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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Stella and BVs

I’m tired! Like I’m just really tired. Who did we offend, who did we mistakenly cross paths with that has vowed that success will be at our finger tips but still far from us!! 

I’ve prayed oo I’ve cried to God I’ve even gone as far as asking Him whyyy!????

 First you took my mum, now it’s for the rest of us to now stay and be solely dependent on our retired father. See it’s not as if we’re just sitting and waiting for daddy to just give us money, no ooo we hustle! 

We work but there’s really nothing much to show for it. You know we all walk around looking good and smelling good acting like yeah we have it all figured out but everybody is dealing with different battles deep down. Or is it the ancestral abi generational curse that is playing out like this because me I don’t understand.

 Stella please help me ask God what offense has my family committed biko, somebody please help me ask Him oo because I read testimonies of people here so I know there’s definitely nothing impossible for God so is it that all these years He has just decided to ignore us or what.

 My heart is heavy, I look at my siblings as they always try to use humor to cover up everything and just cry on the inside. They’ve tried their best, heaven knows they’ve tried so why is nothing working for anybody. Like I said there’s no lazy person here, we’re educated with good grades and all that but the same thing your mates seem to be excelling at is like war for you.. why???

 They started talking about relocating, I dunno how far they’ve gone but there’s even no money to go further. God abeg nah please. Since our mum died, certain people have been telling me that I’m standing in as the intercessor for my family since mum isn’t there. I don’t even know what that means and my mother was a prayer warrior no doubt but I don’t think I’m at her level. 

I’ve prayed and prayed and cried and cried and wailed to God but still nothing.

 Somebody please tell me what to do somebody please help me because I’m tired. I’m sorry this is long but I don’t have anybody to open up to, this just feels like a safe space; I’m just really sad :

Isnt this what they call generational bondage? Please do not lose faith in God, hes all you got!!


  1. Replies
    1. Poster should go and learn about faith and apply it. It is well with you

    2. Dear God,
      Please show up for those who truly need your help.
      It's not easy and the economy keeps getting more difficult.
      Maybe relocating would be better atleast there if you school you will work.

    3. I read stories like this and it's the same.... that you have prayed and fasted but nothing.

      Have you ever tried to sacrifice something valuable to you??? Have you ever taken the time to go visit those that never had parents to talk of one???

      Did you truly seek His face asking what to do for Him and not what He will do for you??? Do you really read the Bible???'s not enough to pray and fast....go outside your comfort zone and do things differently... for others other than yourself. It doesn't have to be can be your time or something you can spare.

      Think about this...I believe your story will change.

    4. You need family liberation prayer.

  2. After you've done all you can, just stand.

    Don't give up, don't give in, hold on, just be strong.
    These are the lyrics of a song I love.
    I hope it ministers to you cos it did when I was at my lowest.

    Hang in there and continue praying.

  3. Funny enough Stella, they might not be in a bondage.

    It might just be that they are praying amiss.

    Are you working hard?
    Are you working right?
    Are you honest?
    Are you contented?

    Lady, don't focus on what you don't have while disregarding what you have.

    Pray, yes. But faith without works is dead.

  4. Keep praying,attend a Bible believing church and do midnight prayers naked of possible and cry into God,I can sure you,He will come through for you.

    If you're Yoruba,pls tune to 105.5 by 4:55 am it's a 30-35 minutes prog at the end a break of 5 minutes then another program comes up by 5:30 -5:55 am,you will testify,God be with you.

  5. Poster the exact question i ask about my family. I have fasted, prayed, did all kinds of midnight prayer and hourly prayers yet no result. Six years after service no job, my two younger sisters graduates are doing 25k jobs. I have asked God for forgiveness and I'm using my faith. PPlease if you have any solution please share with me also

  6. Take it easy poster. You have life, your family intact, keep being hopeful.
    Some people are facing worse situations.
    Some find it very easy, just like that. Life is not FAIR.
    Keep working hard and pray while patiently waiting for that huge break.

  7. I pray that God be kind to you cos if we look at it critically then it ain't easy without mincing words

  8. Poster a lot of africans/Nigerians are living under ancestral bondage/curse. Jesus is the only way out. While you are at it don't bother going from church to church o, cos my family did this, spent money we didn't have and there were no result, we had to resign to God only and put our trust totally in God and our Lord Jesus, by his grace we are overcoming every obstacles on our way, gradually we are getting our goals. And even greater will be your family's testimonies.
    Hold on to Christ our saviour, it may look like its taking time but there is nothing that has no end and no impossibility with Christ Jesus..peace ✌

  9. I have a way I talk to God that works.I have seen wonders Everytime iv done it.Fast and break with only fruits for 7days.if you can’t do 7 do 3 days with serious prayers.Ask God for the grace to receive His mercy.The Bible says God will have mercy on who He will have mercy on that’s why this prayer point is important.You will see a miracle

  10. Poster I will start by saying Sorry for the loss of your mother; I can imagine how you feel and I am sorry about how you feel...I don't believe you are under any generational curse...Nigeria has played a huge factor in causing untold hardship to its citizens and when people move abroad, they tend to ''pray less'' you know why? 70% of their prayer points are answered based on the system that works for all..

    I want to believe you are working or doing a trade though you didn't state so...There is a time to pray and there is a time to be ''still and know he is God''...We know not how to pray but the Holy spirit intercedes for us with groanings...Learn the art of thanksgiving and gratitude; celebrating your wins no matter how insignificant or little they may seem to you..Be happy, smile and joyful always...

    I am happy you still have a dad alive; just liven up so that he does not have think so much about your mom..When you are with your siblings, don't shield your emotions..If you have to cry, please cry even in their midst; nothing to be ashamed of. You are human and vulnerable..I am advocate of going through your emotions...Do the best that you can..Nobody has it easy oh NO-ONE at all...You will share your testimony here....As a believer of God, you are not immune to challenges and life issues but how you handle it makes you stand out from others...

    So keep believing in God, make yourselves happy, live a life of thanksgiving...I will lie if I say the pain of your mom's loss will go away but when you surround yourself with good friends, relative and God by your side; you will be able to pull through..E-hugs and All the best...

    1. I love abroad o, 70% of my prayer points hv not being answered here o. You work work and work.. pay bills and no time to relax.. Every country has its own issues. Getting a job is not everything.. Trust me, I know millionaire here who are not satisfied.. Poster needs a big paradigm shift. Her mindset is already set thinking something is causing her problems..

      She needs to learn how to pray. Believe in the God she calls on to without worrying that something or someone is causing her problems. Just my 1kobo o.

  11. God is still God , don't lose faith.

  12. We live in difficult times. Many people are facing hard times. Apart from the difficulties brought by COVID-19, the situation in the country is tough It's not generational curses. However, continue to trust in God. He'll make a way soon. Never lose hope.

  13. Unu jisike asα»₯la ngọngọ

  14. The light will shine in your family. Stay praying

  15. Dear poster, I see you, I feel, I know exactly what you feel. I've been there many times, sometimes it gets better, sometimes it's dark. I can't promise you if it will end or when it will end but I can tell you, you are not alone. I can tell you together let's not forget God, He's God and He's all knowing and even if it doesn't get better, even if we are tired, let's remember our purpose on earth is to serve God and worship Him no matter how rejected we feel. I understand dear poster, I do. I know you might have done your best, yes you are not righteous but you try to live by the word but nothing seems to come out of the sacrifice, I know how frustrating it can get. I know how rejected you feel, I see you.

  16. You need to stop questioning God, the self pity & change your method of prayer. Begin to pray kingdom advancement prayers. Matthew 6:33 says seeks ye first the kingdom of God & its righteousness, all other things (wealth, solution, wisdom etc) shall be added unto you. Pray for God's kingdom to be established, pray for the church, stop focusing on yourself & your problems, intercede for lost souls, preach & invite souls to church, work in his vineyard & watch God move your mountains.

    Change your approach, back it up with praises & me, it works. ✌️

  17. Nsppd is the answer

    1. They haff started.

      Jesus is the answer!

    2. God not NSPPD is the answer

  18. My dear go on a prayer course and ask God for the way out. Reduce noise around you. Keep asking God for both the reason and the way out. Yes you will surely get it.

  19. "I have even gone as far as asking him why..."
    "My mother was a prayer warrior but I don't think I'm at her level..."
    Dear, now the loss of your mother seems to be the central point in your narration; right?
    You've got to build yourself up in this most holy faith (since you are a believer in Christ from
    all I read). Fasting/praying/studying God's the way to go and NOT murmuring. Be patient.
    Let me just share one Scripture with you;
    Eccl. 9:11 I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or
    the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or
    favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

  20. Dear poster.
    You are not in bondage. Just say that to yourself, you are not in bondage!
    It’s good to pray oo, but while at it you have to do something, something different. No matter how demeaning it feels, so long as it is legit. You may have been doing something before that seems to not work, consider changing and making hay while the sun shines.
    I have seen firsthand how someone can doggedly insist on a particular line of action, not know he’ll make a breakthrough just trying something else. Devote more time to working than praying.
    Don’t be despondent, you and your family will make a breakthrough , just be steadfast in holding on to God, and not loosing sight of your values. Don’t compromise, but aggressively forge a new path for yourself.

    God bless.

  21. If prayers don't seem to be working, stop the prayers and start to praise him. Praise him with ur whole heart.

    This was the sermon in church last Sunday. May God turn around the situation of ur family for good

    1. 1 million likes πŸ‘

    2. πŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  22. Pray about what exactly? Isn't this poster blessed already. we keep treating the same ingratitude to God and facing the reality of Nigerian situation. You and your siblings are graduates with good grades, You're hustling, so what exactly is your problem? Is everyone in Nigeria not hustling? Have we given up?? What is the unemployment rate and poverty rate in Nigeria again??? you're alive and well, you only lost a parent. What about those that are orphans and have no one to sponsor to be graduates? where is the generational curse or bondage please??? Even Stella, that resides in Germany is suggesting generational bondage. Too bad. you think everything is prayer. Don't go and praise and thank God for all he has done for you and your family. Don't go and help people you're better than to rise like you have. Stay there and be lamenting. Ingrate!!! You're looking for who will spoon feed you. Stay there. You think people like helping negative, lazy and unmotivated people like you. siddon there dey lament, lamentator!

    1. Honestly, anon take this hug abeg πŸ€— your comment makes too much sense.

    2. My thoughts too. Especially your last statement. No company will hire you if they perceive unmotivation. All they care is the value you bring...

      I think she is having negative thoughts cos she is taking her Mum's death very badly. Sorry and ehugs poster. My friend recently lost her Mum and it broke her spirit. For the first time ever, I heard her say very depressive things that scared me. Try to be positive and hold unto God.

    3. Gbam! Lazy minded person, crooks depending on prayers to overnight transform their lives.
      They think relocating abroad is guarantees for destiny or life change😑 they'll be comparing themselves to other people & competing in their darkness mindset.

  23. Are you sure this is generational curse or Nigeria wahala?
    You said you are all educated but no job I guess.
    Have you tried learning a skill or doing some trading?

    If you guys still have money to start processing travelling, then una still get money o.

  24. You didn't say exactly what you guys are in need of. But it all boils down to money. After the salvation of your soul, the next most important thing in life is having money.

    If na money, that one easy. Give. Just give. Keep giving. And continue giving for life. My dear, no amount of prayers can give you money. None whatsoever. A man once went to a mountain to pray away poverty. Lol. E pray tire. 21 days fa. He came down. The senior poverty now started. See suffer. His wife almost left him.

    He now read a book on kingdom financial prosperity and caught the light. He started giving from the little he had and gradually things started changing until he became very comfortable and can even be called rich.

    I centred on money because "it answers all things". It truly does. It answers to satanic attacks, bondages, yokes, generational curses, etc. I'm writing from deep experience. When you give, especially if it is sacrificially, it speaks loudly in the spiritual realm. Any little prayer you make after giving works like speed of lightning.

    Money is a force that nothing can withstand. It's your blood that speaks for you. Your giving is the only thing that Satan cannot tamper with. "As long as earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not cease". Genesis 8:22. Nothing can stop it. The mysterious thing is that, when you start giving, other problems start getting solved. It's a mystery. When people plan evil for you, it backfires.

    How to give
    1. Tithe (non negotiable).
    2. Offering (liberally)
    3. Almsgiving (very very important)
    4. Parents (works like wildfire)
    5. Prophet offering (dis one na hammer. Instant breaker). It has to be a man of God that gives too. The fire at work in their lives, automatically starts working in your life. The change/turnaround after this is mind blowing.
    6. Also participate in any church projects going on.

    Remember, it is not how much, but the pain you feel after giving. It has to be sacrificial not as after thought. Do them and wait for God. I assure you, everything will turnaround.

    God bless you.

  25. Hmm no be only you ooh, my family is battling in another dimension, sometimes I wonder if there is God. I even join the NSPPD for where. Every one is getting their miracle for small things but my very heavy burden God has refused to answer. I started thinking maybe the platform is a lie. When will I ever testify for myself and family.

  26. Change your mindset poster. Your siblings are cheerful because maybe , they're not that worried.
    Change your mindset

  27. Dear poster, keep on praying to God.. I know how you feel, is almost the same in my family.. nothing is working, my father is late, my elder sis is 38 yrs no marriage both younger ones, no good work, any man that asked our hands in marriage once they reached village, you will not see them again. we have prayed, fasted without food for 3 days, done deliverance both native still nothing yet. recently one prophet told us one woman in my father's house sacrificed a ram against my family,we are told to bring ram to do sacrifice to counter her own. I told my people I'm not interested if God can not fight our battle and deliver us fine and good.

  28. Hello poster God is too faithful to fail. Keep fasting, praying and giving God thanks, listen to apostle Selman teaching via YouTube I assure you things will work out soon. Life itself is a battle and we are all fighting it, don't relax keep on focusing on God and appreciate the good things of life you have, at least no sickness, you have where to lay your head etc. Jeremiah 29vs11 says it all.

  29. Welcome to Africa. I have seen families that get good grades but no matter what they do, they never make a head way. When it seems like things are about to change, it all goes back to square one. Truly, there's nothing God cannot do but in cases like these, the spiritual bondage can be broken by someone who is stronger than you are spiritually. Whatever your religion look for spiritually strong people or seers. Don't joke with your youth.

    1. Thanks for this your comment jareh. All these people tellin poster to pray this pray that are not in posters shoes, most of them their parents has cleared their part for them and things are working for them.Theres no way this type of people will understand what poster is talking about. Prayer chanters has forgotten that God said before we prayed, he already answered. There's no way you're praying and God will not answer you, except something is blocking your blessings. Poster, do the needful, get up and look for solution. There's solution to every problem. Funny enough, my eyes cleared from reading a particular chronicle from this blog two years ago. People that knows the truth about her problem went under anonymous to give her undiluted advice. That chronicle really helped me. Dear blog visitors, stop deceiving people that brought their chronicles here for solution. Instead of giving advice for solution, you all will be chanting pray pray as if God doesn't hear their prayers. Always remember, you can pray from now till tomorrow and nothing will happen. The simple truth is that something is hijacking your blessings after you have prayed. Poster pls look for solution to your problem. In this life, nobody holy pass. All power belongs to God and he will have mercy on who he will have mercy on. Poster it's well

  30. I just read my family story nw and i dont knw the writer. It is wel wt us

  31. There's a program called "HOLY GHOST SCHOOL", where you just sit at home at a particular time everyday(1hour) and allow the holy ghost teach you things you don't know. It is very wonderful. Someone told me about it last year Sept or Oct and i started immediately. There's a class for it also where you will be taught how to start hearing from God and interpret your revelations. Right now people who knew me before know my life has changed positively.
    But you must be BORN AGAIN first.

    1. This is exactly how my mother encountered the holy spirit
      There's this prayer Catholics do called devine mercy" at 3 every afternoon.

    2. Awwwww Holy Ghost School Ajao. Where I learnt the beautiful relationship I currently have with God

  32. Why is it that in Nigeria once things don’t move the way we want we say it’s a generational curse?? So the slave traders that their descendants are so rich don’t have generational curses?? I don’t really get it!!

    1. Leave them. Baby gal, that's life for you. Some people get it hard and others get it easy. Whether you pray or not, life happens. So stop praying, start doing a lot of brainstorming. Trust me you'll come up with something.

    2. My dear, it is not only in Nigeria. People pay for their evil everywhere. I am not saying it is a generational curse, but let us live right for our generation and next. One chief in my place accused an innocent person wrongly to make money. The innocently accused committed suicide. The chief’s son who was doing well abroad killed his wife and committed suicide. People were sympathizing with him, but those who were old enough to remember how he made his money to send his son to study abroad were codedly rejoicing. Karma and generational curse story plenty. Pray you don’t offend a strong spirit. It does not take much to live a good life. Treat others like you would want them to treat you.

  33. I love the way bvs are looking at this poster's chronicles from different angles. But let not be ignorant of the fact that battles exist. Dear poster, i suggest you try all these, especially the working for God and see how things will turn around for you.

  34. Pray, be patient and goal driven, it may just be normal life challenges. But you can still ask your father if he did something evil to someone good. Sorry, your mom is gone you would have asked too. One family had it bad. There was money, but no peace, trouble and illness from all over. They prayed until their mom confessed about a grave ill done to an innocent person. They went to ask her for forgiveness, she forgave, and was compensated.Things changed immediately from that moment. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that there is no karma. Some spirits are stronger than others.

  35. Poster,be very careful of what you believe in!I have battled issues for years but I refuse to believe in generational curses! what ever your mind dwells on becomes your reality!BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU ALLOW FESTER ON IT!!!!!

  36. Dear poster,are you in Lagos,if yes,visit Bornfree Ministries,Greenville, Badore.Ajah.its a praying church...come pray your way out.God bless you.

  37. Dear poster, I'm sorry for all your family has gone through. Please know that God Almighty is the reason you guys have not lost all.

    I'll like to share a bit of my story with you. My father was a management level staff in a French oil company in PH and he gave us the good life. When he retired he started his own business and all was well till he openly fought with his siblings about their dislike for my mum and money. They told him that they'll see how he will "train" he's remaining kids. My sister and I suffered in Uni, we went to bed hungry sometimes and soaked garri alot. We experienced different forms of spiritual attacks. Imagine meeting your friends Pastor and immediately he looks at u with pity, prays for you and asks that your parents come see him because of the negativity around you.

    I won't dwell on all the disappointments in relationships, carrier, etc. However, the bad experience made all of us get close to God. My mum told us that she had been warned that any "waka waka" to do juju for these people will back fire.
    This experience spanned 10 to 13 years, but gradually things turned around and we came out of the furnace purified.
    The lessons we learnt are as follows;
    1. Prioritize your relationship with God. Worship genuinely not only because of your current situation.
    2. Pls bridle your tongue, bcs at times near miss syndrome is due to talk talk. It's like planting a seed and going to dig it up. Early exposure kills dreams.
    3. Don't complain or murmur. When ever you feel like it give thanks, watch Christian movies that build your faith n read your bible.
    4. Keep the right company n keep working hard.
    Good bless you

  38. See eh, that generational curse is the Nigerian government. The most wicked set of leaders in the world, and the most cruel economy. Even after 8yrs in the abroad I still marvel at how organized things are. Can you believe the govt gave out free laptop and ipad for online schooling to every school aged child in the district? I almost cri3d when I heard that. My dear if we had a functioning govt, it will work for all, religious or not. That is even when you enjoy your Christianity. Nigeria fills me with so much fear. All our wahala is man made and avoidable, that is why it hurts deeply.

  39. Dear poster, I encourage you to please join Nsppd prayers by 7am every morning on YouTube, facebook or Instagram. Whatever the problem is, you will get solutions on this altar of fire. Fridays in particular are specifically for family prayers. What God cannot do does not exist.


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