Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 309


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Monday, July 12, 2021

Labour Room Drama 309


Hubby and I decided to try for a second child, tried once and it entered, as usual I had a bad first trimester, nausea, weakness, loss of appetite etc...but by second trimester I was ok...third trimester came fast and my tummy was small

Was at work and was feeling cramps checked myself at close of work and behold the bloody show (sign that labour has begun),so I went home told hubby, we packed our load and off to hospital, got to hospital and met a doctor who checked to see how far I dilated

Now everyone who's gone through labour especially in Nigeria will tell you that's the most painful.. when they put their finger in you to check your level of dilation...gooooddddd,I screamed ehn,anyway I was just 3cm but at least it was certain it was true labour not false

I was admitted, doctor left to attend to other patients...came back and said I was 35weeks..and labour came too I was given injections to assist lung activity in the child or so they said...through out the night I didn't dilate past 3cm,before my Labour day I had opted for epidural because mehn I can't kill myself...anesthesiologist came the next day...abandoned me and was attending to others,no wahala, nurse came and said I had to be augmented as labour was now proceeding, at this I got scared, because I had my first child via this means and it was painful,so I requested to be given anesthesia before augmentation, now the problem was that the anesthesiologist was attending to women in theatre for c.s and had been there for hours

I told them I'll wait, so I waited and waited 6hours later gynaecologist walks in and starts shouting that I should take the option and anesthesiologist will come this point my husband and him had a fight and I had to settle them, after few minutes anesthesiologist walks in and carried me for epidural, at this point my bp was 158/90 and i had to be given drugs to reduce the bp immediately

Epidural was activated as well as oxytocin used for argumentation, I don't know which one knocked each other off but I was feeling pain, I kept on wondering when the epidural will kick kept on enduring and crying and my husband was shocked I was in pain.. meanwhile anesthesiologist and gynaecologist had gone home..and doctor was attending to other people, by 8 In the night I had the urge to poop, told hubby to go downstairs and tell him I want to poop,ooo, the doctor told hubby I was meant to give birth by 11 not 8 since I was augmented by 6(at 3cm),hubby came back and told me

I sent 4 other people including a woman In labour to call the doctor because I was already pushing, doctor said it wasn't time yet for me, at this stage hubby who had paid for a failed epidural went and hijacked the man and carried him upstairs, the man came shouting on me that am not supposed to give birth now bla bla, as he was talking I was pushing and he immediately checked me and rushed me to theatre,by the time he reached theatre I had already burst my cervix, and they had to hurriedly set me up for pushing, I pushed and when the head came out I decided to rest as I was tired until I received hot slap from. doctor and nurse then I pushed out the rest

Nurse cleaned baby up and gave him to hubby,then the stitching started, they stitched abi sutured my cervix, sutured my vagina, now they give you anaesthesia to stitch, doctor has given me up to 24injectioons at the point and when he was done found out my anus needed stitching and proceeded without anaesthesia even after I begged

He said I should endure that I have a low pain the suturing took 1hour 30mins,I timed it, after I saw hell being sutured I was cleaned up and I walked to my room.. laid down and rested, the next day I prepared cis bath for myself as the stupid hospital doesn't do it(cis birth helps in reducing pain after being stitched,it does other wonders too)

Haaa before I forget I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy....the pain I went through has made me forget my bundle of joy..some hospitals are mad...I  reported the doctor and the hospital apologised profusely. God will help Nigeria and their health professionals

Kisses from me and my Irish twins (if you know you know...wink wink)

The Doc and Nurse both landed you two hot slaps? for what????????????????? this story is so annoying eh.....what!!!


  1. Congratulations on your bundle of joy. Nigeria is hard and all the citizens are iron

    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "12 July 2021 at 14:54

      I had to adjust Myself at different intervals while reading this Labour room drama. My heart beat for you poster, this is horror abeg unto your own money o. Thank God for your life and that of your baby. Thank God your husband was also present i just imagine how e for be! Abeg this your story reach make person no breet, above all I rejoice with you and please do not patronise that hospital even for free.

    2. What kind of unfortunate hospital is that!!!
      Anaesthesiologist too went home when you had not given birth? Ahh, one chance!!
      And then the doctor that timed you abandoned you when you sent for him? Did he graduate from school yesterday to not know that all those timing are just approximations and labour can go shorter or longer than proposed time??
      I hope you dragged their silly arses after you gave birth.
      Thank God for you and baby, that was close abeg.

    3. Oh great just saw you reported the incompetent people.

    4. Poster, why did you push when they said you shouldn't?.
      You now used your nti ike and tore your cervix. Do you know how difficult it is to stitch cervix?. 1hr try sha oo.
      Some of una no dey hear word.
      The only thing wrong here is the attitude of this doctor and the slap.
      I dont even blame him sef.
      Naija health care needs an overhaul. 1 doctor will be on call attending to loads of patients for 24hours and be taking home 120k tops. If your baby had issues cos you stopped pushing, I bet you would have found ways to sue them.
      I bet when he was begging you to push and you were wasting time, someone else needed his attention as a matter of life and death.
      It's a cycle y'all.
      If we keep cheating the system, doctors will keep leaving and this experience wont stop. Unless you go to the expensive hospitals.
      Let's all hold Buhari accountable.
      Forgive the typos. I never chop. Stella please post

  2. What kind of labour room drama did I just read!!!!

    Poster, pls Sue. No one has the right to treat a patient that way. How dyu even time when someone is supposed to give birth based on cms dilated???? What kind of suturing were they suturing for 1h 30mins. Some people need to relearn work. Na wa.

    Congrats on ur bundle of Joy. That's the most important thing.

    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "12 July 2021 at 14:55

      Just imagine sewing for hours, shey na clothe ni?

    2. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "12 July 2021 at 14:58

      So some Doctors argue like Mad Men hmmmmmmm, o boy this story off me o, person wey never born before no need read this kind, make fear for no grip the person.

    3. I think I was 7cm dilated and the doctor said I was not progressing hence oxytocin was administed. .and immediately I felt the urge to push and the doctor was telling me it was not time....I started pooing on their bed ooo and before they could finish cleaning me up baby's head was out...he came out and I had no tear at all

    4. See this country ehn, na God go help us.
      I was stitched for 1hr 30mins without anaesthetic. They brought out my womb to see if it has torn and I went through all this without any pain killer....I saw heaven and came back menh! Now we should be trying for our second child but that memory hasn't completely disappeared. It took me 6 whole month before doing the do again because of the keloid that formed at my area...women are too wonderful honestly

  3. Oh dearπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ€•πŸ€•πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€§πŸ€§

    Such a stressful day. So much, but to God be the glory for everything.

    My best wishes to you and 'our'twins 😁😁😁

    Is this who my mind is telling me.. I Sha don't know how to guess.

    Cheers to you 😍😍

  4. Hmmm.. it is well. Thank God for save delivery. NA God hand we dey for this Naija.

  5. Congrats

    Nigerian doctors can just transfer aggression to some innocent person ehhn, like the way your husband dealt with them shaπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚, they'll be acting like they know it all

  6. That was how I was told to go home that I won't give birth till evening. Thank God I insisted on staying, the nurse was saying I should go and sleep on a bed,since the hospital bed dey hungry me, lo and behold 45 mins later I had a urge to push, she no just send me, until a consultant came in and saw me, the consultant just quietly put on the long gloves they use and receive baby and asked me to push, I push like 3 times and my baby boy was born to the glory of God,I called my pastor when they said I winy give birth till evening and he said I will give birth before 1 hr that I should forget what the nurse said

  7. OMG 😭. If you've never experienced this suturing before you won't understand.
    Thank God that it ended in praise mama "behold" 😊. I pray you heal very well and fast too.

  8. Stella, she was slapped because it was dangerous wasting time after the head has emerged. The slap will revive her mind into pushing out the little one or else, na bad news.

    It might not be face slap but lap slap. Nigeria system is still in the 18th century. 😁

  9. Congratulations for your buddle of joy..ThankGod for coming through for you.

  10. The stitching traumatised me... all those places? Wow... I'd be done with vaginal births.

  11. Congratulations to your family.

    I can't feel your pains when reading this!

  12. Lagos Mainland Girl12 July 2021 at 15:18

    Glad you are doing good with your baby

    That's why some people go abroad to give birth because of some Nigerian nurses/doctors

  13. Doctors and nurses in Nigeria are so funny at not paying proper attention to patients. You will be complaining what is happening to you but because they have programmed their mind on something they will never listen to you or come and Check.

    Imagine the doctor shouting that you cannot give birth as at the time you called him. He is behaving like he is God. This same attitude made my brother and his wife to lose their son 3 hours after giving birth to a healthy baby that came out well but the nurse and doctor ignore my sil complain about her baby.

    Congratulations to you posted.

  14. I had goose bumps reading this. My threshold for pain is so low too

  15. Congratulations on your bundle of joy

    That's how they made me almost give birth in the toilet saying it's not yet if them be God... had to pee boom baby was coming


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