Stella Dimoko Former President Obasanjo Slams The Social Media And Addresses 'Jibril From Sudan' Rumour Trailing Nigeria's President Buhari


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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Former President Obasanjo Slams The Social Media And Addresses 'Jibril From Sudan' Rumour Trailing Nigeria's President Buhari



  1. I think we do need to regulate the social media in Nigeria. Too many unfounded rumors have grown wings and taken flight; people have lost their good name because of lies being told about them on social media. What am I saying, some have lost their lives!.

    I remember the case of a young man that killed himself last year after posting a video where he explained his side of the story in the accusation of rape a lady had made against him and that went viral on Twitter. He was trolled, judged and bashed on all sides by thousands on Twitter just based on someone’s accusation. No need for facts. Las las, he wrote a letter which he read in a video, posted it, deactivated his account and killed himself.

    If only to save such a life, I agree that social media should be regulated. Many functioning countries (and I’m not talking about the ones operating communism like China, I’m talking of countries like Germany) have regulated social media. You only post what you can defend and you are fined if you go against the set rules. Regulating social media is by no way taking the freedom of expression away from the citizens, no, it’s actually making sure citizens are responsible for the things they put out there.

    The only place I have an issue is if my dear Nigerian government will not use it to push their own agenda and stifle real, true news/genuine journalism because they don’t want some things to get out. There’s also the challenge of monitoring. Does my country have such robust cyber crime unit to keep tabs on the World Wide Web in Nigeria? Won’t this bias government use it to target their opponents? These and many more are the questions to be asked.

    Enough said o and thanks in advance to those that will insult me and call me moron 😀.

    1. Knives have been used to kill and cause more harm than social media ever can. Let's ban knives. Even if it's to save one life.

    2. Regulate what? Why does it need to be regulated only in Nigeria

  2. Lies. Baba is ashamed to admit the Jubril replaced Buhari.
    An army general that Boko Haram is destroying his Daura town does not exist.

    Buhari is gone.

  3. I once told an IPOB apologist friend of mine who believed this Jubril hogwash, that as a learned person that he is, he should take with a pinch of salt the propaganda that Nnamdi Kanu feeds them.


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