Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Flight Lieutenant Survives As Bandits Shoot Down Air Force Jet


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Nigerian Army Flight Lieutenant Survives As Bandits Shoot Down Air Force Jet



  1. Pele Dairo....Jesu will be with you

  2. So those guys have what can shoot down planes and yet are called bandits while ipob have only their flags and are called terrorists?
    Thank God for the pilot but can't help but feel it was a donation

    1. Very sad that the way they are exonerating the so called bandits while they go about taking thousands of lives

  3. We are really in trouble in dis country,so bandits have the weaponery to shoot down a fighter jet ?
    You can imagine the poor children that are still in captivity and Sunday ighoho and Kanu are this Govts priority.
    Buhari you wont know peace as the parents of these kids are in agony.

  4. Bokoharams are now baptised to bandits. I hear o,to the extent that they can now shoot down jets.

    May God save us from this Fulani Govt,amen.

  5. May God save us in this the bandits have weapons that will bring down a plane..anyi atokwa.
    Thank God for the pilot.

  6. Lol they are bandits?? Una well-done o🤡🤡🤡 Thank God for you life o FLT Dairo

  7. Where are those hypocrite bv's supporting Gumi and his bandits?? We need ur opinions here

  8. Stella pls you're not in Nigeria. Call this people by their names for what they are. Terrorists!!!! Stop sugar coating n covering with the rest of the press they are trying everything to gag. They are full blown terrorists.

  9. The heading and the post is misleading. Nigerian Air Force not Army Flight Lt.

  10. Sometimes I wonder if anything will be left of Nigeria by the time Buhari is gone. Buhari spent three years with borrowed money to trail Nnamdi Kanu,an agitator but lacked the wherewithal to tame the terrorists they brought to Nigeria,some of them he claimed were his cousins. I really thank God for the life of the Pilot.

  11. First things first, how did those bandits get weapons that can shoot down an airplane?...these ones don't look like bandits ooo, they're mercenaries 🙄


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