Stella Dimoko Bandits Demand Foodstuffs To Feed 121 Abducted Students


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Friday, July 09, 2021

Bandits Demand Foodstuffs To Feed 121 Abducted Students



  1. This is so bad. Those kids must be looking malnourished and some sick. How can some people be this callous? And this government can’t do anything bout them.
    And that one that calls himself gumi will come and talk trash. Mtcheeeeeew.

  2. And kaduna state governor withdrew his child from school and can’t close down all the schools until adequate security arrangements have been made to secure lives and property? May God grant all the abducted students and their parents the strength to see this through

  3. They can be caught easily na. They are clearly keeping them in the bushes. El Rufai should wake up na.

  4. This APC hunger don touch demon Shekau people sef for camp? Release the innocent children already! And the same useless government that invaded Igboho's house in search of a spiritual cat can not go and invade this evil camp to free over 100 children abi? Demons!! Na parents wey still gather mind dey send their children go school for all that area I blame o. I cannot fit mbok. Na pikin wey dey alive dey read.

  5. This country is one huge joke. If they can demand foodstuff, they could easily be caught. Comply to their demands, arrest the middle man, he leads you straight to the person at the top of the food chain.
    What am I saying sef? Its not possible in Nigeria.

  6. Why are people still in boarding schools in the north? If the government has failed, can't you help yourself and change to a southern school first? Your child will be kidnapped from school and you will spend all your savings, borrow and even sell property to raise money for ransom. Nobody is even talking about the trauma and likely sexual abuse on the females and even males in some cases.

  7. Only in Nigeria will this kinda thing happen ,& keeps happening.
    Oriegwu o.
    No place is safe in naija, we are all existing by God's grace.

  8. My advice to parents and students up north esp Kaduna, plsssss I beg you all, plssss, take ur kids out of schools and get them situated in the southern part,plssss. You don't have to use all ur life savings to pay kidnappers. It's not worth it.
    To think that this kids are left in the open, exposed to the elements and enduring all sorts of abuse to those kidnappers.
    Why hasn't this Gumi of a man hasn't been arrested is just beyond me. He knows and even collects his share from the largese. God will punish them all.


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