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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Interesting New Movies To Watch / Spoiler Alert...

 There are so many movies to watch but we need to know the ones we need to watch.....The ones that make us sit on edge with fear and excitement....

The ones that make us feel the scene is real!

Name you 10 best movies of all times... 

Please add spoiler alerts for me, I don't mind..... lol


  1. All American season 3.

    The tomorrow war, ah make una watch this film, na action/alien movie. 🔥

    The ice Road.

    No sudden move.

    Army of the dead, this particular movieeeeee cheiii, just goan watch

    1. Please you guys should try to watch JAILER

  2. Unholy
    Those who wish me dead
    Wrath- These are all Hollywood
    I've also been following The handmaid's tale series.
    I completed Into the badlands last week
    All nice and highly recommended

    1. Into the badlands has a new season? I love that series.

    2. No new season.

    3. Am watching The handmaid's tale, Really nice series. Into the badlands,a classic

  3. Ready or not. It’s horror sha

    1. That's a wonderful movie. The kind that Sparks marital gist on SDK

  4. I will be back to read suggestions and reviews. Guys pls recommend interesting seasonal movies.

  5. I just watched Wentworth, it's portray how prison life is for women it's an English. I had to stop cos I was it was so toxic for me, but very nice movie. I watched till season 5

    1. Wondering what happened to Orange is the new black

    2. Orange is the new black has ended... and it ended well. Wentworth is not that bad thou. Any one interested should watch Lupin. Most series are ended now till September.

  6. Rattlesnake is out on netflix guys and it was a delight to watch. Wahala for who no dey understand igbo sha.

    1. I downloaded it last night but couldn't watch as I was too tired from the garri frying I did earlier I'm the day. First time I fried 50kg bag of garri with my bro. I'll watch it today with this Somkele's movie....a soldier's story: return from the dead.

      Please someone should suggest a British romance movie for me. Something in the line of Bridgerton

    2. Please watch Bridgerton.....its a British romance series.i just finished season 1.There are some ad scenes.but you will love it.

    3. What happened to is not an iBook movie, mainly English and snippets of iBooks. I am igala and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Weldon Ramsey Noah

  7. Dunno how new this is but I just watched Playing with fire with John Cena and I found it quite hilarious

  8. 10 best movies of all time? I don't even know where to start from. Just know that "Rocky" tops the list.
    Anyhoo, there are some people you will see in a movie and you will start laughing. I really can't take them serious. I saw "The last OG" series, the moment I saw Tracy Morgan I lost it.😂 Yesterday, I watched "Fatherhood". It's an emotional movie but come on Something is just not right with Kevin Hart crying.😂😂

  9. Fighting with my family staring Dwayne Johnson, Lena Heady, Frorence Hugh etc.
    Quite entertaining movie

  10. I watched the silence on Netflix and was on edge throughout.

  11. Jailer on YouTube really nice.

    1. I watched it last week. It's quite interesting.

  12. Ratched on Netflix looks interesting. Watched the pilot episode.

  13. Watch "SEE" starring Jason Momoa,the second season will premiere in August

  14. Watch "SEE" Starring Jason Momoa,the season 2 will premiere in August.

  15. My best movies if All Time (I don't do Comedy)

    Get Out
    So close
    Pet Semadtary
    The Nun
    Ready or Not
    The Unholy
    So many interesting films to watch

    1. Gosh that pet cemetary is a horrible movie. Haunted me for days after watching it and I am a horror movie buff. Ready or not has a part 2 in the works. I expected more from unholy, it didn't cut it for me. Sinister is kinda creepy too, the thought of children killing their parents **throws up**

  16. Hitman Wife's Bodyguard 2
    Quiet place 2
    No Sudden moves
    The Tomorrow War

    They just came out...really quite good. If you haven't watched the part 1, watch them first before watching these.

    Also, I recommend Paper's an independent movie but really good and funny.
    Reminds me of the early days of Jackie Chan.

  17. Lambs of God
    The village
    Queen sugar
    The upshaws(comedy)
    The neighborhood (comedy)
    The family business
    Seal team
    Sex education
    Behind her eyes
    All are series & they are quite interesting.

  18. Sexlife,just finished watching it

  19. Abeg anybody knows better nollywood movie make unu suggest o, thank you, i nor they fit watch oyibo people own again. BTW, watched rattlesnake and it was really good, kudos to Ramsey Noah, this guy is going places, he is really good.

  20. Please who has watched the mystic River? Its a series in Netflix. I want to know if it's worth my time.

    1. Mystic river is good, the only issue with it is that its incomplete, seems it's a series, only first season is on netflix.

    2. Thanks Star :)

      Amy A

  21. Blood and Water season 1. South African series on Netflix

  22. It irritates me when people refer to series as movies. **Rolls eyes**

    Recommended Foreign movies to watch2021 in no particular order (movies I enjoyed watching)

    Army of the dead
    Paper spiders
    Quiet place 2
    The conjuring. (Devil made me do it)
    Kindred ( a British movie that talks about pregnancy and paranoia that comes with it,at the end of the movie, you will be left wondering if the woman was really paranoid or if people were really after her)
    Wrath of man
    Those who wish me dead (storyline had some holes but it's an ok movie to watch and pass time)
    Black widow (out this week, I know marvel will do justice, haven't watched it but I know)
    Together together (I liked this movie cos it spoke on a subject that is still very hush hush in Nigeria, 'surrogacy')
    Godzilla Vs Kong (I even forgot I watched this, it's easily forgettable. If you are a fan of carnage and big creatures destroying buildings and terrains, then you'd love this)
    Mortal Kombat (not a fan, didn't bother watching, but my brother and hubby say it's a good movie, better than previous installments)
    Little things
    Raya and the last dragon (if you like animation)
    Luca (if you like animation)
    Nobody (if you like fight fight)
    Misfits(I slept off while watching. You can watch it to pass time sha.)
    Woman in the window
    Chaos walking (a dystopian movie. Watch to pass time plus concentrate to understand. The movie get as e be)
    The hitman's wifes bodyguard (funny and full of action, don't know why it wasn't rated high on critic sites)
    The Mitchell's Vs the machines (animation)
    The unholy (horror movie, just there)
    I am all girls (south African movie about abduction of girls and child trafficking)
    Thunder force (I only watched it cos it had Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer)
    White tiger (Indian movie. Liked it)


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