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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




How do I tell these men that I do not see myself as a wife material anymore.

 Especially One that has brought me some much Peace.

His Efforts and contributions has made me a woman in every right. I no longer find joy doing certain chores. Especially cooking and Laundry (whether hand washing or Machine).

 I just want a companion, we don't have to get married. I don't want to be committed under any kind of law again... Who the son of man has set free is free indeed.

 I am in deep search for PEACE and HAPPINESS. And YES he brought it to the table, I have never been so happy all my life. I sleep like a baby with less worry an suddenly he is demanding for more!!! 

How do I tell him that I am a widow and and a mother. I asked him about his take on a single mother with kids... He said never... I asked him about his take on a widow... He said never ever... And I am one in all package... The very Package he vowed never to associate with. The very Package he never wants to have anything to do with 

 If only he knows the TRUTH... 

I am 32yrs old. Just living in the moment. He brought me so much Love and Peace. All the things I never had in my 10yrs of Marriage. 

This Life No Balance.

*Wow , you find love and peace of mind and you dont want to commit? Why dont you tell him that you were married with kids so that he can decide if he wants to continue or not? cause right now you are a scam making him believe that you are someone you are!


  1. πŸ˜†πŸ€£ You are such a deceitful person and why not tell him the absolute truth about who you truly are?

  2. Start with letting him know who you really are but be prepared.

  3. The Foundation is already faulty, built on lies and deceit. Fix that. Start by telling the truth, if he stays then you're good, if not then enjoy your singlehood alone. Don't drag someone's Son along. It seems he's looking for commitment.

  4. Obviously, he is not the one for you. I don’t see him setting with you after opening up with him.
    How long have you known him? Why didn’t you tell him from the beginning you are a widow and a mum? Are you ashamed?

    1. SluttyChic... If i stylishly ask his take one single mother and widow relationship... His response and reaction gave me all I wanted to know.

      It was never a relationship... It was more of a casual dating thing because of my studies. Then it went from 3% to 100%

      With plenty I can't do with out you calls and texts messages.

      Meanwhile I have no intention to scam him. Everything inbtw was mutual. I have left the whole country for him.

    2. Abeg, introduce us. We are single and we wanna taste it before we fold it. Biko
      I'm stackly single if there's anything like that

  5. Don’t worry, he will leave as soon as u tell him all these .. then u don’t new to worry for marriage cos there’s a high chance he won’t marry u when he discovers u area widow and a single mother

  6. Yahoo girls everywhere..
    Asking rubbish questions instead of just opening up on the real situation of things.. later he'll find out, become heart broken and disappointed and instead of apologizing, you'll then come here to rant on how men don't like to know the truth and advise your colleagues to take their 'secret' to the grave.. those olodos sef that don't have sense would be listening to you as you destroy their lives..

    Local fraudsters

    1. Nonsense talk as you have never lied before..

    2. Hahahaha, I actually laughed while reading your comment.
      But I have to admit you're very correct on this one.

    3. Please, @Anon 15.22, in this instance, Dante is very right! There is a difference between lying that you are on your way to an event, whilst you are still at home getting dressed...and not letting the man that is at the point of marrying you know that you have children.

      I see this too often among Nigerian women! Many women lying by omission about their kids. Having the kids call them, "aunty", so that the men won't know.
      Claiming the kids are their nieces and nephews, who they are helping raise.
      Claiming that the kids stay with her because their parents passed, and they have taken on the responsibility.
      Leaving their kids in the village or with a relative, and only going to see them occasionally.
      They will forget that they have children, until they have been ttc-ing for many years in their hubby's house...then they will miraculously remember about the kids they left for others to raise!

      Even on this blog, I have seen many BVs advice women not to tell the men they are courting about their kids, until the men have married them and they are comfortable in his house. Some even say not to let the men know at all, and just continue to let the kids stay with relatives. Even in yesterday's chronicle, someone told the lady who was potentially pregnant by her bro-in-law, to give the baby up for adoption, and re-marry and have kids with someone else. To start anew/afresh! And the annoying thing was, there were many responses agreeing and telling the poster to take such advice. SMH

      How can you, as a mother, sleep like a baby in a man's house, when you don't know what is going on with your own flesh and blood? What if your child is being maltreated or abused?

      All because you want to be a Mrs.

      I just pray those kids will not let the parental abandonment, negatively affect their lives.

    4. How can WHT?

      Who says the one at home is safe or CAN any parent follow their child everywhere?


  7. @Dante Both genders of Nigerian origin deserve each other...

  8. Hmmmmmmmm
    Wahala be like bicycle.
    My question to you Sis...
    Is where are ur child(ren)?
    You are a widow with Children?
    U never mentioned it to him.
    So where are your kids?
    Ma'am the foundation of the relationship is faulty already.
    Do urself a world of good by opening up to him.
    I won't judge you dear, just tell him.
    God be with you.

  9. It is neither a sin nor a crime to have kids and then your husband dies. So you have not committed any atrocity lady.
    It is a sin for a person to despise anyone for these reasons.
    So brace up and be whom you are and pray for this man not to commit the sin of despise.
    If he does anyway, you are good to remain you.
    But please do not skew the Word of God like you did in this your story.

    1. Thank Youuuuu Anonymous... I don't want to be Vulnerable Ever Again... I suffered during his burial and after.

      I don't want to seek validation from anyone.

      God has been indeed faithful. I am still building and taking care of my kids.

      God knows my fears... In my weakness God has always been my strength. He gave me the Strength to Move. And that I have done.

    2. @Unknown
      I am the anon above. Hope you understand that you have to tell him whom you are; your widowhood and
      the number of your kids.
      Because I do not understand this one of "I don't want to be vulnerable ever again."
      God who has always been your strength does not work with lies and deceits.

  10. You are just in a bubble , he gave you happiness and peace , you are going to payback with heartbreak. He probably wouldn't be able to love , trust and care for any other woman once realises your deceit.

  11. Lagos Mainland Girl4 July 2021 at 16:27

    Be honest and transparent, e get why
    If he is staying, he will

    Love no dey lie

  12. Tell him the truth, if he truely loves you he will stay, children are blessings from God dont hide them.


  14. Nothing beats being truthful.He is in love with the illusion of who he thinks you are and that my dear is wrong,a faulty foundation will not stand.There is no need suger coating or painting a different picture of things or worse,omitting important details.Who will love the real you will do so and stay with you,love and lightπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  15. Unknown since you didn't care about getting married and committed again, why did you lie in the first place? Some Men also don't want to be committed o. They are just ok with drilling a pussy and taking care of stress and strings attached. Dem dey find your type. So I wonder why you felt the need to hide your status since you don't want commitment. Your story nor gel at all. Or maybe your secret is about to be exposed, you are using non commitment as cover. You just led someone on. That's deceitful.

  16. Living a lie is the worst harm you cam bring upon yourself.

    1. You have not lied before? See your eye nd mouth like lying is the worst harm.. if u like say I am d poster, e no dey hard ona.. self righteousness is a sin!

    2. @ 7:48, why not calm down. Anon 16.56 maybe talking from experience. Should he or she keep quiet and allow another person suffer the same fate. Your response is too hasty abeg. So doing something wrong means you should encourage others to do it. I fear una for this blog. When a murderer sends in her Chronicle, go and murder somebody because a bv has murdered before.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. you can start by telling him point black that your not interested in marriage or any form of commitment from him.

    If he does not already know and waiting to hear from the horses mouth, any genuine man will likely want to know why your commitment shy.
    Apologise and open up to him about your statue and desire to remain single, you guys can even end up as friends with benefits.Goodluck to you

  18. What you are doing us not good especially now that he has showed you that he need more from you.

    Open up to him and allow him make his decision, you shouldn't be pretending to be a Saint while wasting his time. Tell him the truth he will not kill you biko.

  19. just tell him the truth dear.... he deserves that.


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