Stella Dimoko Singer Waje Says She Stopped Alcohol Intake The Day Her Daughter Saw Her Drunk...


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Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Singer Waje Says She Stopped Alcohol Intake The Day Her Daughter Saw Her Drunk...

Singer, Waje (Aituaje Ebele Iruobe) has revealed some details of her personal life and reveals some of the different ways that parenting has changed her.

The mother of a 22-year-old lady, while chatting with popular TV host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, on his programme Rubbin’ Minds, explained that she reduced her alcohol intake the day she got home drunk from an event and was welcomed by her daughter.

The sonorous singer said, “The one time my daughter saw me drunk was the reason I had to check myself. It was not a great sight and that was in 2013. I got home after an event. You know when you go to an event and you take one glass of champagne here and there.

“I got home and I was drunk. Guess who opened the door for me? It was my daughter. That is not something any parent should do. When your child is living with you, there are some things you should not do.”

Waje further stated that parenting did not only affect her personal life, but also her brand.

The singer-turned-actress said that her role as a mother made her reject some business offers and she never allowed anyone she was romantically involved with visit her at home.

The singer said, “I give a shoutout to my mother because when I had Emerald, she did not stay with me till she was 13. My mother really helped me with the foundation and that is me being honest. With parenting, there is never really a handbook that would tell you how you should be. You just know that some of the experiences that you have had will definitely want to make you make the right foundations with your child when it comes to characters, principles, and how they live.

It is not a job; so when you ask me that, ‘Waje how do you do it?’, I just do it.’ It is not a job. Music is what I do; acting is what I do, but a parent is who I am. I just do it. I do not know how I do it, but I just have to.

“Support system is very important, but you just embody the role when it comes. Not everybody does that, but you just have to. Looking at her now, she is in her final year and I am just like, ‘wow!’

Waje stated that being a mother affected her career because there were some choices she had to make and there were things that she could not do because the first thing she is thinking about is her child.

She added that there were some brands that she could not collaborate with because she had to be seen as a family brand, not minding whether she was single or not.

“You are seen as a family because you have a child. Even my personal life was affected for a very long time because whoever I was in a relationship with, I don’t even allow to come to my house,” the singer revealed.

She continued, “You do not come to visit because parenting is that sacred; so, you have to be sure of your choices so that the children do not do what they are told but what they see. So you have those boundaries.”

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  1. Every parents should be their children's role model.
    The seeds you sow in them are what you will reap in the future.

  2. Mama Stella, I might want to check the headlines. I almost fear cos I was like, did she introduce alc to her kid. Cheers.

  3. Kudos to all GOOD single parent out there,you are doing a good job,don't give uo

  4. I respect any single mother that dosent bring her boyfriends home!..
    But what happened to Waje?..
    Well,her time don pass!..that's why I hate being a musician!..

    1. you should do more thinking before typing...her time don pass to where? can we prewdict when anyone will blow?

    2. Linda the negative miserable shediot. Move along!

  5. So true...parenting changed me too. I like tattoo and showing of my cleavage but I didn't do it due to parenting. Now I have son in law to be...I'm trying to be good role model to my kids. I also want them to be proud of me

    1. Well done. That's growth.

  6. Well done to her, it's not an easy task but it's well.

  7. Nice one.
    If only single mothers would stop their boyfriends from coming to their homes....

  8. Waje issa beautiful woman.


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