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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....




This is a story of how a woman dealt with her cheating husband.

It was aired on a radio programme on Nigerian Info tagged ‘’confessions Thursday’’ and this is what a lady confessed. 

She is married and her husband cheats and keeps about 4 side chicks that he gives money like 200k, 150k and 300k. She was very calculative and was keeping tabs of all the chats, mails and calls. She is comfortable, her man is rich and he takes care of the home and their 2 lovely sons currently in Canada. She knew he was cheating and she warned him that ‘’VERY SOON THAT THING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, YOU WILL FIND IT’’ Unfortunately, her husband came down with STROKE. 

She took care of her husband  for a while in the hospital but at home, her FBI skills came in action; she created files and documented all the emails, names of the side chicks, and their Instagram handles in the file. Meanwhile, one of the side chicks sent an email to him that she wants to see him. 

She replied as if it was her husband and said that he travelled and will inform her when he is back. Side chick was elated. So when her husband was finally discharged from the hospital. They both came home and then when he had settled down, she brought out all the files and evidences; showed her husband that so this is what she has been doing with his money and with Lagos girls right. She said her husband was crying profusely and begged her. She said she was not going to kill him or do anything but he should watch out what will happen

So she repeated what she had always told him that ‘’VERY SOON THAT THING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, YOU WILL FIND IT’’. So her husband had to wear diapers due to the nature of the stroke. 

She ordered all the nurses, house assistants, care givers on a compulsory 2 weeks leave from the house . Her husband was begging her not to torture him that he was very sorry. She replied that why she loves him and would hurt him but he should watch. Now she went to her files and the last email of the first side chick; Replied her that he is now back and she should come to the house that his wife is out of town so he can spend time together. 

The 1st side chick was so happy and foolishly packed a bag to stay with the man. On getting to the door, the side chick was calling from the door ‘’Oh honey I am here’’ the man was surprised about that. So when the baby oku was in the house, she was surprised to see the wife. 

Meanwhile the Nnewi woman locked the door, welcomed her and told her that her honey is down with stroke; and he is on diapers and she hasn’t changed it or bathed him so since they are sharing the same DICK. The side chick should take care of the man they both shared. That was how she locked the door and made the side chick changed all the diapers, bathe him and feed him. 

So she said when the side chick removed his diapers that she was shouting, the wife now said ‘’Oh so his diaper is smelling but when he send you money, it does not smell right. She went on to invite the other 3 side chicks and made them clean up her husband and take care of him for the whole 2 weeks. 

After their ordeal, all 4 side chicks blocked him on all platforms. So she came to the husband and said ‘’You see they have all left you because you have stroke; but when the going was good, you were dashing them money’’ . 

She said up-till today, the husband keeps apologizing to her and he has stopped following side chicks and thankfully, he made a full recovery from the stroke.

 MORALE OF THE STORY: You can be calm as a dove and will be able to fight and gain victory. Just by being calculative. This is not fiction..



  1. She had a good heart to go to that extent. God bless her.

    Foolish randy and useless men. Seems the thing increased very well with young couples having side cocks and chicks

    1. All I will say is that this is not how love is supposed to be.

      A woman doesn't have to go through all these rubbish to prove she's your ride or die.

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣
      So women should be waiting for their men to have stroke.
      What if you now have the stroke before your husband bayiiπŸ’…πŸ€£

    3. They may not necessarily be down with stroke or any other ailment before the woman we have opportunities to take revenge.

  2. Replies
    1. Wetin dey pain you, you be side 🐀πŸ₯

    2. Sweet story and you are bitter?

  3. This is what Chinwetalu Agu calls



  4. There is lesson in every... really, patience is a virtue!

  5. Good lessons.
    All the "fire for fire" girl on the blog, how market? 😊😊😊😊

  6. The woman did well, I would have left him for good and allow him enjoy the life hr crave for eith his side chicks.

  7. Calmness of a wise woman!
    Will the guys learn -not to stray from their marriage and pursue vanities called side chicks?
    Will the ladies learn; that all these filthy lucre do not last? Those things they call love is pure LUST?
    It is so refreshing to read a different story of a woman with character and
    not vindictive weeping wives pity parties.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I just kept imagining if the wife had, confronted him, slapped him or flared up and used
    pestle to smash his head. Two things, one of both dead or the other on the death row.
    Patience and self control remain virtues and against such there is no law.
    Bravo wise lady! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  9. Guys suppose know naa, when d chips are down, your chics will vamoose, then you will expect your wife to care for you probably in old age, hahahaha.

  10. Indeed patience is a virtue.

  11. What if the side chickens ganged up and beat her up for locking them in. Or worst still, take the remaining money and kill her and kill the husband. All these runs girls that does drugs are dangerous o, no shame no fear. Maybe na good and quiet girls her husband carry.

    1. Hian! So you believe that a woman without a loaded gun actually locked up 4 "chidinmas" and forced them to be cleaning poop? Iffa hear! But I believe the message has been passed though.

    2. Dp you guys read to understand at all????
      She invited them SEPERATELY!!
      The side chics are not aware of one another!!!

  12. Aside from the door being locked, what stopped the women from leaving? It seems the wife had all the house staff leave, so it wasn't like armed security guards would have prevented them from escaping!

    When all the side chicks were in the house together, they could have easily overpowered the wife and taken the keys - perhaps, even ganged up to beat her up.

    Didn't the wife ever sleep, because that would have been the perfect time to make a break for it?! The side chicks could have even called friends and family to bring the police to the house, because they had been kidnapped!

    I get the moral of the story,but it just doesn't seem feasible!

    I guess, maybe, she was lucky her husband had respectful sidechicks πŸ™ƒ

    1. Smh read again, the chickens came differently, within two two weeks.

    2. You dey might disagree lori iro story??? So none of the sidechicks had phones to call for help?
      None of them had families, friends,colleagues,neighbours, classmates, etc that would start a hunt to look for them?
      4 sidechicks taking turns to change diapers for 2weeks? 14 days? 10 working days?

      With only the madam in the house? Abi iyamiosorunga joined her?

      Kpele o,Jamie Bond.

    3. @Paprika

      I just did, and I am right. From the write up, all the sidechicks were in the house together, for the 2-week duration. There is no mention of them coming in, one by one or 2 by 2.

      "She went on to invite the other 3 side chicks and made them clean up her husband and take care of him for the whole 2 weeks"

    4. Super story things😁. Nice message thoughπŸ‘Œ.

    5. Fake life fabu story culled to just pass a message across.
      The wife has strength for wahala o, I can't fit. Make the man carry hin wahala go.

  13. The woman has patience, but what if in the course if the jigijigi outside and he gave her HIV, nnaeeeeh some women dey see things

  14. Eeyah...the wife was too too patient

  15. Mstcheew. The Man will still cheat. I can bet on that.

  16. Kind of story side chicks and their sympathizers don't want to hear.

    But stranger things have happened.

  17. Guys HIV is spreading more than covid 19 becareful out there .


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