Stella Dimoko DSS Warns Nigerians On The Security Implications Of Flaunting Wealth On The Social Media....


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Saturday, July 24, 2021

DSS Warns Nigerians On The Security Implications Of Flaunting Wealth On The Social Media....

The Department of State Services (DSS) has warned Nigerians on the security implications of flaunting affluence.
It said flaunting wealth poses great security risk.

Mr Paul Oduh , the Deputy Director, Security Enforcement of the secret service in Kwara Command, on Friday at a public forum warned that public display of affluence, poses grave security risk for the flaunter.

His warning was conveyed in the paper he presented at a symposium organised by the state branch of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA).

Oduh claimed that such show of affluence in public was one of the factors that usually attract the attention of criminal elements.

He explained that uncontrolled exhibition of flamboyant lifestyle and deliberate show of affluence has the potency of attracting kidnappers, bandits and other criminals.

The DSS deputy director pointed out that these were not the best of times to show off in the country, especially when considering current security challenges.

“People must adopt moderate lifestyles, so as not to fall prey to these criminal elements,” he said.

Oduh also observed that boastful attitude and maintaining habitual daily routine can also make someone prone to avoidable attacks.

He explained that keeping negative habitual routines, such as keeping late nights all the time, and driving on a particular route every time can also put individuals under observation by all manners of attackers.

“The country is ravaged by insecurity on daily basis, However, people should not despair, security should be concern of all people and they must be enlightened on it,” he said.

“Security can never be 100 per cent everywhere in the world. People should be knowledgeable enough on those things they can do to protect themselves.

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  1. He is right on this one.People should learn to be extra careful when flaunting money

    1. I got to know Cubana here on this blog,the guy at the burial is a slim dark guy,the Cubana featured here in the past is one chubby guy like that,I am a bit confused bikonu,Obi Cubana,Cubana chieft priest now seem to be 2 different people.

    2. Yes, they are two different people. Cubana chiefpriest was manager/barman of Obi's nightclub until recently when he branched off on his own. He chiefpriest, actually popularised the name and brand on social media.

  2. Obi Cubana: If you want to talk to me talk to me direct, don't be coming from the corner.

    1. As inπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

    2. Na that yeye chief priest bring out the guy leg, hes been a low key flyer.

    3. How is Chief Priest yeye? He was doing his job. He single handedly marketed the Cubana brand and made it a mainstream celeb brand. In 2021, marketing involves some noise. Cubana himself is not a noise maker, so he hired someone who will.

  3. True talk,cause the rate of kidnapping for ransone is on the increase on daily basis

    1. On the other hand,
      ~ how about those kidnapped students? Did their parents,(50 or in some cases 30 kids) flaunt wealth?
      ~ What of the villagers being butchered in Benue state by herds men? Did they display affluence?
      ~The Christians targeted in Borno & most of those northern states, did their daily lifestyles exude richness?
      ~ etc etc.

      When the government under PMB & under that APC umbrella has failed, they should stop pushing blame on the masses.

      There will always be crimes from the underworld. But when there are these audacious killings in order to take a people's land, territory, in order to 'islamize' the country, it shows there is another agenda from the ruling heads.

  4. Obi cubana do wonders so tey DSS don take over efcc to give advice.

    Onye dots causing problems

    1. As in eh...

      D guy gave 'em sleepless night of what kinda equation to solve after the burial.

      Una don hear dss

  5. Oba burial heating up the beats. Ife di n' Oba

  6. Do your job, provide security, why una dey fear to do your job. All the people bandits are kidnapping, Which weather did they display, the wicked people kidnapped my school mate's child from school with other school kids. Which wealth did they display? Small children for that matter. God will punish these useless politicians and their followers, yeye people cant provide security to its people dey here dey yarn opata


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