Stella Dimoko Couch Convo / A Female President For Nigeria...


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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Couch Convo / A Female President For Nigeria...

 Women lead effortlessly...


  1. Regardless the fact that, a woman can do better what a man has done.

    Personality and determination to serve the country matter most. Having a woman has our President is good but having a well nurtured,selfless,and has the zeal to make positive changes is better

    1. yes na like Patricia etteh and Diezani ..them try

    2. Yes. That 1st female President will be me in 20yrs time. My name starts with A. Don't forget if you are alive that time

  2. We are not ready for a female president to be honest.

  3. Never in our lifetime. How is that even possible? North no gree, south east no gree, na woman go come become President, not even America is ready for a female President, though may VP Harris might make history definitely not in Nigeria

  4. At this point, we should be aiming for an history of honesty, sound mind, transformative ideas and ability to keep to promises.

    If all of that can be found in a woman...i do not mind.

  5. Yes o. I absolutely agree to that. A woman always does better than a man. Just like Diezani did. Just like she out-stole all men.
    Listen to me, a woman was never created to rule over men. It's an aberration. It's against nature. It's against common sense. And it runs contrary to all known religious persuasions. Agreed, alot of Western nations have gone this route, but it still doesn't make it right. Maybe na why confusion full everywhere sef.

    1. This has to be ment sha

    2. Failure knows no gender
      Nigeria has been led by males, banditry and insecurity driven by males

      We are where we are as a people since 1960 with absolutely nothing to show for it

      Ego and common sense are parallel lines

      Quarrel with the reality of Deborah in the Bible, Queen Amina, Felas mother and the great queens of Benin kingdom.

      Quarrel with Okonjo , Akunyili and the Great Dr who stood against Ebola and paid the ultimate price

      To whom brain is given
      Sense is expected

      Try to think outside the entrenched misogyny you surround yourself with

    3. This commemt just reminded me of when a guy turned down work on my site cos he can't work for a "small girl" ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ.

      Not to mention the men that refuse to address women (especially young ladies) by their professional titles.

      I hope you don't lose what's yours one day because you can't follow a woman's leadership.

    4. The prime ministers of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway are women. Germany's Chancellor is a woman. These countries enjoy a better standard of living than your country.

      The CEOs of global companies like YouTube, AMD, Oracle, Citigroup, General Motors, IBM, UPS and Heineken are women.

      Late Dora Akinyili's reputation when she was DG of NAFDAC till date. Our own Okonjo-Iweala is DG of World Trade Organization. Both of them are married women.

      Women are very capable of leading organizations when they possess the same qualities required for great leadership. Having a male organ doesn't automatically give you that.

  6. Apart from a few whose names ain't in forefront of politics, the women that have been in power so far are a disappointment, from Patricia to deziani, even that former minister of aviation...cant remember her name.

  7. Anything for a POSITIVE CHANGE

  8. Nigeria is not ready for a female president. Perish the thoughts. The political terrain in our federation do not favour women in politics. I am not saying women are incapable, they are very capable and doing well in all fields. For now let's focus on giving women more appointive positions. I guess there should be a law giving women 35-40% ministerial positions, eventually make it 50%. Same should be applicable in the states and the national assembly. Thankfully, there is no discrimination against women in our workplaces in terms of salaries and allowances, they are excelling.

  9. Ahn ahn SDK my hand no Dy this one of๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ


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