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Friday, July 30, 2021

Mrs Dees Corner - Acts Of Kindness By Random People

Ever shown someone kindness before without expecting anything in return?

Some Nigerians have one tales of woe or the other to prove their point that Nigerians can be wicked, dishonest, dubious and unkind, but it is the one act of kindness from a total stranger that puts a silver lining of hope in an otherwise dark cloud of despair.

I remember the early days of my first pregnancy, when I experienced severe nausea and threw up even on the road to and from work.

 I was coming home one evening when nausea hit me like the force of a sudden heavy rain. I hastened my steps with the hope that I could hold it till I got home, but I was overpowered by it and didn't know when I emptied my stomach beside a food seller. I was a bit scared because I didn't know how she would react and I was just apologizing non-stop, but she waved it off and even offered me sachet water to clean up while asking me repeatedly if I was okay. I was surprised by her kindness because I expected the reverse.

My fees for the first two years of university were paid by a total stranger who didn't know me from Adam and the shocking part was he never asked for anything in return. Each time I see his Christian quotes on Facebook, I am reminded that there are still people who are sincere in worshipping God and all hope is not lost in humanity.

I do not hesitate to help in the little way I can to random persons. It could be by paying the transport fare of an individual who has no money or tipping the supermarket attendant.

Showing kindness should have no barriers, it can be to those close to us or to unknown people.


  1. Yes, these acts of kindness makes the world a bit bearable.
    We should try to also do it, in my own little capacity

  2. This post reminds me of a bike guy I gave extra money last year December. He told me about how he has to relocate down to the West from the North because bandits burnt down their village and how the were targeting Christians in his village.
    After then, he said he prays that Nigeria will not divide because Christians up in the North will suffer alot.
    I was so moved and decided to gift him something for Christmas when he dropped me, anytime I remember how surprised he was, I'm always grateful to God that I had money on me that day.

  3. πŸŽΆπŸŽ™πŸŽ΅ You've got to try a little kindness, show a little kindness, shine the light for everyone to see🎡

  4. I will not forget the first admission I gained into uniben.
    I cudnt clear cos I had a D in English. So I was told to go home and try again
    I was so young and helpless
    I cudnt stop crying.
    I needed to tolk to someone but I didn't know anyone.
    A woman saw me and asked what was wrong. Sighs!!!
    Oh God!! Bless that woman for me.
    She listened to me like a mother.
    She took me from faculty to faculty if dey cud admit me so I can be in school and rewrite neco and jamb
    None could, their policy was that u must at least have a C in English. I cudnt go home cos it's shameful nau.after packing ur tins and going to school den u come back with stories.ha!!!!
    This woman kept me in her house, someone that doesn't know me from Adam.
    I stayed in her place and rewrote all my papers. And I made all.
    Good people abound.God bless Dem.

  5. People don’t know the rewards that come with doing things for people without expecting anything in return.

    Not too long ago, a friend of mine who never asks me for anything was telling me about how her business has gone so bad that she was going to bank that evening to loan a fairly big sum of money. Seeing that I hate loans for businesses as it just puts extreme pressure on the business owner.

    I offered to loan her half of the money and she can then refund me whenever she can. She was so appreciative that it totally weakened me so I asked that she not consider it as a loan and should not bother paying back.

    The double money I received for this act of generosity ehn in the most absurd way possible is a testimony I’m waiting to share some other day.

    I am a strong believer of when u give without expecting anything in return, you will be blessed in ways u don’t expect.

    Despite not being a very strong Christian, I believe this is what has been taken me to where I am today, the prayers of others

  6. Yes a little bit of kindness makes the world a better place.

    So i boarded a bus yesterday from my place going to Ojuelegba. As i alighted from the bus and crossed over to the other side of the road to take a bus to Yaba, there was an argument between a conductor and a woman. Apparently, she entered the bus and didn't have money to pay. The conductor threw her bags on the floor and was holding her clothes wanting to tear them and he was chanting "pay me my money". I pleaded with the conductor to leave her and i paid him.

    I really felt bad that the conductor wanted to strip a woman because of #100. Although it was wrong of the woman to have entered the bus without telling the conductor of her plight but the conductor shouldn't have done that.

  7. It pays to show kindness.

  8. Yes i paid 140k for the hospital bills of a girl who had a bike accident, i sent 100k to girl i met on instagramm to start a small bussiness and i gave a guy i met on facebook 60k to start a small poultry bussiness, and many others. They are all total strangers, never met them before

  9. Its good to help and expect nothing in return,been out of work for years now,not been able to start up a business,still on the lookout for any kind of job at least to put food on the table..still helped housed a young lady who gave birth with the partner ghosting her since the delivery..I have asked her to go home to her parents in the East..I wish I could actually do more..buh my hands are tied.God bless the innocent baby.

  10. No matter how some people tend not to appreciate one still pays to do good....I don't do anything expecting even a thank you in return...just yesterday a friend asked me if I don't mind her old shoe and I told her I don't reject gifts it even thoughtful of her,she ended up giving me 3 πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    And ofcuz I can't count how many times I have had to add money to strangers fare, just because they were begging the conductor who kept embarrassing them for full pay...... whenever you even sow into people's life you reap it triple folds...God loves a cheerful,and he blesses us so we can bless those around us. No matter how bad you think your situation is, there are still worst cases...

  11. Just yesterday, I (by the Grace of God) went to a mall to shop for clothes for a homeless lady I met on
    the way. She had very dingy clothing and could not wash it because another homeless
    man stole her bucket and ran away. The way she danced over the little things I bought, like nail cutter set etc. really
    touched me. Beloved, it is not costly to do good and show a little kindness.
    I noticed the times I met her that she was always studying her Bible and writing notes. She was not struggling with other homeless folks for anything. I was amazed.

    People, help, give like the Lord most of us claim to worship did. Thanks Mrs. Dee for sharing.

    The Lord Jesus taught that it is more blessed to give than to receive...Acts 20:35
    Many Nigerians have this queer mentality of "I receive it.. I receive, I tap..."
    Really I don't know from where they are learning that; probably the vanity laden
    churches that are scattered all over the places. One has to be wise and led by the Holy
    Spirit in knowing the Truth from the lies.

  12. I give those physically challenged people by the roadside money. Even though it is mostly #50 and at times #20, it makes me feel good...

    1. I stopped giving them the day one returned the 20 naira back to me thats its small,I dropped the money on the floor and move,since then I don't give them again except those little children

    2. @Treasures
      You punished a whole population of a people because of the greed and insensitivity of one person?
      Imagine if God stopped loving all of us because of unknown gunmen?

  13. God help us all...

  14. I have never been shown kindness in my entire life until recently when I received my first 1k data give away followed by the whooping 6k data give away by my angel on this blog, I was overwhelmed and then another 1k data give away, I always do the little I can and wherever I can but it was never reciprocated until this wonderful blog blessed me, I'm forever grateful.

  15. Someone paid for my first professional certification. His support helped me alot.

  16. I can never forget the N20 Naira one Keke chairman gave me to enter Keke on my way to work as I didn't have change. I had already given up and just stood by the side as it was rush hour and I was already late to work. He asked what was wrong with me and then gave me the money to add to the N20 I had. Meant so much to me

  17. There is this children that lost their mother some years back and their father is use to keep this children hungry for no reason. So one day I went to visit them , I ask them how they are faring , they told how their father was treating them. I felt so bad and I decided to take it upon myself to feed them , buy them clothes and other things. One thing that keep me happy is the joy on their faces. I thank God for that and I am always happy whenever I visit them.

  18. Last Saturday I went to grind pepper,and I met a woman, lamenting on where to buy drugs, she fell from bike some days back ,and she was given done drugs to buy, no one to help her,she's the woman's grinding for me landlady,and to get bike in that area na war, I took my pepper home, collected money from her and went to look for the drugs,got to 3 pharmacy before I could get it, though it was her money ,but the kind of prayer that woman gave me ehn, and I'm the type that cries whenever I did something,and the person dey thank me too much

  19. This made me remember when my Chronicle was published here 7 years ago, a woman I came to call Angel Taiwo was one of the people who reached out to me, I was a widow who remarried and the second husband was seriously maltreating my kids with my late husband.
    This woman completely detribalised me, her kindness for someone she has never met, was not even from her tribe was something else, she gave me money, she helped me get a job, she gave me and my kids gifts endlessly long after the Chronicle
    Shortly after I lost my phone and my email was hacked, I lost her contacts, it was So painful because i has promised myself that i will also pay for one of the people she pays their school fees, even if it's for just one term, I am not there yet but I am better than i used to be, and from her i learnt to give, no matter how small to who is in need. I can never forget the difference and the mindset shift she made in my life then, she was an awesome inspiration. Wherever you are Mrs Taiwo, may God continually uplift and bless you.

  20. I pray GOD enlarges my heart more to do good things without expecting anything in return

  21. I try to do the much I can for others but I'm still doing it. But I have noticed for some time now that I have been struggling to do that because of how the economy is. It's not easy but I still bless God

  22. One day as I was walking by the road side at night, I accidentally walked into a deep and strongly paved gutter. Thank God it was dry, but the force with which I hit my chest on the pavement left me stunned and unconscious for a while. I was in unbelievable pain and could not move. I had never experienced such excruciating pain in my life. It was as if my heart was being collected from my chest at the moment of impact. I was in there unable to do anything, but some people who approached that side of the road and probably witnessed the incident helped get me out of the gutter. At that point there was no vehicle around and I couldn't feel my legs. I was just shedding tears like a baby. A guy and a lady coaxed me onto my feet while I leaned heavily on them and took me to a nearby clinic (thank God there was one nearby). I don't know how we got there, couldn't feel my legs, in excruciating pain, and leaning heavily on them crying all the while. They kept encouraging me and soothing me with their words. We finally got to the clinic and I was treated immediately, given injections and slept off immediately.

    When I came to, my helpers, my heroes were long gone. Could not even get their numbers to thank them. I just kept praying for them in my heart. Wherever they are right now they are blessed. This is important to me because I got to experience first hand how cold people could be in times of emergency, even nonchalant. I was in the gutter for a while before people came around and only two tried to actually help take me to the clinic. I was very lucky and blessed I realized. Only God knows how long I would have remained there.................


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