Stella Dimoko Nigerian Idol Season 6- Comfort Evicted From Top Four List


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Monday, June 28, 2021

Nigerian Idol Season 6- Comfort Evicted From Top Four List

Comfort Alalade who was among the top four of the current Nigerian Idol season 6 has been evicted ..

The top three finalists left in the show are Francis, Akunna and Kingdom.

Bye Comfort!


  1. Shebi una no want comfort, she don leave. Watched her yesterday and with Akunna. Congrats to Akunna, that one did not say Thank God but was thanking fans......

    Kingdom and Francis were really fantastic.

    Make I dey for Sunday to know who will win.

    my bet is on Francis. He got everything to be a winner.

    Congrats to all. Instead of that bbn rubbish, this is what people need

    1. I’m sure she thanked God, whether out loud or in private. You sound like the Pharisees.

  2. You've done well for yourself by coming this far Comfort but we know you can't keep up with the likes of Kingdom, Akunna and Francis.
    Kingdom for the Win!

  3. Comfort going was about time. The top 3 are really good. Im rooting for Kingdom and Francis. But I'm feeling kingdom will win the show

    1. I pray Kingdom wins. Francis has a great voice no doubt,but Kingdom is a superior singer.

  4. Kindgom all the way, Kingdom for the win. The young man sings so effortlessly.

    sms Vote 11 to 32053

  5. The show kicked off with a soulful performance by Cobhams Asuquo, the guest judge. The contestants were set to perform two songs each. The first being a cover of a Naija hit song and the second being a song from the Top Chart.

    The tension I felt was palpable as Ik, the host started by calling the contestants who made it into the Top 3 in no particular order:

    Kingdom - He performed a cover of Timi Dakolo's Iyawo mi. The way that wedding reception song transformed into a love ballad gave me goosebumps. His melody and stage presence was amazing!

    Francis! Oh my days! He sang a cover of Darey's Pray For Me. From the start to the end, it was a concert mode. He looked and sounded regal. Cobham's words captured the very essence of his performance - he said, Francis has a beautiful, natural and organic voice and he didn't need to add any riffs to the song to shine. I agree as his tone was super pure.

    Akunna - She performed a cover of Yemi Alade's Johnny. I would pay to watch her anyday any time. She has had the most impressive stage presence throughout this competition and has been consistent with that. I like how she paced herself from the start of the song because she has a strong tone and it could easily become too rowdy. She delivered an amazing one.

    Okay, at this point, I was super excited that the 'load of grace' has finished and Comfort was rightfully on her way home. Her face from the start of the show tonight seemed to register that she knew her time was up. I wish her the best in her future endeavours.

    The second round of performances:

    Kingdom - He sang Bee Gees' How Deep is Your Love. I like how seamlessly he worked with the melody and harmony. It was such a beautiful performance and he has come into his own. His voice control is amazing always.

    Francis - Are you kidney me?? I never saw Francis' song choice coming. He took a big risk singing the evergreen classic Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. When a singer takes on a song on the other gender's register, most people don't understand the technicalities involved. It was a beautiful and unbelievable sweet rendition that had me melting inside.

    Akunna - She sang Rihanna's Only Girl in The World. Sadly, it didn't quite sound right to me. But it wasn't really about her delivery and it was more about the arrangement. The instrumentals and back-up singers were too high, and with her powerful voice, the whole performance became a cacophony that jarred on the ears. She is still a great singer though.

    At this point, I'm happy with any of the Top 3 winning. It's satisfying that it's all about talent at this stage. I'm rooting for Kingdom and Francis to get to the finale and my personal favourite,Kingdom winning.

    1. Beautifully written anon 10:34
      The top 3 are super talented.Francis and Akunna’s performances always give me goosebumps to put it mildly. I shed tears each time they’re on stage.

    2. Kingdom your personal favourite? You could have fooled me. You give the person with the best comments from the judges 5 lines and the others 8.
      Last week,you mentioned Praise standing up for Akunna, you IGNORED that Kingdom's performance made him struggle with words, praying for me to go far and saying he was a blessing on the idol stage. Sose had his hands on his head,Sheyi was screaming and Obi's head was shaking in amazement with his mouth open. The three judges gave him a standing ovation.
      At the end of his second performance this week he got a standing ovation from two judges, even Cohbams said he would withhold some of his comments. Mind you Kingdom was the only contestant that got Cohbams laughing and 'waowing'. The other two didn't get as much as a smile.
      Thumbs up for the job you do but please do it without bias. If you know music,you would know Kingdom is head and shoulders above the other two. It's not fair that you attempt to diminish his performances all the time.
      And yes, I wrote an epistle, because while I ignored last week,I couldn't this week.

  6. Comfort tried. I pray Kingdom wins. His efforts have been top notch.


  7. Who de even watch this show sef? na for SDK I know this people
    ..There should bring back Maltina Dance Hall, Nigeria Got Talent and Ultimate Search

    1. Nigeria and and the world at large watch the show. You’re free to join in this great show of talent.
      Ps: those talent shows you mentioned are equally good. I miss them

  8. Kingdom for the win

  9. Finally oo. Not like I’m happy for her failure per se, but she can’t match with the too three. They’re so so good abeg. Now I’m torn between Akunna and Francis....... and Kingdom!
    Damn! This stage is so freaking hard😫😩

  10. Kingdom for the win o. Guy can sing fire!! I was so happy to see comfort leave.

  11. Akunna’s performance yesterday wasn't so lit like before. I still love love you my esquire 👩🏽‍⚖️
    Kingdom is very talented too. I love his stage performance and confidence. He sure knows how to control his audience.
    You see Francis, that guy is the bomb! His voice, charisma and everything is top notch. Keep it up my guy!

    1. Thank you! Akunna didn't do so well even though it's my first time watching since the audition. She was shouting out the lyrics both times she sang. No wonder Obi kept asking if she still had some breath left after each performance. Kingdom tried but maybe I didn't feel his songs as much as I felt when Francis performed. My opinion.

  12. The 3 of them are really really good. If I have to vote, I'll go with Francis

  13. Kingdom all the way. His voice control is something else. Always gives me goosebumps whenever he sings!! Super talented.

  14. Comfort's eviction wss long awaited

  15. Kingdom is in a class all by himself. The other two are good with strong voices, but Kingdom has mastered his voice and like Cohbams said, uses it as an instrument. He is the Idol.


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