money from innocent citizens and killing them.
    You see these police are useless...

    Security personnel they find security... Egwu dikwa

  8. So, Easterners like their part of the country to be unruly and turbulent.

    Many of you supporting these nonsense and inhumane acts against uniform men/women will regret it and blame other people for your actions very soon.

    A word is enough for the wise... Oh, I forgot many of you have got no wisdom!
    Only a foolish man will want to raze down his house with his family inside.

    1. From their comments on this post, you can see that they are happy with what's going on. They are happy with what Unknown Gunmen AKA ESN/IPOB are doing to security operatives in that zone. Buhari shouldn't declare any state of emergency, let them continue like that. We'll be here to witness who laughs last, either ESN or the security operatives they are killing. Eastern Nigeria doesn't have vast lands like Sambisa forest to run to anyways. It's a landlocked area. They should keep cheering them on


    2. yiu really hate Igbo's dis much?na wa! many of us Igbos have no wisdom? You are a FOOl!!! so when it happens in any part of the country its bandits but in igboland its the citizens? You are a FOOL!!!

    3. Mrs A...normally I don't reply your comments but I need to clear some things that you obviously dont know.

      Explain why from Onitsha to Owerri road there are ATLEAST 20 checkpoints of police...not ARMY...police collecting monies on the road??? Meanwhile in the North, where there is kidnapping in broad daylight, they are nowhere to be found.

      Also,explain why ALL not some....ALL heads of police in the SouthEast are Hausas....Muslim Hausas for that matter???

      Lastly, explain why the killings of innocent citizens in the East by police especially at the hands of a policeman from the North are never persecuted???

      I was in aba where a group of policemen kept a woman and her daughter that was coming from the market until it was too late to go home and they were raped all night and until now, they haven't gotten justice and you're here writing utter rubbish.

      If the police are there to oppress then there is no use for them at all.

      Next time, you want to say something...get your ducks in a row.

    4. Look at them... Igbos have started killing themselves and y'all are happy; what is wrong with you people for Christ sake?
      Why can't y'all be honest with yourselves?

      Look at the other one talking about hate, you actually hate yourselves for you to be destroying your States or be supporting unrest and turbulence in your States.

      Thank God my family from the East have peacefully moved their huts to far far West.

      No time for nonsense and unwise people ๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿฝ‍♀️๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿฝ‍♀️

    5. You are getting all wrong cos you have never lived in the East to experience it.

      With all your "maturity" you can make your points without insulting anyone but you had to prove what everyone says about you.

      Is this how God taught you to treat His Children?? All the exception are just Easterners???

      No one is supporting anything but things have been bad and have degenerated to chaos, you just dont know.

      Did you know a foreigner was kidnapped in the east and the family reported to the police. The kidnappers called the family to tell them exactly what they told the police....turns out the same police gave them guns to carry it out...this is just one out of many!

      You know're full of it. Someone said on here that a 'fool is thought wise until he opens his mouth' and that's from the Bible. You call others unwise but you're the biggest fool of all๐Ÿ™„.

    6. Someone is angry because the obvious truth is staring at them.

      My dear, I'm not the one you should be angry at, you know those doing the killings in the East, they are your people.

      I have gone back to read all the older posts concerning the numerous killings in the East and I saw how you all commented and applauded the unrest in East.
      More Easterners are being killed by same Easterners and y'all are happy; why, because it has not hit close to home.

      Many BVs here can't comment on the posts because, y'all will call them names just like you're doing under my comment right now.

      Again: a foolish man will razed down his house with his family inside.

    7. Mrs AE Please if you put your eyes down and look between the lines..You wont write what you did...This is what you get when you oppress people for long, when there is inequality, unfairness, lack of justice, suppression and oppression...You think they are happy doing this NO! But the people who have been saddled to protect the citizen in turn use the guns and boots to kill innocent citizens?! What do you think you will get!! ANARCHY!!

    8. Phoenix...God bless you. Let her keep living in her alternate reality.

      You live in a country where Police treat black people worse than animals and I dont remember seeing this your energy on posts like that.

      Choose your battles on what you know and stick to it. Sometimes you sound more intelligent when you have nothing to say.

  9. Why are they running? They don't want bribe again?

  10. This is not nice at all oo..

  11. I haveneber seen Mrs A so passionate about the northan bandits situation before. I said such one time here but Stella put it it in her pot!

    1. Of course, I don't care so much about the bandits in the North again, because I know how it all started.
      They started by killing the Catholic priests, they were burnt alive in the parish House, followed by numerous Catholic churches being burnt down with parishioners and priests inside.
      I cried my eyes out then, nobody made lots of noise about it because it was still about Catholics; until they transition to other churches and then, to the mosques and they are now killing northerners like themselves.

      I don't want that in the East, but, the truth is so bitter to so many of you.
      The poor always suffer the consequences of what most of you are supporting right now.

      The East is not ready for this, they should never turn their land into a blood battlefield.
      Many of you don't know the true history, I mean the undiluted civil war history, that is why some of you are still agitating for it.

      Don't start a war in your backyard, all your houses will be razed down with many Humans used as burnt offerings.

      Say No To War!!!

  12. eesah the boko haram lover has come out. goat. they can refuse to declare a state of emergency in the north because the govts there sponsor the bandits but they should declare it in the east.


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