Stella Dimoko Dr Freaks Journal - The 'Evil' That Women Do


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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - The 'Evil' That Women Do

This is a Must read!.....

Some years back, as I was studying the Holy Quran (yes, I still do), I stumbled into a portion relating to the account of the slave boy -Joseph (Yusuph) and the wife of Potiphar, his master. 

The Holy Bible recorded a slightly different version though. The woman in question sought to tempt Joseph to make him lay with her, but the young boy refused to. When the woman discovered that the husband was approaching, she quickly tore the shirt of the fleeing boy from the back. 

The lascivious woman attempted to set him up, but a witness from the family testified thus: "...if his shirt is torn from the front, then she has told the truth, and he is of the liars. But if his shirt is torn from the back, then she has lied, and he is of the truthful." So when her husband saw his shirt torn from the back, he said, "Indeed, it is of the women's plan. Indeed, your plan is great. Joseph, ignore this. And, [my wife], ask forgiveness for your sin. Indeed, you were of the sinful."


I was posted to Adamawa State for my mandatory NYSC programme. I was in camp from June 12 to June 28th and later got posted to Government Day Senior Secondary School, Jada for my primary assignment, but I later redeployed to Rivers State, on health grounds.

You may then ask, why the Quranic citation and the brief introduction?

I was putting up with my Guy at his 23 Armoured Brigade Barracks Jimeta-Yola quarters at the time and arguably, that was the best moment of my life, the first time I was leaving home, not as a student now, but as a corper/worker/real adult! He (we) had a flat to himself (ourselves) at the single officers' quarters and life was good. We both participated in sports, volley ball, to be specific and our team made it to the Corpers' games that was taking place in Jos at the time. He made the team, but I was dropped, for a reason best known to both of us (my Guy, our little secret hun?).

Long and short, I was home alone as OM, our friend (of Batch A) had passed out and returned to Lagos. Then, there was this "Daughter of Eve", my Guy's babe. There were no mobile telephones at the time so he was unable to bid her farewell before making the sudden trip. She came around and I informed her that "her man" had to make an emergency trip to Benin (I lied, with his prior consent). Then I noticed that she started being nice to me. 

She religiously delivered my breakfast and or dinner daily for the entire period. In fairness to her, she would just bring the dishes, spend like 30 minutes, I would walk her close to her apartment as her father or brother who was a soldier also lived in the barracks at the material time.

Then my brother returned to Jimeta after one week of absence, into the waiting hands of an ecstatic brother. Then "yawa gased"/"alarm blow" (there was a little confusion) as he in a most civil manner confronted me and stated thus: "Kay, e be like say my girl don dey like you oh." At that point, I was taken aback by the mild allegation. Upon further enquiry, he disclosed to me that the subject was actually moaning and "chanting" my name "in the heat of passion!" 

All I could do at that point was to insist on the truth, which is, we never even hugged, let alone get intimate. As God would have it, he believed me! I had/have no doubt in my mind that he did/does, till date.

Guy, it's been 24 long years now, I'm still insisting that I never got intimate with that girl and I'm very sure that you believed me, this you have demonstrated to me over the years. You are indeed a Brother!

The evil that "women" do!

Stay safe..

Its Kunle!


  1. ........maybe the girl said so too. Maybe your guy believed you because the girl's story and yours were in line abi what do I know sef.....

    1. Singing 🎢🎀Billie Jean is not my lover
      She's just a girl who claims that I am the one
      But the kid is not my son
      She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

      Guy! I believe you jare. So you mean she was just supplying you food steady morning and night and you believe say nothing dey involved? Na wa ooo

    2. Oohh...are doz the correct lyrics? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  2. Wahala belike watin again.....πŸ˜‚

    See as guy woman want put man for trouble. Lucky you, your friend trusted you, this right hereπŸ‘†πŸ½ has broken many friendship.

  3. Lol. Pls don't forget to let us know on the evils that men do. Thank you.

  4. It takes grace to resist temptation.
    What was her intention then??
    Was it act of kindness or was she trying to seduce you??
    When her guy was around ,did she come to the house to cook??
    Did her guy know she was coming to the house when he was away??
    Did she made any approach or she was just bringing you food (not in support of her visiting when you were alone).

    Why am I asking?
    I'm this type that likes to give to anybody around( not going to the house to wash dishes like the girl did).
    Not untill i was been misunderstood, the 'dirty minds' thought that I was doing so to get them or maybe "I don dey like them" like you were accused of,what I was doing with free mind oo.
    Such accusation has made me to stop.

    That line " Chanting my name in the heat of passion ",
    Hope your brother didn't use that to force you to say the truth to clear his suspicious mind,cos you didn't mention that the girl lied against you.
    The society we live in is too judgmental and evil that makes one to watch his moves these days.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lols...but this one you still dey try clear after decades, hmmmmm is your conscience pricking youπŸ˜‚

    1. Treasures,your head dey dere. Sorry o,but i sense there is more to this story than you are revealing. And i dont understand why you had to lie to the girl about the whereabouts of her "man" πŸ€”

    2. Kurukere moves.........

  7. I remember when I was serving, I had a neighbor, I call him bro Tunde my good neighbor, very decent guy and very nice, we were just 3 tenants, sometimes it will be just me and him in the whole compound, and he made me feel safe to trust him, and treated me like a sister. Till today I still mention his name when I talk about my service year.May God bless him always. I felt so comfortable with him, but any time the girlfriend comes around, he keeps his distance, tho we talked, but I understood, because even the girlfriend might have had doubt's and not believe that it's just niceness and nothing attached or will ever be, no matter how much she trust him

    He made me understand, that there are certain people that can be so nice and friendly but still respect themselves. But I feel your friend wanted to get words out of you, knowing at a point, his girlfriend was always coming around

    1. If I'm not in a relationship with you or have feeling for you.
      If you like naked yourself or do all sorts to get my attention nothing will move me.
      His grace is sufficient .

  8. Kunle abi you collect three points ni. Which one you are still they argue case till today πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.


  9. You see that Jada LGA e reach to redeploy on health grounds. Thank God no shirt was torn .

  10. Interesting explanation about the story of Joseph.

    You've got a very good and rare friend.

  11. 🀣🀣🀣🀣.

  12. Kunle why are you still trying to plead your innocence after decades? Hmmmmmm

  13. Hmmmm.. I'm just here to read comments oh. This Kunle boy sef

  14. Maybe she had a crush on you (which is not a crime) and was fantasizing about you.


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