Stella Dimoko Nigeria Or United Africa Republic?


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Friday, June 04, 2021

Nigeria Or United Africa Republic?

Some people want Nigeria's name changed but i find it really funny...Is name change the problem with Nigeria or the people?

Do you think a name change will solve any of the problems she is currently facing?

- The name Nigeria should remain so...

-The name Nigeria should be changed to United Africa Republic.

- Or another name?

-The people proposing name change should face front and get busy on other things.


  1. We prefer Nigeria

    The only thing that need to be changed is the government starting from BUBU

  2. Changing the name of the country should not even be a topic for discussion at the moment.We have a whole lot of problems facing the country at the moment and that is what the government should focus on. Everyday we wake up to different bad news in the country. The government should be focused abeg

  3. The name change won't change nada! It is the least of our problems! UAR sounds funny to my hearing sef! Mtcheeeew 😒😒😒

  4. They think that change of name will make Nigeria to be like United Arab Emirates. 'Anumanu'

  5. Name changing is not and will not change the situations Nigeria is facing..


  6. I don't like any of the two. It's Canada I like. Simple!

  7. Name change or not, it won't change the fact that China knows who is owing them.

    Shehu Sani, was even saying it should be change to Songhai Republic if at all there'll be a name change exciting Ghana's case.

    Of all things that is plaguing this country, name change is their paramount. This is how at the end of the day nothing will come out from this Constitution Review just like in the case of CONFAB.

  8. I prefer Nigeria and which one is UAR?

  9. It is indeed a shame..We keep changing names and we feel by doing that all the problems will be wiped away..Same thing they did for NEPA to PHCN and other parastatals...This is what you call MADNESS doing same and same thing all over again to get the same results

  10. Will the name change stop herdsmen, banditry, etc?

  11. Not my business... plan B in progress.

  12. Change that vain mind from where those thoughts of name change is coming.
    Change the looting leaders.
    If you decide not to change, hide your faces inside these baskets of shame!

  13. Nepa - Phcn - Disco/Ikedc. We still call it Nepa and light has not improved! Gerrit?

  14. I had a good laugh this morning on Twitter on the proposed name change.

    Nigerians are commendians biko.

  15. Funny people everywhere, this country is now a joke.

    Let me join in the cruise. Please oo make i ask, if finally Senate passed the bill and the President signs it into law, how then do you call someone from UAR.To buttress my point; someone from Nigeria is called a Nigerian,while someone from UAE is called an Emiratis, what then should we call someone from UAR? Let me guess, Afrinatis... sense no go kill me... Ndi ara

  16. The name change is the list of our problems. If we change the name to UAR, will our mindset change too? Will kidnapping of innocent school children end too? Will Boko Haram stop? Will Fulani herdmen stop the killing of our farmers? will federal appointments be given to anly qualified person instead of one part of the country? Will we forget religion and enthic sentiment and deal with each other on the basic of who is who? The list is endless. We don't need change of name. We need more than a name change.

  17. Like they changed 'Boko Haram' to 'Unknown Gunmen'? One thing that needs change is Buhari's constant focus on his Fulani kinsmen.


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