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Monday, June 14, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - Encounter With "Juju"

My story is twofold: the first is a tale retold and a tale retold they say, is a tale altered. The other is my personal story!

The first story is that of my dad. 

He was a pupil teacher at Aramoko-Ekiti in the early 50s and he met my late mum thereat. He did not live long enough to tell me whether theirs was love at first sight or otherwise, but one thing is certain, their union was made-in-heaven.

He later got transferred to Erio-Ekiti, a neighbouring town but he still came around to visit his young beautiful damsel. My protective maternal uncles did not like my dad at the time. They saw him not only as a stranger and an intruder, but as somebody who had come to charm their younger one and they would do anything/everything under the sun to ensure that nothing good came out of their relationship.

Mum was unstoppable!

 Dad was daring. 

The lovebirds were unstoppable. They carried on until one fateful day when Dad was attacked by some hired thugs that were sent after him by my maternal uncles. They beat him to a pulp and he lost 4 set of teeth during the attack. I found out when I was 14 that 4 of his teeth were actually artificial ones. He could do anything for love. Èmi l'áyé mi. Lol.

Dad was grievously wounded but he was undeterred. Mum came up with an idea, "I have an uncle who is well versed in the art of voodoo, let's trace him!" 

Just like the Magis traced the stars to the birthplace of Jesus Christ, lo and behold, they were in Erio, at her maternal cousin's place. 

Baba Y was an Islamic cleric just like his Dad. His dad was not only an Islamic cleric, he was also versed in the art of voodoo. He "jazzed"/"cooked" Dad up and in the end, he was made a "Man"! 

He gave him a charm that could make him invisible at will. Dad carried on in that manner for over one year. He could then visit his girl friend without getting caught by the brothers and their love blossomed until one night when Mum's maternal cousin was returning to Erio from Aramoko. 

He got to a point and got stuck. He could neither move forward nor backward. Dad on the other side was having a good time strolling down to Aramoko to visit his girlfriend. 

After a while, Dad ran into his benefactor who was visibly stuck now and at that point it dawned on the old man that Dad's impending arrival was the cause of his predicament.

Mind you, the old man never informed dad that they were not supposed to be on the same road at the same time. Any ways, the old man performed some rituals (dad never disclosed the nature since I am not an initiate!) and he freed himself.

 My Dad apologised to Baba, but the old man simply smiled and continued since it was not a deliberate attempt.

Dad continued his trip to Aramoko to visit his girlfriend and came back to Erio quietly. By the time he got back home, the charm was gone! He didn't bother going back to report to the old man.

Lo and behold, Dad became visible again!

Then the second story is my own story. 

I was in SS1 at the time. I have been a TV person all my life and I was a fan of Baba Jimoh Aliu. I had seen virtually almost all his movies and series at the time.

 Egbon Wale Aliu, Baba Jimoh Aliu's son had just returned to school after the unfortunate incident that took him away for some time and he had just been placed in my class. He took an immediate liking to me from day one. I was his closest "disciple" and I was willing and ready to learn at his feet. 

He was older and more experienced and being a fine boy, all the girls out there were flocking around him. Even though I was in the boarding house, but we always heard gists about his escapades at the time. 

At a point, I approached him and sought to know how come the girls were always flocking around him while we were having difficulties in even getting one we could call ourselves. He told me it was natural but I did not believe him.

 Some friends had already hinted me about "Girls-Follow-Me charm ring" (known as òrùka àmúdó in Yoruba). I asked Egbon Wale if he could get me one and I think 2 other other friends indicated interest. 

Our assumption was based on the clips we had seen. Since Baba Aworo and Fadeyi Oloro displayed dexterity in voodoo on TV, the son of Baba Aworo must be versed in voodoo. How wrong we all were! Egbon gave us a bill and we made the sums available almost immediately.

 We had to skip lunch for some days. We waited for the charm endlessly! Charm, we never got. Girls, we never got. Egbon Wale "scammed us!" But it was a clear case of volenti non fit injuria. Now, I know better.

Looking back now, how old were we then? We were just 15! We were in a Christian school and we prayed at least three (3) times daily! 

At 15 we were already conscious of our sexuality. Can you now see why you have to give your children S#x Education early in life? Meanwhile, at the time under reference, our parents assumed that we were the most innocent kids on the surface of planet earth.

Stay safe. Coronavirus is real!

Its Kunle


  1. Hmm, such invisible charm can be used by thieves o.
    Interesting read, keep it coming sir, this is my best column on this blog, it brings back loads of childhood bitter sweet memories.

    1. Reason I laugh when people react funny to teenagers escapades or everyone blaming molestation for their choices.

      I was 11 when I met my first love. I knew it was love. I went through all the emotions without force or whatever. Meanwhile they called village meeting for me when they found out I had boyfriend at 19. Was just laughing in my mind.

    2. I am a corper doctor,I passed aramoko while going to my station at Okemesi

  2. Nice ending..
    Apart from being friends to one kids and instill good manners, I think going a step further to knowing their friends and who the associate with is also very necessary.. cos at the end of the day, bad company corrupt good manners..

    Have a blessed day Mr kunle esq

  3. Your dad's story is funny 😄

    I remember one story like that my mom's friend told us few years ago:

    This young lady then in their secondary school got pregnant for her then boyfriend, the girl's mother was really disappointed coupled with the shame and stigma but instead of teaching daughter about sex education and stuff, mama opted for abortion and also visited a spiritualist whom she instructed to tie her daughter's womb so that no matter what she does with any man, she won't get pregnant. Mama said they would only reverse the spell when daughter is ready for marriage.
    Tor, years down the line, daughter is ready for marriage, mama decided to go back to spiritualist to undo the do, getting there she heard Oga spiritualist had just died the previous day.

    I don't know if the story is true or false Sha, naso dem tell us.

    1. My mum told me a similar story about her step sister(same father Sha) na so her mama lock her womb to enable her do sisi well well, becos their dad was always shouting then and warning her, but the mama was like ,make them leave her pikin make she do sisi, afterall a virginal is meant for dick, all becos she be her only daughter..years later daughter married and time to undo d charm ,na that year d baba died for mecca, they went to meet baba son, that one no know d solution.. summary ,my mum step sister died childless

    2. Hmm ,these stories reminds me of the "tesho" they did on my cousin, no man will be able to get erection with her, it works well for her, cos it was broken off when she was about to get married, and yes ,she got married as a virgin, but she went through serious struggles, men leaving her, cos they get weak erections when with her,she cried and beg her mum, but she was adamant ,but in her own case ,like 4 other people in the family knows how to break the thing.

  4. Come to sdk blog look for Mr kunle and oko Ashewo's column read, scan through others and close shop for the day.

    1. I dey tell you.

      Egbon Kunle never disappoints.


  5. sex education should start at 10 sef.. 15 don be grandma or grandpa for the game. its no story

    1. 10?


      You start as soon as the child can understand words and speak back. Teaching them where they must never let anyone touch them, the difference between adult content on tv and child suitable contents. That is where you start from. Age 2.

  6. Freaky,I'm worried about your butt and pen it's makes me laugh hard.

    1. Combine with him shape of head. No be here 😂😂😂😂 reminds me of all these lecturers in school that used to feel fly. Leemao

    2. It* Freaky sir see how your butt confuses me.

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Oh that day when we will see his frontal........... Na cow we go kill.

    5. Cray cray beevees o.
      Hahahahahahahhaahha abeg o.

  7. Na hin yansh Picture (G-Wagon) dey watch. I fear who no fear you oh. No go corner-B am for corner oh. Lol

  8. Na new English words l dey come this post and Friday Arena come find. Today l see 'thereat.' May God help me, this English l must be good in all ramifications; speaking, listening, writing. I think l'm good in reading


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