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Friday, July 30, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - The Fear Of Friday Conquered

Friday means different things to different folks. To some, it's the best day to get "freaky"; to some, it is the best day to get "soaked"; to some, it is the best time to "club hard!", and understandably so. But that was before the outbreak of the recent pandemic.

On a lighter note, it is the best day to "fry" all the meats and fishes.

17 July 2020:

The meat of my write-up has little to do with the origin of Friday!

My primary school experience was sweet and memorable. I came third out of 40 pupils once and my dad flogged the living day out of me. Little did he know what the (secondary school) future had in store for his dear son that was doing well "jejely" by coming third.

Secondary school was "wickeT"! (Poetic licence).
I got my first shock when I met over 10 faster runners! I didn't like them! (Pun intended).

Academics, do not even go there! 

I was clueless as to what was going on in that institution at that critical stage of my life. I tried hard to have a firm grip of at least one subject. Alas! All the subjects turned out to be slippery in a manner reminiscent of a young boy's attempt to grab a fish by the "slimey"* (slang for slimy*) tail.

Who cares! I carried on like that for the next four years plus. I wanted to be a doctor or an engineer when I grew up, but I did not know how, with the kind of results I was getting at the end of the Terms. Those teachers never liked my face. They used to "spoil" my results with red "biro" anyhow! How I hated them. (Olodo kind of talk. Lol)

For your information, I am not one of those parents who would (lie to) tell the child "tales by moonlight" that when "I was in school, I used to come first"! Where and when did I come first in secondary school? I never came near 20th even. There was a time I came 205th out of 257 students. Yes! Hard fact. Bitter truth. Are you reading this and you are not doing well academically or your child is not doing well academically? Don't give up on him or her yet! I was worse.

Why did I choose Friday? Fridays were the most dreaded days when I was in secondary school. There was this "bad" tradition in my secondary school. I hated that tradition! Every Friday after our continuous assessment tests, all the students used to congregate in the school chapel for that memorable event where the school principal would roll out the list of the best 3 and the worst 3 in each class. The best 3 would be rewarded and the worst 3 would be flogged. Don't ask me if I ever made the list of the best 3. Aproko, okay, I never did! Leave me alone. Let me now "burst your bubble!" That which I dreaded the most never happened to me. After all, I'm not the Biblical Job. I never made the list of the worst 3! To God be the glory. Hallelujah praise the Lord.

Looking back now, when you see me in a relaxed mood on Fridays these days, just know where I'm coming from. I'm no longer a slave to Friday fears, I'm a child of God!

I've critically analysed my then self and I've been able to isolate some problems and how I was able to solve them and my findings may actually help some persons who exhibit similar traits today. I was not dull, I've never been! I probably discovered early that I was a fast learner who learns seamlessly and tended to over rely on residual knowledge. I probably wasn't paying attention in class because I felt I had already absorbed enough points or knowledge that could earn me the least pass mark, so why bother my little brain? Laziness at its peak on display! I wasn't distracted, in fact, distraction brings out the best in me. There was no examination I wrote in my undergraduate days that I did not take at least 2 bottles of beer before writing and I have never had 1 carryover in my entire life, with all modesty. 

My course mates are reading this and they can challenge me.
How did I conquer my issues? I settled down. I humbled myself. I became a READER. I became intentional and stopped being accidental. I started reading because I wanted to know. I began to read because I knew that I was going to marry "two wives" -Mech and my books for the rest of my life.

Then, I also discovered that I am not your kind of student who asks questions or answers any in class. Just give me biro and paper and bring it on. I may not have been the best "speaker" around, but what I lack in my buccal cavity, God has given me in my pen and I'm eternally grateful to Him, the giver of Life itself.

Today, the eyes ache, but the pair of glasses bring succour and so much relief to the wearer. Keep on believing in yourself. Keep on reading. Keep on shining. Readers are leaders.

Thank God It's Friday! Now we can shout it out on top of our voices in Gath and on the streets of Askelon!

It's Kunle


  1. Interesting,thank God it's Friday

  2. Baba you too much. I was exactly like you. Matter of fact I repeated a class. But when I "woke" up it was gangster for everyone. I realised my peak was early morning reading. From 5am to 12 noon. Once am done that's it and it's fire. I eventually graduated with the best result both in 2 decrees. I thank God.

  3. I have always been a bright child and came out tops during my nursery ,primary and secondary ,but poverty humbled me in the University, hustling to get what to eat and also pay different fees while being physically challenged was not easy at all, but thank God I still graduated but with a 2.2 though. I know I am more intelligent than that, but in Nigeria, examination / results is use to access how intelligent a person is.

  4. Yes Mr Kunle, your pen is indeed blessed.

    I hated secondary school, never understood anything, everything the teachers were talking about felt like latin to me maybe because I was 9 years old in JSS1, (my mom had to swear to an affidavit that I was 10 years old and my birth cert had a little error on it if not I wouldn't have been admitted). I was finally 'promoted on Trial' to Jss2.

    Came home, my sweet mama encouraged me and also got me a lesson teacher but mehn it was tough o. My little brain really suffered but thank God sha I never repeated any class.
    I had a lesson teacher even till my SS3πŸ˜ƒ.

    1. In my own days in secondary school,It was 'fail and fail out', meaning once you fail you will be expelled .You don't 'repeat'.
      Hot brains here and there.
      'Olodos' were not allowed.

  5. This took me back to secondary school. Mayflower days. Every one with 5 F9 and above got conference beating and head shaving.

  6. Secondary school was not so rosy for me too o, I was average or nearly average but I became more knowledgeable about myself in the university and stopped every form of midnight reading.
    Some of my friends in university thought my secondary school did partial when I told them I wasn't a school prefect. They didn't know how it went.

  7. What you have described above is a child with ADD/ ADHD. Nigeria does not focus on this. Read up about it and see why you all had your challenges.

    1. Yes! You start out smart, if not properly understood by age 12 everything seems overwhelming and confusing till like age 19/21. With support, prayers and a healthy diet. The kids do well.

    2. I've gone to Google the concept and I agree with you in to-to. Thanks for educating us.

  8. I understand you perfectly well Kunle😊.

  9. Hmmmmm,nice read. I was also very brilliant back then in primary school,until arithmetic turned to mathematics

  10. Very enlightening article as always, kudos Mr Kunle. My daughter in high school is kind of how you were. She relies so much on residual knowledge, I always have to push her a bit more because I’m not comfortable with settling for average grades when she can do so much better. It’s great to know one comes out of such mindset eventually.


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