Stella Dimoko CBN Says Spraying Of Naira Notes Attracts A 6 Month Jail-term


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Friday, June 11, 2021

CBN Says Spraying Of Naira Notes Attracts A 6 Month Jail-term



  1. Na today?
    Egbe onu...
    They never see doings.

    1. This policy has been the mantra since Charles Soludo time..Yet the same thing is done over and over again yet it does not change.Chanting and noisemaking from all CBN governors...Start from the elites that do wedding make an example of one or two of them and tell me whether everyone will not seat up///

  2. I can't wait for my Owambe regulars to all have their breakfast well served to them on this one.
    My people will lend you money to organize a talk of the town party, but will never give you a cent to clear your goods.
    The CBN sha know who this law is made for.

  3. Money are sprayed even in America so what is he all about

  4. Spraying money is sort of a Nigerian culture especially southern Nigeria. Some even spray dollars.

  5. Is this our problem in this country?..
    You guys cannot stop our doings!!!..

  6. The CBN doesn’t make laws so this threat is baseless and won’t stand.Problem is Nigerians don’t really know and enforce their rights.The apex bank does not have the power such proclamation.

  7. Jail-term? The jail houses that are overcrowded.

    Well, it's not the spraying that mutilates the notes but poor handling by the people on the streets.
    Typically beggars, market and street traders, bus drivers/conductors, touts etc are the ones that rough-handle Naira notes. Enlightenment campaigns will help.

    They should fine those who supply and trade in mint notes because they enable those that spray.

  8. To the person who said spraying is Nigerian culture, IT ISN’T. Spraying started with the oil boom of Gowon era when he said we didn’t know what to do with money, that we had more money than we cared for! Imagine. Then “wonyosi”, Owanbe and the noveaux rich contractors and military acolytes got oil money and the country has not been sane since. IBB & Maryam with her Tailor friends took it to the next level, allocating oil blocks and partying the youth’s future away.

    Those who spray here are Nigerians deep in the Naija habit. I cannot go to any function and spray my hard earned money. It’s because they rent halls. The governor’s aide that was arrested got on the radar when pictures of him with his friends spraying crazy amounts circulated to the right sources who know even Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Oprah won’t spray such an obscene amount of dollars. Be careful displaying your “culture” as FBI has staff fluent in almost every single language on earth. Be careful. In old Yoruba culture, the women put their shoulder scarves on the floor for money to be put on it. You allow money someone might have sneezed on or touched with some germ filled hands to be put on your chest or forehead? Ever heard of “flesh eating bacteria”, MRSA? I don’t spray. I can cut a check and put it in a card and hand it to you. Spraying is part of the display of the societal poverty as truly rich people I mentioned up there have nothing to prove. Melinda went to a $132k a night island to chill for their divorce announcement to blow over. Do the math. Spraying is eye service and a sign of buying in to the recklessness that turned Nigeria upside down. Like someone said, they spray their peers but ask them for school fees, no show!


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