Stella Dimoko Weekend Arena - Memo To Side Chics Association Of Nigeria


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Friday, June 25, 2021

Weekend Arena - Memo To Side Chics Association Of Nigeria

Distinguished and (dis)honourable members of the Side-chicks Association of Nigeria, I bring you Calvary greetings.

 I know the word ‘Calvary’ will make you feel a little uncomfortable, but do not be. David did similar things, if not worse and the Lord still found favour in him. If you work a little hard at repenting, like David usually did, you might get similar or better treatment. But that is by the ‘side’. Obviously, the game you are playing is alluring, and you are so absorbed in it that you can’t let go, so let us look at how you can do it properly, in view of the recent developments in your ‘industry’, which has put one of your members, Chidinma on the spotlight, as the prime suspect in the death of one moneybag, Usifo Ataga.

 The story is that Chidinma, stabbed the man to death and also ‘had the mind’ to withdraw money from his account.

There is so much outrage in town now over this attitude of your young member, Chidinma, and from the way Nigerians are reacting, they would have organised a nationwide protests tagged: #EndSidechicks, something similar to the #EndSARS, if not for the ‘tension’ some men say your members help them to curb, coupled with the situation of our most potent tool of mobilisation, Twitter. You know the Federal Government has suspended their operations, so that action has naturally saved the day for your members.

I wish to advise your ‘national executive’ to ensure that your members are of age. You would say that men prefer them younger, but you people can do so much in terms of orientation, so that young members like Chidinma could have their eyes fixed on fellow students in the university campuses, because these guys who are their age mates would be feeling left out, that the ‘meat’ that are supposed to be theirs, are submitted to the older generation, much like the political offices in Nigeria. While the older generation, has monopolised the political circle, you can do so much to ensure that this simple treat could come to the younger guys by elevating the age limit of your members. 

When someone becomes a side-chick at the age of 20, what would she become when she turns 45, which for me should be the right age for such activities?

Why do I say 45? Well the reason is simple. At that age, the hopes of pinning down a ‘first-hand bobo’ for marriage would have dimmed for your members and they could easily settle for the esteemed position of Side-chick, in order to keep body and soul together. At that age too, your members would most likely have a means of sustenance, so it does not portray them as ‘slaying’ for survival. That would make the relationship mutual and the affection and passion fairly real, for the sake of fun. 

You all know that such encounters are more blissful, when the reason is for fun rather than transactional which some of your members have made it.

Distinguished Side-chicks, now that Chidinma has brought your activities to a scorn, will it not be nice if you suspend your ‘preying’ for at least two weeks, to let the men recover from the shock that a fling with you could lead to the end of his life? But I can sense some of you, already replying love messages, inviting them for trysts at secluded venues. I can see some men smiling, while reading your messages of assurances, with a little vow, saying, ‘Not my portion’. Well, it was not Usifo’s portion, until it became his portion.

One more thing Distinguished Side-chick, I would also like you to spare a thought for the Madam at home. You know she has been suspecting you but does not have evidence to nail you or probably keeping quiet to let peace reign in her house. But put yourself in her shoes. She is the one who does all the dirty jobs and probably the one who would be there when Oga is in crisis. If Oga is hit by a strange illness today, you probably would resign from your exalted position and let Madam carry her cross. So once in a while, remind Oga the need to return home to Madam.

 If you do this for Madam once in a while, Oga’s conscience would prick him a little, and God will also reward you.

But some of your members will say, ‘Tufiakwa, what is my business with the Madam? Everybody should play her wing and whoever scores, let her win’. Some of you would also be wondering how you would savour the exotic ambience of all these hotels springing up in town if you let Madam keep her thing to herself.

Anyway, whatever you do, just remember that Madam is always reporting you to God; and that God answers prayers and repays everyone in his or her coin.

*I hope you are not trying to say that what Chidinma did was answered prayers oh....
That lady's story has too many holes and I am still listening and re- reading... too many holes.


  1. Just negodu Mtcheeeeeew. Where are our “celebs” “influencers” hypocrites. If it was a man that did what chidinma did, we for nor dey hear word. That chidinma is evil and a liar. She hasn’t said the real truth.

  2. Mr. Ngozi,
    How about the men that starve and leave their wives and kids to
    get involved in opportunistic sexual liaison with "side chicks?"
    In what association do you group them?
    In as much as these "side chicks" can employ diabolism; charms and charmed eyes (Prov. 6:25) to take a man.
    Any man that is "taken" into adultery was taken because he refused to
    run into the name of the Lord Jesus
    which is a strong tower and be saved! Prov. 18:10
    God won't exonerate such a man in his judgment.
    The person's wife won't see it less as an adulterous act that it is; will she?

  3. One cannot have sidechic again in peace? How many parents can comfortably sponsor their children through university education? Accommodation, handouts, school fees, miscellaneous fees, tp, feeding, clothing, etc. Take away side runs and many females cannot attend to their education.

    1. Stop justifying it. GREED is at the core of why most side chics do it. You can survive without having to sell your body.

    2. What kind of silly excuse is this? That means that boys should go into armed robbery or yahoo yahoo to pay their school fees?!!!!!

    3. Na you sabi, keep sponsoring their education and buying handouts you hear? As if you must sleep with them to do this.

    4. And after you have "side-chicked" other women's husbands to further your education,
      remember to write us chronicles when other girls begin to side-chick your husband.
      Yes, it inserts both ways. No pity parties then. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

    5. Anon13:17 you didn't just say this.😱

      I hope you're not a parent because your type will raise children that become a menace to the society with your kind of warped mentality.

    6. @anon: 13:17
      What a poverty stinking mentality.
      So your parents gave birth to you to share their responsibilities with sugar daddies.
      Who raised all these people biko??

  4. You should have written the memo to the men who refuse to respect their marriage vows. Side chicks and prostitutes would continue to exist as long as they have willing participants.

    Say not to adultery

    1. Don't mind them. Always one sided instead of facing both parties.

    2. Adulterous men will cease to exist too if they no longer find sidechicks/prostitutes to cheat with. Women do better...

    3. Adulterous men will not cease to exist because they will rape the women if they refuse. You lot don't know what your husband does outside even if you do you will still make excuses for them. I was raped by a married man even when I said no so many times.

    4. 16.06 Sorry about your experience, how did that happen?

  5. Memo to Sugar daddies Association..

    When you are married remain married and stop deceiving single ladies with lies .Some will go to the extent lying that their wives are dead.

    Try self control it will save you a whole lots,or rather padlock that 'thing' and give your wife the key.
    Carry your wife's pictures along, once you see a beautiful lady,bring your wife picture out and concentrate on her own beauty.

    Remember the great men in the Bible were brought down by women.
    Chidinma (Delilah) has ended the dream of Usifa.
    'Eve' has followers and they are still sharing 'apples' to weak men

  6. 'Pastor' Ngozi to the rescue of his specie. What if she was the one murdered, would the amount of wealth available to him, would her story have come to limelight? Wont he have found a way to dispose her off with no traces? It takes two to tango and tangoing is good with age appropriate escapades. The mistake people make is to think some of these sidechic enjoy what they do. Truth is they don't but are compelled to engage in this act to meet their needs because they dont know there are far more better ways of earning. A lot of married women today were sidechics and some guys were sidebobo too. The man himself never considered the fact he had a wife and even if divorced, children who may even be within his sidechic's age bracket and if not yet, would soon get to that age. Usifo is a seasoned businessman and knows he is at an advantage of the young woman-preying on her innocence and poverty, introducing/enabling her get high on roofies, loud and SK at his age. What was he thinking? What was he expecting? Another escapade, thrill of 'catching them young' and later boasting to his acqaintances/schooling them on how to target the small, small students which is far cheaper and easier rather than the more mature and wiser girls/Toke's category with wide mouth and high taste with needs for 'house in banana island, benteley, rolls royce and maybachs' etc. Chidnma obviously isn't innocent but she also may not have like the fact that she was a 'runs' girl just to survive. She may have hated herself and takes a thousand baths each time she gets home and may have prayed to God many times for forgiveness while wishing her parents had enough so she could be in school indeed rather than 'hustle' with her body to augment her ushering job which is more of a glorified prostitution. I can go on and on creating different scenes from this story and may even develop plots to show there is a bigger fish at large but let me stop here and look forward to you balancing the equation by doing a piece on how randy men should learn to keep their pricks in their pants. Sex is in the same class as food and water. if men dont abuse food and water, why abuse sex? Why prey on helpless women? Why take advantage of a young woman's youth? How is Mrs Atagba feeling right now? How would the kids feel when they grow up to see this embarrassing cause of their father's death and the psychological effect it would have on them, especially knowing everyone knows?

    1. The psychological effect had been there in his wife and children a while ago, she knew all d while. silence is not = ignorance, he just lived a wasted undignified life without honor. His company, his family, his staff, his social status, his religious affiliations, associations, his academic qualifications and IQ he built for 50yrs rottened in a space of just 5mins!!
      There is a blood covenant involved in marriage but if you chooses to run your blood with another other thn ur wife then you r inviting a curse on yourself, regardless of ur monetary/social status. You need blood to rush in ur veins for sexual arousal, and the life f any man is in d blood!! If You decide to contaminate your blood, you have urself to blame, u will face ur creator alone truly, all alone to give account of your stewardship on earth in this life jney, forgiveness Ends absolutely just b4 death, wch is just a very thin line of breath-in, breath-out wch is in nano seconds, death is by appointment then judgement of ur ways comes immediately. Let him tht has ears hear what God is saying at this time!! At d other side, you can't have another option to repair the damages done. think!

  7. ...Anyway, whatever you do, just remember that Madam is always reporting you to God; and that God answers prayers and repays everyone in his or her coin....this is the major point in this write up, I'm so past the point of appealing or advising anybody, do whatever you will, as long as the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not cease. Kpom kwem!!!

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    2. Exactly,πŸ€šπŸ‘Œ

    3. 😁😁😁. This life no balance, judgment day all truths will revealed.


  8. Anon 13:17, so in conclusion u de sleep another person husband, what abt doing trade to help yourself in school? continue oo, u will still meet ur waterloo

  9. My secret prayer for my cheating husband, may he be punished accordingly. Renting houses n housing different girls each week, binge drinking viagra for performance. I use my money to run d house, his own is for flexing, it will choke u one day, that viagra will be your undoing. I will secretly dance like David danced.

  10. A man dies because he can not control himself. instead of you warn men to stick to their wives you write to side chicks. dont address the elephant in the room. irresponsible men

  11. Dont be stingy when a beautiful young girl is dating,fucking you as a married man!..
    From chidimma's story,dude is an aka gum!..
    When you treat a woman you are with right,she will give you everything you want and more!..
    The girl was irritated with his touch because he doesn't support or take care of her!..
    No sane single fine girl want a married man for love!..
    They all want your money!.
    Give her want she want and she will reciprocate with anything you want!...
    An yes!
    60 percent of girls in this Lagos takes drugs!..
    Go to clubs and see how everyone takes cracks,weed or whatever like its food!..
    In the morning after club,come and see pipes used for drugs scattered everywhere...

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! If theres no buyer, no seller! These men need to be punished badly! Its a mans world here ooo! We have suffered! You will be taking care of kids and home front, then your hubby will be chatting, planning how to spend wild sexual fantasies with students and side chicks! Please we need start exposing bad men who make good men look bad! from ikeja to island! Call all this wicked married men out! If my hubby is among, Pls call him out! I AM READY FOR ALL THAT!

  12. Stella, your footnote is the reason I've not commented on that matter since her so-called confession.

  13. That man killed himself period.

  14. Typical Nigerian man mentality with their double standards approach to matters involving both genders.

    So A full grown 50 yr old married man left his wife and children and went to mingle with a 21yr old sugar baby, introducing her to hard drugs while at it, and instead of writing to advice married men to be responsible, honor their vows and be a role model to their children, you are writing a baseless memo to side chicks to remind their sugar daddies to share their time with madam at home.

    Misplaced priorities.

    1. Thank you! 50YR OLD doing DRUGS!, 21YR OLD doing drugs!

  15. All of you condeming the man, if let alone, how many students can comfortably be sponsored in the university by their family? What we older men are doing is female empowerment. Just for 15 minutes of fun, free food and nice hotel room, you can pay your annual tuition. We even pay for their accommodation and upkeep money. And this is the thanks we get because Osifo became one in a million victim. I will continue to patronize my sidechic. It is a mutual relationship. She gives me what I want and I give her what she wants.


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