Stella Dimoko Dr Freaks Journal - The Making Of A "Man Of God"


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Monday, June 21, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - The Making Of A "Man Of God"

 Some 'Men of God' spring up overnight...



A teacher had just been transferred to the neighbourhood and his quest/search for a "decent" accommodation led him to my family house. Dad had died 4 years earlier and Mum, who though wore a permanent smile on her face was a very tough and firm woman, unknown to many though.

After the usual "interrogation" if not "inquisition", Mum agreed to "let out" the "room and parlour" in the boys quarters to Mr A.

Few days after, Mr A took possession of the accommodation and he found favour in the sight of my nice, but tough Mama.

He was quite helpful in the house though. He kept the large compound clean at all times. He constantly drafted students to the house to weed and sweep and this endeared him to all of us.

The interesting part of my story is yet to come. 

When Mr A moved into the house, he belonged to a certain sect but I think some months after, he "ported" to another sect and he started worshipping his God in truth and... 

Long and short, Mr A got more committed in his new found faith and that singular move changed his fate permanently and significantly.

Mr A started praying out loud every night to the extent that I could hear him praying from my room upstairs but that is not even the main gist still. 

Mr A walked up to Mama and informed her that he would be travelling to Ibadan the following day in the line of duty. 

It may interest you to learn that prior to this trip, Mr A was just a church-goer who only used to pray out loud at night, without more. Mr A however returned from this trip that turned out to be a life changing one after one week. 

The very day he returned, he refused to gravitate towards us, his erstwhile neighbours and friends. Bros could gist for Africa before that trip sha! 

All of that ceased. Mr A relocated from his room to an open space by the end of the compound which was like 70 metres away from our own side of the compound, maybe he deliberately chose to take the noise away from us but the more he tried, the more the voice became audible as he all of a sudden started speaking in a voice I, an uninitiated could not decipher. 

Mr A started receiving visitors and only for us to find out that he had just been "ordained".

Upon a further investigation it was revealed that Mr A could now look at the forehead of lesser mortals and tell them their life history from birth to a day before death. He came back loaded after one week! 

He turned Mama's house into mini Jerusalem.

Conservatively, Mr A (now Man of God A) was now receiving over 30 customers daily. It got to a point when my Mum who belonged to a different sect could no longer put up with MOG A's excesses and she quietly advised him to go and start his church elsewhere as she would not want her own sect members to get the wrong vibes that she had "ported" to another sect. 

In fairness to MOG A, he quietly packed out of the house to another accommodation.

Months down the line, we followed up and discovered that some of MOG A's "customers" had donated a plot of land towards the building of his church (permanent site) and he had since resigned from his teaching job. We lost track at some point but l later found out that he disappeared from the neighbourhood after a while and little or nothing was/is known about him till date.

Why this story?

In the last few days, I've read all sorts of fairy tales about men purporting to be men of God on the pages of the social media. 
One mandated 28 of his members to drink "JIK" (bleach) for their "cleansing" from sins and they all died almost immediately.

One "prophesied" that anyone who faults any of his miracles would die "recklessly(sic)".

One raised a boy from the dead and immediately the dead boy rose, he started clapping and dancing.

You may then ask, "why are these people this gullible?" Humans will continue to be gullible and "fall maga" for as long as they see Man, and not God as the author and finisher of their faith.

Ask yourself a question today: "am I under the spell of a man of God?" If yes, free yourself from the shackles of deception.

Stay safe...
Its Kunle


  1. Nice read as usual, more ink in your pen. It reminds me of when one man on our street also got the "call" unfortunately for him, na only his immediate family dey attend his church, he became so frustrated that he started threatening us to be attending, in fact we can play near his house during mid week service,you'll be forced to attend, and being a neighborhood where parents try to be cordial,when he realized the calling na flashing, he rent out his church to redeem ,thinking they will make him a pastor there, na so redeem people carry their own pastor come🤣🤣🤣, and the man lives in that house too, he stops attending that redeem, he will leave his house every Sunday to attend another church in tiwn,and redeem people go dey worship in his own house , it was so funny then ehn

  2. Word👌.
    Emancipate yourselves from mental and spiritual slavery.

  3. May God continue to open our eyes.

  4. Hmn..... May God help us. Interesting read as usual, well done!

  5. Nice one.......Na men of god SOME people look up to not GOD

  6. We have one brother crying in the wilderness for the sheeples to be free @ your last paragraph. Will those under such captivity listen.


  7. We have one brother crying in the wilderness for the sheeples to be free @ your last paragraph. Will those under such captivity listen.


  8. Is Christianity not turning out to be the biggest scam?

    1. Christianity is no scam stopeet! Know God for yourself.

  9. In the last days....
    We will yet see more.

    Christianity is real
    It takes the presence of real for fake to exist.

  10. What's happening in most churches is the reason christ wept. Thank you Kunle


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