Stella Dimoko Job Seeker Iniobong Umoren's Killer Update Needed


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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Job Seeker Iniobong Umoren's Killer Update Needed

One Uduak Frank Akpan raped and killed Twitter job-seeker Iniobong Umoren and buried the body in a shallow grave in his father’s compound. The Akwa Ibom State Police Command made the shocking revelation while announcing the arrest of Akpan.

This is just a reminder that some of us Nigerians are still waiting for Justice to be carried out on this case...

Nigerian Police how far? Where is Frank Akpan? He was paraded with a Doctored story on his lips, the least you people can do is to update us .......


  1. Let's keep calling out this failed government, until we get an answer and justice for Ini Umoren

  2. Stella thank you but just know say the matter is dead because they have settled the senior sister with job.

    It is well with the little girl. May she continue to rest well

  3. I thought of this last night and I couldn't sleep. God punish anyone involved in this girl's death. May the God of Vengeance avenge her. Amen
    Rest in perfect peace Iniobong.

  4. Kudos Stella, kudos.

  5. Where is Frank the killer?/

  6. What a coincidence, i just thought about this girl this morning.. All i know is that the guy will die too, very very soon.

  7. I won't be surprised if they have quietly released him with an instruction that he leaves the country by road.

    Where are our human rights activists when you need them? Has this case gone cold?

    1. The case has gone cold. Typical of Nigeria.
      This country is a joke. Poor girl wanted to earn a living the legit way and then this fool killed her.
      This is one of the reasons Nigerians do jungle justice.

  8. The last I heard about this issue was that the DSS had taken over the investigation of this case.

  9. Thank you Stella.
    I mean this, thank you very much.

  10. And how about Evans, hasn't he been escorted abroad?

  11. Stella, the DSS have taken over the case. But I still dont trust this move cos this is Nigera.
    I heard last 2 weeks that Emem, the guy who linked Iniobong to Uduak Frank was released from custody. This Emem guy is a son of a renowned pastor in Akwa Ibom, and his father and other evil people have been doing all they can to quash the case.

    From all indications, #JusticeForHinyUmoren may be really difficult to achieve because top NNPC staff, Akpabio himself, and notable Akwa Ibom politicians are linked to the case, and trust me they are seriously fighting to nip this case in the bud.

  12. Nobody is saying anything again,even her wa o
    God bless u jewelu for this.

  13. Hmmmmmmmm Stella i applaud your efforts but this is Nigeria & the case has been swept un the carpet just like that of Uwa ( the girl that was raped inside the church last year)

  14. This case was exposed on Twitter but how can we put pressure on them now when they conveniently banned Twitter to hide their evils

  15. God will not all them bury this case

  16. Stella leave matter for Mathias, the family was given 20 million and a job.
    The family is not talking so who I'm I to carry person matter for head.
    The lawyer that came in from Abuja and meet the family members, what do you think he heard and saw that made him withdraw.

  17. 1 KINGS 26:1-16

    King Ahab coveted the small vineyard of ordinary Naboth. Jezebeel, King Ahab's wife had Naboth killed and gave Naboth's land to her husband.
    THEN , GOD SENT HIS SERVANT, Prophet Elijah with a Word - "Death of King Ahab, his evil wife, Jezebeel and AN END TO THEIR LINEAGE!
    So shall it be unto the murderer of Ini Umoren and his cohorts - PAINFUL, SHAMEFUL DEATHS & EXTINCTION of their lineage forever!

    Their wealth will fail them. Nobody will give them succour or come to their help. The things that give pleasure will be torturous to them all the days of their life!

    As long as the LORD Almighty, the God of vengeance lives, EVERYONE that had a hand in the death of Ini Umoren and many other innocent souls will never go free in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🙏🙏


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