Stella Dimoko Dangote Truck Set Ablaze For Crushing Two Men To Death.


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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dangote Truck Set Ablaze For Crushing Two Men To Death.

On Friday June 18,2021 a mob reportedly set ablaze a truck belonging to Dangote Cement Factory, Ibese, Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, after it crushed two men to death.
The driver of the truck reportedly narrowly escaped being lynched.

The two men were on a motorcycle, heading from Igbogila to Ilaro when the incident happened.

A source told Dailypost correspondent that the driver of the Dangote truck swerved off his lane, having a head-on collision with the oncoming motorcycle, otherwise known as okada.
“The two men – rider and passenger, died on the spot,” the source told our correspondent.

The Ogun Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) confirmed the incident on Saturday.

TRACE spokesman, Babatunde Akinbiyi, said, “according to eyewitness accounts, the Dangote truck driver engaged in reckless driving. He left its lane to face the motorcyclist and the pillion passenger at his back in the other lane and crushed them to death.

“An angry mob later set the Dangote truck on fire while the driver ran away. The case is being handled by the Dangote Plant Police Post.”
Akinbiyi added that one of the dead victims’ bodies had been deposited at Ilaro General Hospital morgue, while the other victim had been buried by the family.


  1. These truck drivers that are wizards.

    1. I support this a 100percent.
      The government never does anything.
      The drivers always run away.

      The last case is still in court and no justice is ever served so let them keep burning it, until they get sense and hire able drivers

    2. Dangote dangote dangote one day Nigerians will know how you constructed graveyard in your company.. burying over 10 persons weekly .worst is you never allow families to claim their bodies . One day you will be exposed shamed disgraced you can't cover this up for long .

  2. Most of some really fatal accidents have been caused by Dangote Truck drivers.

    I've noticed the victim's families have never held Dangote himself liable. Cos in saner countries...the driver is an employee so it's the company that pays compensation but Dangote has never been held accountable for his company drivers.

    And from what a former staff told me...some of these drivers have zero experience and in the process of learning they even kill staff.

    May their souls rest in peace.

    1. Very mad animals, one brushed a public transport along Sagamu interchange Bridge a few days ago, and in our very eyes went to his truck, pulled out a knife to threaten the bus driver who confronted him.
      No be madness be that? Someone(stupid aboki) who is supposed to be apologising, threatening the innocent party with a knife.
      I absolutely detest them even though I know some of them are just trying to eke out a living. They are poorly regulated on the road, they drive as they deem fit.

    2. You have said it all. Nobody holds dangote accountable driving of his drivers into big man levels. By the time he is made to pay 1 billion naira fine per accident , he will rush and tell his drivers to drive like humans and not animals. Nigeria is just too lawless a country abeg!

    3. Dangote and his corporation should be held liable for all these homicides carried out with his rickety trucks. Some of these trucks are overused trucks bought with no regard for Nigerian lives. They won’t pass the annual inspections & emission tests done on vehicles here.

      Unemployed lawyers in Nigeria, you really can create a job for yourselves. From ill trained physicians to homicidal trucks, there are lots of liability issues you can use that the international court in Hague, UN, Amnesty, Transparency international and other grant giving organizations can fund towards building a saner nation in lieu of statesmen rulers. He needs to pay $m in damages to all the families ever affected by his rickety trucks. They need to be protected in Ghana or somewhere while a class action suit is brought against him. That is what brought down Big Tobacco. He can’t be hanging out with girls in the developed countries and killing Nigerians while cleaning out the commonwealth with monopolies on a lot of sectors! It’s wrong. Trucks are now very sophisticated and drivers are trained with their commercial drivers license withdrawn if they mess up. Dangote and his ilk should stop making blood money.

  3. Three quarter of those truck drivers drive like mad people.
    I wish there's a way to remove all of them from the road, at least during the day, accident rates would reduce drastically.

  4. Dangote trucks always killing people. Nawa!!! And the truck drivers always find a way of escaping. No be juju be that?

  5. Is there any year it doesn't happen?

  6. I think they need to check this Dangote trucks n their drivers. Everytime whenever it has accident, it must take people

  7. Dangote truck? God forbid!!!!!! They have done more harm than good

  8. Just wondering how you people live in Nigeria and how I survived it I was almost killed that’s why I ran never relocating ever

  9. Dantoge truck 🚚 drivers,, driving recklessly everyday on the highway way..

  10. Are the Dangote truck drivers well paid? Because when your work is well paying and your company takes care of you then you will operate differently. Dangote has enough money to carve out separate transport routes for his trucks so they don't even have to use the regular roads. I see public transit building express roads that only their vehicles can travel on and the general public cannot.


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