Stella Dimoko Woman Reportedly Beaten To Death By Her Husband For Refusing To Give Him N2000 Loan


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Monday, June 28, 2021

Woman Reportedly Beaten To Death By Her Husband For Refusing To Give Him N2000 Loan



  1. Another one,but you won't see that razz fool on this post.

  2. She even had a good source of income. Why not walk away since the DV has become a habit.

    1. My dear.
      Peace of mind o
      Always pick peace.
      They will tell you to keep praying

  3. Isoken,you died a 'mrs'.....hope you found peace?

    1. Shantelle!😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Shantelle
      You've started this "us vs. them" war here?
      Didn't you read that the man was "a chain smoker and drinker?"
      When someone smokes (marijuana perhaps) and is a drunk, what do
      you expect from one that has abused
      himself with drugs, won't he abuse his wife too?

    3. Ladies especially

      Have a sense of self preservation


      Creatures are not to be nurtured


      It doesn't make you a coward
      It makes you wise and a good mother

      Animals with money, are animals
      Animals with good looks are still animals

      Your Creator didn't make you for a non entity to destroy

    4. Snarker hi darling!
      JetLi preach sis! Question is,will they listen?

  4. Chai. This is sad. RIP to the dead.
    Women in abusive relationship/ marriage, please by all means leave. This life no get duplicate o

  5. Who will he blame like this - devil, the alcohol?
    Women, if the pains are more than the enjoyment in the marriage, take a walk please.
    Now that she's gone who'll take care of the children?
    May God rest her soul

  6. I honestly do not understand the reason as to why women tolerate abuse,may her soul RIP

  7. Anger is in the land, my neighbor almost beat her daughter to death, just because the poor girl mistakenly pout her food,and the girl was shouting mummy its a mistake, I'm sorry, but the woman who I've never seen her raised her hands on them like that beat her mercilessly, later she sit down with the girl dey cry, dey beg her, it really broke my heart

    1. Quiet frustration is dangerous

    2. Imagine transferring aggression on the poor child

    3. So the lack of money made this man a slave to alcohol and cigarettes which cost money? The judge should first let the children flog him before hearing the case.

  8. Abeg, I tire for my gender jor. Rip to the dead. Who will take care of those children that's always their excuse now?
    Wicked man..

    Mum Glow

  9. So sad.
    May God rest her soul

  10. For 2k?:What is the meaning of this now? A whole life? She must have been staying because of her children. Now madam can you see your children again? Their graduations, birthdays, marriages,no more!!! Just died just like that.May God protect these kids and provide for them. When its too violent leave the marriage. You came alone to this life to meet this man. Now you have left the world too early.


  11. Lazy men every were,Rip to the dead.

    1. @Blesso
      If the table were turned and someone wrote
      "lady prostitutes everywhere"
      You will begin to cry your river as usual, right?
      That man described there is a drug and alcohol addict.

    2. Is drug and Alcohol a license to kill?

    3. @Lacey
      Drugs and alcohol make you to do things you do not intend to do
      That is one way the devil traps mankind in bondage.
      Not holding any brief for that man but pray that God will have mercy
      on his soul.

  12. Another set of children that may end up in the streets if no one takes care.
    As e be laidis, the man may not be able to fend for the children now.

    RIP woman.

  13. Poverty is a BASTARD.
    useless and lazy man.

  14. He most likely wanted money for cigarettes and liquor and she refused. Probably trying to save money for school fees and items for back to school items for the children and keep a roof over their heads and food on the table in the midst of economic turmoil and she looses her life for it.

    My the soul of the deceased finds peace

  15. Imagine on top of her own money ooo
    Those with entitlement mentality are like criminals.
    Once they can't get it they become violent.
    Don't ever marry a lazy man,he will frustrate you.


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