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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..




I have been thinking...

 my wedding is coming up in December 2021 and I have so many fears and don't even know if my fears are valid. 

I keep wondering hope my husband won't stop loving me nd won't ever give me reason to regret marrying him cos the way marriages are crashing these days is scary. 

I have friends and church members who are married and yet to have kids and it bothers me a lot, I keep having thoughts of what if I encounter delay in getting pregnant.

 Please ladies in the house, what do you suggest I do to prepare my body for easy conception. Another fear is the thought of having s#x always and how I'm going to learn to be very good in bed as I'm still a virgin.

Stop all these fears and take each day as it comes... If you continue entertaining these fears, they will become reality oh....

Stop worrying......




Good day BVs..

There is something bothering me.
 I have been married for four years and i love my husband so much. The problem is when we make love he does not release at all and we can make love like 2 times in a week and he wont come. 

Is it that he is not enjoying it or he is getting it outside. I am worried.

He does not come? How strong!.. He probably ran out of sperm!...This may be a medicl condition eeeeh.. make una visit hospital please!!!


  1. @Posternumber1,Don't be unnecessarily scared na..Ah ah!
    @Posternumber2,I think it be nice your husband goes to the hospital at this point

    1. Post 1... becos marriage is breaking does not mean is your portion. Always think positive and carry positive vibes. All will be well. For the sex aspect! Just open your mind to learn and take corrections

      Poster 2.. i think u both should seek medical help ok.


    2. Congratulations @Sexy Hip๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Maybe e no sweet am enough to come.

    He could be distracted.

    He needs to fantasize to cum.

    1. Poster 1: There is a song ''What A friend We have in Jesus'' Take all your worries to God..Speak to Jesus to calm the rushing waters in your soul...As Stella said You will make your fears become a reality..Other people's stories are different, decide that yours will be different besides you shouldn't be comparing yours with them...Make positive declaration concerning you, your husband, your own family and marriage... You can take wellwoman supplement, folic acids and folates to prepare your body...Ehugs and all the best..

      Poster 2: Have you discussed with him? He needs to see a doctor maybe he is being stressed and going through stuff...Please be there for him...

    2. Poster 2, your husband's case needs medical attention. My had the same issue when we newly married, but he kept on giving unnecessary excuse. Then one l forced him to go and test. He was later operated but we are yet to concieve

  3. BITCHandSLUT.com22 June 2021 at 15:12

    Poster 1: Relax!

    Poster 2: Maybe your man is the type with high libido and before he comes you already complains you're tired so he had to stop half way without releasing.

    Have an open minded talk with him about it.

    Let him tell you the truth.

  4. Poster 2
    Visit the hospital
    Poster 1
    Just tell God your fear in prayers and he will see you through

  5. Poster 1, takeoff your mind from it. If eventually it happens to you, what's the worst that can happen. Anxiety can cause one to not concieve u know.

    Poster 2.
    I asked my husband and he said it's either 2thjngs,
    1) it's either the man doesn't find you attractive
    2) he has a medical condition
    3)he cums but you don't notice

    1. Poster 2,strange Indeed. Never heard of it before today. Seek medical advice.

      Poster1, you are just anxious and it's affecting you psychologically. You will only attract negative types to your new home. You need to hand over to Jesus and be at peace with your life. Congratulations ๐ŸŽŠ in advance.

  6. Try blow job, find out if he's gay,go to hospital or find out what he likes to do for sexual pleasure.
    1: always sing the lion king song that says " hakuna matata it means don't worry๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

  7. Romans 14:23 ... Anything done without faith is sin
    So that first poster, you've got to live by faith, that is God's standard
    of righteousness. If you shrink back, he will not be pleased with you.
    Take time to seek God and make sure that you are marrying the right person.
    If you have a personal relationship with Jesus and he asked you to marry that
    man, go ahead. Work out this marriage by following the teachings of Jesus.
    And you cannot follow his teachings if you do not separate yourself to study and
    understand them.
    Pray also for the "friends in churches you are seeing childless"
    You might have insight into their plights.
    I remember once praying fervently and asking God why my very good cousin hasn't had
    a child almost ten years after marriage. Until one day, in a dream, the Lord showed me where
    this cousin of mine was removing her underpants and there were two placentas in it.
    I shuddered and began praying for forgiveness for her. She has her baby now.

    1. Human being how did you know your dream was not out of over thinking about her condition? May God deliver you.

    2. @18:33
      My cousin took in just when I changed my prayer point to forgiveness.
      How is that a problem to you.
      Thanks for the insults.

  8. Poster 1. Pls remove all fears before it turns into reality. Marriage is sweet when you marry your best friend. Infact marriage is the best thing in my life. Remember to always commit your marriage in Gods hand.

    Poster 2. Your husband need to see a doctor.
    God bless your homes๐Ÿ‘Œ

  9. Poster 1, Stella has given you the best advice. Remember that bible passage that says @what I feared most has come upon me? Fear has torment, so don't entertain it, I know how you feel about marrying as a virgin and I experienced it myself but surprisingly it was prayer that helped me. It sounds weird, but I prayed and I remember I almost fell out of the bed when my husband deflowered me, guy man was also a virgin. After days of enduring pain, I had to confide in my mum, she's a nurse and my husband and I heard the word lubricant for the first time. I can't believe how ignorant we were and this was 2014. We started using the lubricant, the pain reduced and eventually I even stopped because everything became normal. It was like learning to ride a bike, once you get your balance, you are fine. Be anxious for nothing, so pray 'dear God, I am scared about having sex and children help me' and He will help you. You will be fine and you will be fruitful. Congratulations.

    Second poster: do you have children? Because I don't understand 4 years of active sex life and even once, your husband hasn't released? Hope it is not a medical problem? You should see a doctor.

  10. Poster 1: Just relax dear, it's only normal for you to be scared, but whenever you start feeling scared think positively, be more optimistic, your marriage will definitely be blessed and about the virgin part no worries, I'm sure your husband is already aware, no be one day you go master the art of Sex-tai chi...

    poster 2: omooo this one no normal sha...maybe he doesn't get aroused enough but medical attention should be sought on this

  11. Poster 2: your husband is a porn addict. Most of them don't release when they make actaul love. I know two men who are like that. Check his phone browsing history and you will be shocked.

    Detective Fash.

  12. Poster 1 stop worrying
    Poster 2, it's either oga doesn't find you attractive enough or he's having it outside.

  13. Poster 1: Relax, take it one step at a time. Claim your nerve down...

  14. Poster 1, experience comes with time. There's nothing to be afraid of

    Poster 2, I read somewhere that an average guy produces about 7.5 litres of sperm in his lifetime. Maybe the guy has finished producing all the sperm of his lifetime with a very active sex life and is now producing only air๐Ÿ˜Ž.

    On a more serious note, he should seek medical attention

  15. Poster 1 don't allow devil use you to spoil your marriage, where is your faith? Please sit back and enjoy yourself

    You can visit the hospital for check up

    Poster 2 you both should visit the hospital together.

  16. Poster 1 stop worrying Biko. Such worries can ruin your marriage. Unless in deep down in your subconscious you know you're not ready for marriage
    Poster 2 hubby needs to go to the hospital

  17. Poster 1

    All those lies are from the devil. When ever he tries to scare you with his lies, declare the opposite.

    It works all the time.

  18. Poster 2: I am a man and I can authoritatively tell you that one of these 3 things is happening to your husband:

    a. You may not be wet and tight sufficiently while having sex with him. So, he does not enjoy it and may not want to tell you. You are to work on that (herbs can work for you). Also, there are supplements for women, you might need them to be wet and slippery during sex, he will cum in multiple times.

    2. He may be masturbating. When a man enjoys masturbation too much, he might not enjoy sex again.

    3. He may have other girls that are better than you. So, he does not enjoy you anymore. You need to raise your game. Moan, ride him, play with him, carry out foreplay, etc. You need to raise your game for him to enjoy and ask for more.

    I have been there before.

  19. Poster 2. Dont just lie down like a log of wood. Lift ur hips up and whine ur waist while he pounds. Rub his head and tickle his sides and rub his back. Place both palms on his buttocks and press harder. Let him lift both your legs on his shoulder. You can lift your bum with a pillow for easy penetration. Switch styles to doggy, cowgirl and scream like a whore. Learn to suck the tip of his penis and rub his shaft and balls. Babe, also think about styles and be adventurous. Probably dey are nacking him dead outside. Na wa o.

  20. Poster 1
    I will encourage you to pray and seek God’s face.
    You hear stories of crashed marriages just like you hear stories of crashed planes. There are still many happy marriages, they just don’t make the news like the sensational crashing ones.

    I just want to encourage you because I was like you 5yrs ago, boy was I nervous, but I prayed and had peace eventually, 5yrs down and my hubby is still as loving and intentional as ever .

    keep Praying, and be sensitive in your spirit. God’s grace dear.

  21. BVs, let's pray for Poster 1 that none of her fears materializes

  22. Please I'm confused. For those saying Poster 2's hubby is not attracted to her. My thoughts is if he is not, he can simply deny her s3x. No need to try. What is the point of doing and not releasing, it also won't be pleasurable for him or will it?

  23. Worry not child of God and enjoy every bit of it when it comes.

    Madam ask google and goan see a Doc.


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