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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Favourite Celeb Instagram Photos..

 The right door will open without you knocking sef......


  1. Kaisha ,bhet why?
    Lovin' me some Dayan!

    1. Pls Medlin Boss and Nimsdefabulous are they fighting. I remember when Stella use to post them travelling together and wearing same clothes like twins.
      Their friendship was hot. Medlin was always in Abuja at Nims house, even for xmas.
      Today is Nims birthday and Medlin didnt even post her. Hope all is well?
      Has the friendship scatter like the former twinnies Havilah and Nkechi Ngonadi,forgotten her insta name.

  2. Replies
    1. Your man? Since when?πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ½

  3. Kai my cousin bought fake bone straight 26 inches for 170k for her birthday now she's regretting. See wetin pepper dem dey cause.
    Seeing kaisha's pic reminded me of my cousin's bone S

    1. If its fake let her return it nah. She shld know that hair wont be original. I bought 14inches 180k about 4yrs ago when dollar wasnt even this bad,. I havnt even bought hair in 3yrs.
      Original 26 inches you will spend 300k and above for it. Some can go for 500k sef,if its dat expensive brand,cant mention her name here.
      This stuff makes me remember one hair vendor dat will do sale of buy 5hair for 50k. As in HOW do you expect to buy real human hair 10k a piece; did the seller use gun to buy it from Vietnam?
      Just buy yaki 10k,fic and rest. Aferall na yaki we dey wear before.

  4. Why do I get the impression that Peggy Ovire is a good girl?

    I love Don Jazzy's lifestyle. He is just cool and responsible.

    Diane Russet is so rude. I wrote a review of one of her short films on YouTube. We posted the link on twitter and tagged her, but the upcoming actress didn't respond. We also wrote a review of a popular Hollywood film and tagged the lead actress. Could you guys believe that she actually responded. She sent us words of encouragement, liked the tweet, retweeted it and shared it on other social media platforms. This is an actress that is a hundred billion times more popular and relevant than Diane Russet. Nigerian local celebrities think it's beneath them to engage their fans on Social media.

    Is Kaisha not a Muslim? A typical northern Muslim man might let his Christian wife practice her religion, but his kids are definitely practising Islam.

    Eve Esin hasn't been able to break into new Nollywood. She is such a good actress. I wonder why she only gets roles in Asabawood.

    Tecno, the colorist (for lack of a better word). I can't call him a racist because he is black, even though he is light-skinned. He discriminates against dark-skinned video vixens who audition for his music videos. Werey! He thinks he is a white man. The only time he had dark-skinned women in his video was in that boring song of his titled "Woman".

    1. Lol. You should know that many Nigerian celebrities handle their social media handles themselves. They end up too busy to go through tons of msgs.

      Go figure

    2. Tekno uses both dark and light skinned Nigerian video vixens in his music videos,


      Even if he chooses to use only light skinned vixens in his videos, it shouldn't be a problem because they're not white vixens, they're full blooded African Nigerian women. You people should stop creating problems where there is non and allow people breathe.

    3. Wondering why you did not mention the Hollywood Actress while praising her but chose to mention Diane who you shamed.

    4. Chisom, it should be a problem if a black man keeps using light-skinned African ladies in his music videos. A lot of video vixens have accused Tekno of discrimination and colorism. Google it, please. He probably used a few black vixens to deflect criticism.

      We all know how hard it is for dark-skinned actresses in showbiz to gain recognition. I don't want to mention names, but we have a lot of popular models and actresses whose ticket to fame is their light complexion. Black actresses and models have to work twice as hard to get recognition. Don't mention Genevieve, Ini Edo, Kate Henshaw, etc to counter my argument. These ladies are hardworking and the efforts they've put in their craft through the years eventually paid off. The truth is, they wouldn't have had to work so hard if they were light-skinned.

      Even in America, the most successful African-American female artists are light-skinned eg. Beyonce, Rihanna, Cardi B, Mariah, Nicky Minaj, Alicia Keys, etc. It can't be gainsaid that these artists are talented, but their complexion aided their rise to stardom. Jennifer Hudson is a better singer than all the names I have mentioned, but she is not on their level. Do you know it's because she is dark-skinned?

      Why is it that most beauty pageant titleholders in Nigeria are light-skinned? We must accept that colorism is a problem.

      Anon 18:55, I didn't shame Diane Russet. I only pointed out that we took time to write a glowing review of her film and she ignored it.

    5. He uses both colours in all his music videos, we all haven't forgotten about the angry dark skinned vixen that got mad at him because he didn't choose her in the particular music video that made her accuse him of discriminating against dark skinned vixens and people refuted the false claims by her that year because Nigerians aren't blind to see that she did it from a place of anger, jealousy and pain because the owner of the song and music video made his choice which obviously wasn't her. Tekno had been using dark skinned vixens and almost all skin shades of the Nigerian women in all his music videos since the days of 'Holiday' music video which is like his first single in the music industry so there's nothing like deflecting from any untrue criticism and evil story that you and your likes are trying so hard to sell to the public. Every male Nigerian musician uses both dark skinned and light skinned video vixens in their music videos, some even use white vixens so i don't understand why you singled Tekno out because he isn't doing anything different from what the rest of his colleagues in the industry are doing. You lied that 'woman' was his only song that he used dark skinned vixens and called the song boring, could it be coming from a place of hate because all of those songs i listed above are older than 'woman'? I repeat, leave Tekno the hell alone, he isn't guilty of the accusations your forcing on him.

      It is also not Tekno's faults that racism strongly exists in Hollywood, i mean, he can't be running his business here in Nollywood and be controlling the entertainment in Hollywood too, he has no business with the American entertainment industry so i don't understand why you're linking Tekno's music videos to the Americans and their business. Before those female musicians you mentioned above, don't forget that there were the likes of, Whitney Huston, Laureen Hill, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Lil Kim, Chaka Khan.... etc. These were all powerful dark skinned black women that owned the music industry and the world will continue to pay homage to, how many white female musicians can hold a candle to these legends? As for the Jennifer Hudson you used as a comparison to Bey, Rih and Nicky, true, she got the voice and sings perfectly too but in all sincerity, ask yourself this, is she as consistent as the other ladies? Yea Rih took a break from music to push her other businesses but before then, is JH more consistent than her, Bey and Nicki? The younger generations of dark skinned black Queens are winning as well, H. E. R, Meghan The Stallion and the rest so please, allow us hear word. It becomes a a problem when a full blooded black African man gets angry at a fellow black African man doing things right and winning it because of the weird and confusing excuse that he/she is light skinned, i can never understand this. The Tekno you're bashing, isn't he light skinned himself? Why aren't you mad at him too for his complexion? Should light skinned women go into hiding so you dark skinned peeps will be satisfied? Bottom line is we are all same race, same continent and same Nigerians, let's stop the tribalism amongst us first and stop pitching women against each other biko, light skinned Nigerian women did not do anything to anybody and they'd continue to do great things just like the dark skinned women are too. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO STOP THE DISCRIMINATION, NOT TEKNO.

    6. And why won't i mention Genny the Queen, Ini, Kate and the rest, why not? Weren't there super light skinned actors too during that era of our Nollywood, why didn't they try as hard as these women? Any sane human that wants to excel in their various fields in life must work twice or thrice as hard to gain the recognition and respect, if you are mediocre and lazy, the people that puts in the work will always be miles ahead of you, your skin tone will never help your lazy ass.

      Beverly Naya
      Osas Ighodaro
      Inidima Okojie
      Destiny Etiko
      Lola Akindoju
      Jemima Osunde. All dark skinned and doing well for themselves just as,

      Racheal Okonkwo
      Chinenye Uba
      Nancy Isime
      Uju Okoli
      Sharon Oja
      Adesua Etomi
      Linda Ejiofor. Are all light skinned and smashing it as well. We should all stop wailing unnecessarily.

  5. @Dian
    When the door opens without your knocking, who are you meeting on the other side with your breasts well displayed?
    That one no be holy journey oπŸ₯🐀😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  6. Replies
    1. Beautiful because her breasts are outside😏😏😏😏

  7. AY stop BLEACHING. Just look at your skin. DISGUSTING!!! Jeeezz

    1. AY isn't bleaching. A lot of Nigerians suffer from skin damage caused by the sun and lack of proper care. When they make money and take better care of their skins, people like you accuse them of bleaching. You need to stop.

    2. I like you already Mr.D.

  8. Russet, you and all your sisters that opened breasts or thighs should share
    these baskets of shame 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺

  9. @Keisha
    this one you stoop push out nyansh back camera, you dey poop? 😝😝😝😝😝

  10. Eve Esin doesn't like to na have her age, she's looks far matured than the way she's carrying herself

    1. Are you insane how dyu mean she doesnt behave her age? Is there a template of the way people should behave based on their age? You people are WICKED and you wan a box her into a corner. Dyu know her age? WITCH

  11. Eve Esin doesn't like to behave her age, she's looks far matured than the way she's carrying herself

  12. Don JazzyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Don jazzy,this ur picture Na juju be dis o.


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