Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 5 Reunion - Fights In The House Revisited, Prince Calls Neo A Snake And Nengi Says Lucy Tried To Boss Her Around..


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Friday, July 02, 2021

BBNaija Season 5 Reunion - Fights In The House Revisited, Prince Calls Neo A Snake And Nengi Says Lucy Tried To Boss Her Around..

A recap of Nengi's fight with Lucy and Kaisha on different occasions was played...

What triggered you the most?

I can't really remember what happened between Kaisha and I. I think it was water. But with Lucy, she tried to boss me around in the house and I wasn't having it. I am a grown woman and Lucy can't tell me what to do.

Dorathy do you think Nengi was flirting with the guys as a strategy


Yeah at first, but later discovered she liked playing with people


How about Kiddwaya?


No, Kiddwaya was fond of playing with everyone in the house, maybe she was flirting with Prince and Ozo, Tricky tee as well.

Lucy tell us about the fight?


I had a conversation with Nengi about how she played with guys. I don't have a problem with that. I didn't condemn her wearing tight clothes because I wear as well. The fact that we were still new in the house I expected Nengi to stand on her own first but she took it the wrong way and reported to Ozo. Another time I was ranting in the toilet then Nengi said hope you are not be talking about me? that was how everything escalated.

Why did you say Nengi liked being touched by men?

I was trying to get back at her, as we were quarrelling Ozo was holding me so I told him to go hold his girl not me. She called be an old hag. it was just a misunderstanding

Praise where you shocked about the nomination?(Neo nominated Prince for eviction)

Yeah I was shocked
Neo nominated me, even Ozo, Nengi, Tolanibaj did same. They saw me as threat and competition in the house. I and Neo were cool while in the house. He nominated me and was still shouting when I got evicted from the house.

Why did you nominated Praise

Praise and I really connected. He bonded with other housemates so I felt someone else would have saved him. Vee, Tolanibaj and Tricky tee were also up for eviction at that time.

what do you think about the Neo and Praise issue?

I would get offended if my friend nominated me in the house besides Neo never had a lot of people's back especially my back... with all the stuffs he said about me in the diary room. I took Neo as a friend.. I called him my brother I cleaned his vomit and he told biggie I faked my story about my dad.

I never said he faked his story because he cried

I remember while in the bus heading to the Grand Finale I said if anyone had said anything about me please keep the same energy. Then Neo approached me later and said "Guy you used to be my competition in the house but now we are out please carry me along" This guy is a snake he couldn't even apologise for all he said in the house and he is trying to repeat same thing for his own benefits

If you want to quote me please do it correctly. I said whatever happened in the house should stay in the house

But that's not an apology, Vee what do you have to say?

I would be angry as well if my friend said I faked it. You don't know people's story. Neo should apologise

I tried to call him but he never picked up

Ozo your opinion?

Prince's feelings is justified, I would react same way if someone I considered my brother say such about me. Neo would have just apologized and Prince didn't communicate his feelings to him also

I didn't see Neo's call, you would have chatted me up if you wanted to say something.

Vee what are the things mad people do? ( Vee said that to Wathoni when they fought for bed space in the house)

I hate repeating myself, I have love for Wathoni but she wasn't understanding, I kinda felt like it had something to with Prince. I wanted my space and Wathoni will go about telling people I'm dragging bed space with her , those are the kind of things mad people would do

It had nothing to do with Prince I thought at first, it was a misunderstanding I overheard Vee and Tolanibaj talking about the bed stuff while I was asleep I was hurt because I never had a go to person in the house

It's wasn't about Prince, it was about Wathoni having her own space and not being disturbed.


  1. Neo thinks everything and everyone is street. Neo talks any how, lies effortlessly and thinks everyone is Vee he charms. Neo comes across as one that's your friend for only what he gains from you.

    Wathoni, poor girl. Keeps looking for man but denies it before you know it.

    Dorathy is happy Prince is dating her.

    Can Lucy remove that nose ring already?

    Prince. Gee. Composed. Focused. Royalty. Power dresser. My guy.

    1. Prince well done o!

    2. Nwakaibeya πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    3. Anon u a dunce.
      Who doesn't know baltika on this blog?
      Most of u are irredemably daft gosh!

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anon so bv Baltika is now prince..🀣🀣

    5. Nengi isn't 23 πŸ˜„ then Lucy wanted to command her round the house as a small girl she claimed,babe flipped 🀸and fight followed.
      Bbn age different from real age,Lucy no rem

  2. Wathoni the pregnant virgin says she was deflowered at 24, liar

    1. Were you there when it happened? You come across as one that doubts every one's age too.

  3. heh...this backstabbing cruise is already getting tiring jare....most of the housemates be fake asf... plus this reunion show has reached it's climax as long as I'm concerned.

  4. Neo talks too much, and this sort of thing happen when you're constantly misyarning

  5. Articulated prince your are indeed the man they wish to be.keep your focus boy and don't give attention to the intimidated ones.

  6. I am yet to understand what Vee sees in Neo, like everything about that guy irritates me🀦‍♀️

    1. Me and you both. I've never liked him, such a negative fellow

    2. Honestly, i thought am the only one feeling so. He irritates me..

    3. @Audrey I’m with you on that one. Just looking at him irritates me🀦🏾‍♀️

    4. 10:57
      Every single thing.
      Even his breathing irritates me.
      The guy irritates my blood vessels.
      With those his doughnut lips and fraggle rock hairstyle.
      Irritant that lies like an 'oodlum.'

    5. The heart will carry you to places that will shock you.

      He was even so nasty to her in the house. Always talking her down

      Guess she prefers dating who she knows all there is to know about him, than dating saint Mike that will be throwing you shockers...

    6. Couldn't stand him then, now too. Talks endlessly for a man tueh

  7. Prince, Praise I'm confused. Who's writing this script like an illiterate, check the names u muddled up pls. Han HanπŸ₯Ί

  8. I am yet to understand what Vee sees in Neo, like everything about that guy irritates me🀦‍♀️

  9. I love this Vee girl

    .....the kind of thing mad people do🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  10. Prince is a man of few words, focused and a no nonsense personality. I liked the way he asserted himself with confidence yesterday.

  11. Neo sounded really stupid last night. Just own up and apologise dude wtf!
    Prince...I dont know. Yeah,his feelings are valid but at some point he was beginning to sound whiny and petty. Not a good look.
    I like how Praise handled the issue with Neo,like it is what it is.
    Vee is a queen,love her.
    Lucy... sounded so incoherent. Like no need. Nengi no send you for that house and I think you resented her for that.

  12. I don't know why I like prince even more after the show.. he doesn't have problems and very cool..Neo sef,I like your body but you can work on your talking too much because you won't know when you say unnecessary things..

  13. Snake?
    Aren't they all snakes; brood of vipers?

  14. #bbn5reunion

    Prince & Neo Saga...

    It's going to be a very busy day for me, so let me get this out of the way and focus..

    If you saw the reunion show yesterday then you should know that Prince & Neo had quite the fall out..

    ➡️Prince alleged that Neo backstabbed him.

    ➡️ He claimed that while in the BB house he considered Neo his Brother, but when he came out of the house he watched a video of the time when Big Brother gave them a task to speak about their families and what they represent to them, he spoke about his father and Neo went into the diary room to say that he was Lying about &/or Faking the details and the emotions he expressed in his story.

    ➡️He then said that after the show, Neo tried to get into his good graces by approaching him and saying that now that they are out of the house, any issues they might have had in the house, should please stay in the house. He pleaded that all hatchet be buried and that they move on outside the house as friends living all negative experiences behind with the house..

    ➡️He proceeded to call Neo a Liar, a snake who never had anybody's back, a manipulative person who simply wanted to use the above pleading to get in his good books and benefit from him.

    ➡️He told us how he cleaned Neos vomit while he was in the house, treating him like a brother, not knowing that Neo was calling him a liar in the Diary room etc

    Well .... thank the Lord for the God of receipts, because where will we be without receipts.

    The video attached to this post is the actual video of the diary session where Neo shared his opinion on Prince's rendition about his family in response to Big Brother's question.

    And this video is evidence that Prince blatantly lied against Neo...

    Take a minute to watch the video and you'll find that contrary to Prince's assertions, Neo never said Prince lied about his father, neither did he say that Prince faked his emotions/tears about his father...

    None of that....
    None of that....

    Rather Neo's message was simply that he felt like Prince gave too much information on the sad details about his dad without showcasing his Dad's strength or the positive impacts his Dad made despite his setback.

    Everyone has bad times, but most importantly, having been through those times, what have you learnt, what has it thought you...where are you now viz a viz where you had been.

    This was Neo's point.He never said Prince faked, embellished or lied about his story.

    ~ Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

    1. the question big brother asked was whether anyone was faking their story, Neo said Prince.

  15. #bbn5reunion
    In summary Neo's point was that Prince, having told the sad details about his dad, didn't turn it towards the light to highlight the positives therein.

    And he buttressed this in his explanation using Ozo's story about his father as a case in point.

    And he said that though Ozo similarly shared details of the tough times his father experienced with his health, he however highlighted that it was in that moment his family knew how deeply & sacrificially loved they were by their Dad, because even in ill health he was still concerned and working at looking out for them. He ended by saying his Dad is his idol.

    This is the significant difference Neo was pointing out.. it had NOTHING to do with lies or fakeness.

    But you see when I watched this video, I knew the reason Prince was bitter.. it was Neo's INNOCENT comparison of him with Ozo...

    If you watched the show objectively, you'd know that Prince is a Very Unhealthy Competitor and he already lost a lot to Ozo in that House.

    From Head of House tasks which Ozo won multiple times and Prince never won once, to the Car competition and then to Nengi...

    Seeing Neo compare him once more to the Man he tried so hard to beat in the house, pierced another rod into his already festering wounds and he flipped..

    What Neo said was neither abusive nor condescending.

    As a matter of fact, if friends who are housemates discussed the task they were given, knowing Neo and his big mouth, this is something Neo could have easily said to Prince to his face...

    Like I said before, It's not that big a deal really.

    Big Brother asked him a question and he responded according to his own opinion on the matter..

    The biggest problem with Neo is that he talks way too much and so he can't even remember half the things he says and he also does a poor job of defending himself..

    I observed yesterday that Neo loses his own trail of thought mid sentence ..which makes him pretty incoherent in defending himself.

    Obviously, when Prince accused him yesterday, Neo had no recollection of the actual conversation or statements he made in this moment..

    But knowing that he talks a lot, he assumed he might have said those things as he didnt think that Prince would lie about a thing like this.

    But Neo was wrong..Prince listened to this diary session with his insecure feelings and not with his ears.

    Prince is constantly in competition in his head. He lives in paranoia of everyone trying to get the best of him. It's sad to see a person live like that. He needs some help with that. Professional Help.

    When I hear a person say - I dont keep friends cos all the friends I have had have stabbed me in the back.. I know YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

    You cannot not have anybody...

    Everybody cannot be a problem hurting only you.

    Friends are fallible humans just like your family.

    If you can love & keep family and you cannot love & keep a single friend, the problem is you.

    You aren't perfect and People aren't perfect either.

    People will make mistakes. People will hurt you.

    But you trash it out- Make ammends - and stronger friendships are forged therefrom.

    If your friend cannot offend you- who can?

    If family cannot offend you- who can?

    You are not deity. You are not Juju.

    People can and will offend you because your orientations are different and they aren't perfect.

    Even Deity, we offend and ask for forgiveness.

    So who are you? HE who must not be offended?

    Your friends should be able to offend you. I cannot have a friend that I cannot offend. I will not walk on eggs around you. If I hurt you, I will apologize.

    But that's different from betraying you or backstabbing you. Misunderstandings and Disagreements are NORMAL in human relationships.

    ~ Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

    1. See as you are defending Neo as if we that watched the show didn't hear when he was telling Biggie that Prince faked the story?. The greatest amebo in that house is Neo not Brighto stop defending nonsense. Neo can't apologize but you guys wanted Erica to apologize?

    2. Esiri u r spot on, I was wondering if na only me watch dis program with open heart o
      Prince is a sour loser and pple like this r very difficulty to deal with cos dey will carry unnecessary things in mind for u, However in friendship for me, there r lines ------- u mustn't cross , like b4 u do that, in ur head u sure know u r doing wrong. Once u cross it, it's bye bye ,no matter d Rev Father that comes to intercede,I will forgive but never b ur friend ever again
      Families r OFF limit, no mention of my father in a bad light or my child, pple u know I can kill for, Biz is off limit,if u constantly sabotage my effort, talking down on me to feel fly( insults) nna it's a big Bye bye this 3 factors.
      Neo only said he wld have beamed more light on his Dad's story just like Ozo,but because he lost a whole lot to Ozo,he became blinded by that and changed Neos narrative.
      You r so right, Prince needs a professional help. He is a bitter soul. How he keeps d calm nature and smile with all this Vail inside speaks alot abt him.

  16. #bbnreunion5 part 3

    Ebuka seems to be quite problematic.. he dragged a non-issue for an insanely long period of time.

    And I don't understand why if an issue comes up between the HMs a clip of that particular content cannot be shown.

    When Prince talked about this.. Ebuka should have ensured that the BBN management pull out that clip..

    The show aired 8months ago.. most of the HMs cannot recollect the actual facts of some incidents...

    Their inability to pull out clips and have the HMs refresh their memories before addressing issues is causing embellished narratives to thrive which would fuel the strife amongst Housemates..

    It's easy for a person to lay a false allegation against another just to defame them, because they know that there will be no clips to set the record straight and even if the person denies it, it would be a matter of "he said" and "she said" where loads of people would already run with the falsified narrative.

    That's a very unfair practice...

    The reunion show should be that place where the real facts are finally laid bare for all to see and for some reason, I dont get the feeling that this is happening here...

    So many issues that have already been trashed were half hazardly done, with a lot of truths concealed for lack of evidence which is readily available in the possession of the BBN management and that's a shame.

    BBN should do better & Neo should learn to talk less, it would help his memory.

    ~ Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

    1. If you didn't watch the show cool down let people that watch it give you analysis. Big Brother Naija is a big franchise that cannot lie against anyone

    2. You are using ozo to defence neo,this show your neo cannot stand on his own hence he fakes his personality.let me just remind you that neo is a man gossip,double faced and a weak man.

  17. Prince is generally an unproblematic guy. He just wants to do his tasks and maybe dance at the party. He typically ignores confrontation (case in point, Ozo's yelling at him). He usually stays out of people's quarrels - you will only get a reaction out of him when he feels he has invested a lot in you personally, hence the Lucy incident in the house and now Neo. If he takes you as his person, he will carry your matter as if it is his own, he really thought Neo was his person, so coming out and seeing what Neo said about him would have really hurt. A lot of people said stuff about him in the house but he didnt give them a reaction. He was pretty much indifferent towards teh other housemates, and in this reunion, he only spoke when he was directly asked a question. The only person he has reacted to like this is Neo and thats because he and Neo were supposed to be boys, that's the impression that Neo gave him. This was coming from a place of hurt.


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