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Friday, July 02, 2021



Happy Weekend... Who dey Breeeeeet!!!... LOL


Inside Thursday in house news, i announced I will do a giveaway, I did not mention a time frame because I am a spontaneous kinda person.. I dont appreciate when I announce anything, my email is flooded. I dont give preference to people who do this, what do you want the others who didnt mail me to do? If you mailed me concerning this giveaway i will not pick you when the time comes..  Please note yourself and dont come cussing out in anonymous mode when someone else is chosen...

I still dey find the money to use do the giveaway, make una praaaaaaaaaay.


Have a nice weekend, in house news will be back on Monday.

Ehen least i forget from Monday, there will be no Chronicles cos the folder is empty, we will post as comes in and not every day anymore. I am happy that people have learnt/ are learning and the chronicles have reduced....Praise God!

Please there is a new slang that i dont Understand...What is the meaning of Domire?



Hello everyone ! I am yesterday’s chronicle poster , I didn’t go into details because I thought it wasn’t necessary but I see now I was wrong .So I’ll just make few points here so you really understand the situation.

My mom and brother knows about him and also gave some advice but I wanted advice from you guys that’s why I came here.

We talk everyday either on video calls, video messages, Voice note or text messages. (So he’s not a black man pretending to be white). And yes we are friends on Facebook.

The first time he sent me money he saw something on FB and sent me money to buy it. So nor be yahoo scam. In fact I used to be worried he thinks I’m scam cos of all the bad report on Nigeria.

And yes Stella, he owns a gun. We have talked extensively about DV and from what I gathered he’s not violent. Hes been divorced for 5yrs and he has joint custody of his son.

After he changed his mind about coming to Nigeria due to the covid scare, he wanted me to come and he was willing to sponsor my trip. But I told him money or sending an invite won’t guarantee my acceptance because I was invited to Europe years ago but was denied three times. Money and time went down the drain, but the pain of rejection was worst and I don’t want to go through that again. And moreover he should be the one to come first. So he concluded that he will come to Nigeria when everything is right and if we decide to take the relationship to the next level, he’ll engage me then I apply for a fiancΓ©e visa.

His ex is actually black from one of the southern American country, it was a long distance relationship too and they dated for almost two years and he was traveling to her country to see her before they got married and she moved to the US( I think the similarities is what’s making him hold back )From what he told me they were having issues before the arrival of their son, but he decided to work on the marriage because of the child but the child got sick( he have a pacemaker in his heart now)and I think that’s what finally severed their marriage. 

He told me somethings that went wrong in their marriage but i don’t want to share but I’m tempted to believe him because since the lil guy told his mom about me, she’s being giving Mr A hell and she also warned him not to bring me to the house when the lil guy is around { she doesn’t know I’m thousands of miles away :) }. Now anytime Mr A and I talk on Video call, he hides or refuse to say hi . Someone that used to drag phone with his dad because he wants to talk with me only God knows what she told him.

He was open from the on set in fact I was the one withholding information and acting aloof till he won me over. There’s no time frame to love but i want to see the man I’m dating and if the connection is real and not a mirage. I have a uncle who offered to do some digging.

 Uncle is in Texas too but I don’t know want him to go digging when I’m not even sure about the whole thing yet.

And yes I pray about it but sometimes I just tell myself “what will be will be” but my mom thinks I’m not serious and don’t pray enough . ( I have not gone to church for over 5moths) My brother thinks I should follow my heart (both Mr A and my bro have also talked on video call).

More than half of my family stay abroad, for those that think it’s because of abroad. Even if it is, is it so wrong to want a good life for myself and unborn children? Is it wrong to want a handsome, intelligent and accomplish man for a husband. If he was a Nigerian I would have still fallen for him because it’s not about the color of his skin or where he stays but his brain ( he’s very intelligent. I like intelligent people,vhis son takes after him )he understands my mood and when I’m trying to hide something just by looking at me and he have great communication skills.

Is understanding, communication and love not some of the basics of a good relationship?

So you can understand why I really really like him.

What will be will be. I heard y’all loud and clear. For those that passed their advice politely, God bless. So I’m gonna find myself a nice guy here, not because I’m not sure if he is real (cos he is very real) but because I’m not too sure about his feelings( and I think he should be fighting more to be with me) I just pray I can stop looking for a Mr A in every guy that approach me...

Thanks for the advices .

Thanks for the explanation... We all understand better now...
Please let your Uncle in Texas check up on him before you invest anymore emotions...
The problem i have with people who own guns is that if you ever touch their Anger button, It is only a miracle that will save you.....

All the best.



Good morning everyone. Please, I have a question. A student spoke to me yesterday. Said he doesn't understand when he reads. I asked if he is usually, maybe distracted, amongst friends, hungry, have a mind filled with thoughts. He said, none of the above. Then, he said, it has always been so, right from his secondary days. 

Now, I don't know what to say about that situation. Please, can anyone give me suggestions? I am thinking on one solution like that though, but, let me read from you guys. Thanks so much.

I think he has a disorder and needs help to focus.. Please let him talk with an expert quickly. He has ADD/ADHD, please read about it on google and see how he can be helped, most people have this without knowing.




  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    God's Word is nourishment for my spirit, refreshment for my soul and health to my body. I pay attention to God's Word and believe what it says about me. God's Word says I am the temple of the Holy Ghost and my body functions for God. Therefore, every organ, tissue and cell in my body complies with the Word of God.

  2. TGIF.....good afternoon everyone

  3. It's a freaky Friday with so much πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ and good afternoon to y'all on here keeping it real..πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ˜˜ I haven't got nothing much planned out for the weekend and of course,i am gonna be binge watching movies too..#FunFriday,#FreakyFriday,#FunkyFriday..Don’t you ever forget in your lifetimes that curiousity kills the cat(pun intended)..

  4. Self respect, self worth and self love, all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value.... copied

  5. Lady hungry for abroad marriage;
    so "you've been denied visa thrice to Europe..."
    It isn't today you began this ya abroad hunting for husbands?
    "Divorced 5 years ago?"
    That's what he told you and that's what they usually say; old lines.
    If you are in the shoes of that "ex wife," would you want
    another woman to raise your child
    and probably turn him against you?
    Of course, ladies are experts in doing that. You see how you quickly painted
    the woman as a villain?

    1. Am terring you. Even the immigration officials have smelt her desperation from miles away.

    2. "Probably turn the child against" was a nasty generalization

    3. The 2 anonymous berating the chronicle poster, why are you bitter?

      Pls, you can join the hookup apps and try your luck. Stop transferring your unhappiness to her..

    4. @Prestige
      She came here for advice after her family members who saw and heard from the man advised her; right?
      So the advice is meant for her and not for you. So cut out the "bitterness" rant!

    5. @Jet li
      The word "probably" staring you to your face actually makes it NOT to be a generalization.
      Search the dictionary and learn it.

    6. @officail prestige, maybe they are also ex wives who are now regretting that they left their husbands so they are in solidarity with the ex wife

      Why shouldn't she want to travel abroad? 3 times or 5 times denial wetin concern you.

      Poster jare don't rush into another relationship with a Naija guy yet. Take your time and do what's best for you after then.
      The white man or a new Naija man, whichever path you choose, I wish you well.

      "If you are in the shoes of that "ex wife," would you want
      another woman to raise your child
      and probably turn him against you?"

      So her ex husband shouldn't remarry and move on with his life?

      The poster said they have joint custody.

      Walahi your brain is upside down.

    7. @15:47
      You jumped the answer and began to rant.
      In the end you insulted every commenter.
      Since your brain "is upright," kudos.

    8. Insult every commenter how?
      Seriously many are mad, few are roaming.

    9. I bet you, the man left the woman because of the sick child. Men don’t like to carry the cross with the woman. They dump mother and child when the chips are down. Little wonder many of them die in regret.

    10. @16:59
      You are still dishing out your insults?

  6. I dey breeeeet o..... Thank God! Good afternoon

    1. Thank You Lord. I dey breeeeet

      God bless us.

      Posters, no advice today from me.

      Make una drink kunu and relax

  7. All your family have seen him on video chat, and they advised you, he sent you money...
    You tactfully hid their advice? Of course, because it is in line with your feminine intuition sensible advice but no, you want abroad.
    So why are you confused, go on.

    1. She only asked for an advice not an insult. Abeg easy ooo

    2. @Tblack
      I am confused here.
      I had to read that comment again to look for "insulting words" but I am yet to find one.
      could you kindly help me find one?

  8. Good afternoon everyone
    Today looks so cool I love the weather. I think Dorime is a latin word

  9. Who knows Yaba left emergency line,there is a mental case.
    One psycho is using my line to display madness.
    Street hungry nuisance that attempted scam and entered a wrong lane.
    He keeps sending rubbish to my line.Lazy baboo

  10. How can i disvirgin myself? Am so scared of having sex. Am in my thirties

    1. Lol, wetin we no go hear for SDK blog? Instead of jejely wait till you marry, and if you can’t wait, get a real svd, how person go just wake up say she want disvirgin herself? We women and confusion

    2. @ anon 14:15
      And there are ash**o lazy nuisance guys around that are looking for such job,only say they are mad.
      Be patient a good man will meet you.

  11. Chronicle poster it is well with you

  12. What I see is that this girl is so desperately looking for supporters that will push her into this abroad marriage and I am not one of them. Your entire family who have seen and heard from him and have advised you, shouldn't they express better judgment than anyone on this blog who has neither seen or heard from this man? So why did you hide and ignore their advice?
    And why is the man always looking for ladies outside the US to marry?
    And why did he leave you speculating about the cause of their divorce instead of laying it bare if he had nothing to hide?

    1. You need deliverance from spirit of bitterness and envy.. Tueh

    2. How many times will you comment on this issue? Rest abeg. Na abroad she wan go she no kill person.

  13. You have already figure it out, so do that which you think is best for you @chronicle poster.

    Sign out mine is it for meπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  14. No matter the advise, you will still follow him. It’s not love, it’s sapa, pervading our country, you can’t even see yourself, all what you are after is to japa, marry him and everything will be alright. Did he actually tell you what caused his divorce with his ex? Even if he pulled a gun on her, that doesn’t count because of have finally found the way out of this hellhole. I would have loved our abroad bv’s married to white men to advise you, but will you heed their advise? You already condemning his ex, a fellow woman you have not heard her own side, women supporting women. I wish you all the best on this japa out of sapa voyage of yours, 9ja women see white men as the golden ticket out of poverty, same with our men, a very sad development

    1. You dey mind the poster, she is only looking for validation say make we tell her to marry him, wetin I know

    2. Zukwanuike πŸ™†‍♀️.
      No go jam trailer πŸ™„πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      Uchu dα»‹ ka gα»‹. 😏

  15. Good afternoon from this side πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• positive vibes only 😊😊😊😊

    Stella babe much love πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Enjoy your weekend blog Fam.

  16. Stella, Dorime comes from the song Ameno by E.R.A

    It is a Latin song that clubs in Nigeria use to announce anybody that buys expensive bottles for their table often known as Casket. Before it was Undertaker’s song but they have switched it up to Dorime.

  17. Good afternoon everyone.

    Jewelu star woman,I dey breeeeth o.
    This sign out meme is the real deal.

    Bvs enjoy your Friday...e go surely be ✌️.

  18. 😘😘😘😘

  19. Chronicles poster
    In every woman,God has put in us the gift of intuition to know when things aren't adding up. Most of the time,we just choose to pretend not to feel it.

    Bottom line,just do whatever you think is your best decision and which you can live with. No matter the consequences,good or bad,you won't have anyone to blame

  20. Stella, I dey breeet fine. Thank God.

    Una doh o. TGIF!

  21. Chronicle poster, the word out now is live your best life, do you, if you think he is the one, go for it and damn what people say

  22. Hello IHN. Good afternoon beautiful people of SDK.
    Poster thank you for a well explanation. I wish you the best.

  23. Poster must you marry? Na by force to marry Americana

  24. Jeweluchi,Iyanu ma a shele soon. TGIF my people

  25. Poster please follow your heart. Keep your mind open. If it works out well and good. I’m not sure why some people are coming for you. Even if you went abroad husband and so what ? There’s a reason why it’s called CHOICE. If you feel he’s the one for you and you can damn consequences then do you. The world will adjust

  26. Tell your uncle to investigate if he's real and in the us

  27. To any woman out there. If a man points a gun at another woman, he has anger management issues and can kill out of passion. There are 300 million guns circulate in the country but not every family owns one and a lot of gun violence is perpetrated on loved ones. There was a physician in Chicago killed by a loser ex when she said she wanted out of the relationship. You also need to know few white folks may want an “exotic” African, Chinese etc as a “fetish”, not for fetish but as an exotic thing which only lasts a while. Trump got 2 mail order brides from Eastern Europe, Ivana & Melania. Most divorced people tell their own version of their story. The wife’s version is probably very different and pulling a gun is an attempted assault or worse so he may have a felony record. Background check is easy here as everyone has a SS no so have your uncle run a 10 minute check on him for $25. It may save your life!


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