Stella Dimoko Southern Govs Agree That Nigeria’s Next President Should Emerge From The Southern Region Of Nigeria.


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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Southern Govs Agree That Nigeria’s Next President Should Emerge From The Southern Region Of Nigeria.

Southern governors at a closed-door meeting held in Lagos State on Monday
July 5,2021 jointly agreed that Nigeria’s next president should emerge from the Southern region of Nigeria.

The governors also set September 1, 2021, as the deadline for the promulgation of anti-open grazing law among its member states.

“The Southern governors Forum reiterates its commitment to the politics of equity, fairness and unanimously agrees that the presidency of Nigeria be rotated between Southern and Northern Nigeria and resolved that the next president of Nigeria should emerge from the Southern Region,” Governor Akeredolu said on behalf of the governors.

Here are 10 things Southern Governors said at their meeting on Monday:

1. Next President must be a southerner.

2. Demanded the inclusion of electronic transmission of election result.

3. Security institutions must inform governors before any operations in their state.

4. September 1 set for promulgation of anti-open grazing law.

5. State Police must be created.

6. Rejected PIB's proposed 3% share of the oil revenue to the host community. Supports 5%.

7. Rejected proposed 30% share of profit for the exploration of oil and gas in the basins.

8. Rejected the ownership structure of the proposed Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC).

9. Rejected the confirmation of exclusive jurisdiction in pre-election matters on the Federal High Court.

10. Chose Lagos as its permanent secretariat.


  1. Let's see how it goes.It's not just mere talk but action.

  2. Way to go.This looks fair honestly but some people will still see these resolutions as anti Buhari

  3. All these listed above is how it's suppose to be but they know it's not achievable. Already, a group in the north has already condemned their communiqué and labelled them in the same category as Kanu and Igboho for calling for restructuring. Do you see how the average northerner thinks? Restructuring is now being seen as a call for war.

    One thing I've come to understand is that, any move to get Nigeria working on a good track is always resisted by the northerners. They just want to drag the whole section of the country down and backward.

    Just take a look at the whole things mentioned above and tell me what's wrong in any of them. Absolutely none. Should the south be begging for presidency?

    I've said it, my kids will never be birthed in this country, God forbid that. I'm working seriously to give the innocent children God will give me a decent citizenship they can ever think of in the world.

    1. Well well, you are correct and I wish u good luck in ur quest to get a better life for ur family

  4. Talk na Do, when Bubu drags your tail and promises second term or appointment then you sing another song.

  5. You see that number 3 above, it won't work so also the clamour for state policing. Now let me tell you what happened recently.

    The Commander of the Special Task Force in Plateau State, Major-Gen. Atolagbe, was recently removed. His problem started when he arrested some Fulani militia in Plateau and paraded them publicly, the first time this happened in Nigeria. He also arrested their financier.

    When ordered to transfer them to Abuja, he refused, suspecting they might be released. He insisted they should be tried where their crime was committed. He was ordered to stop the arrests and to release those arrested. When he refused, he was dismissed.

    Do you the Fulani will never throw their own under the bus and will do everything to protect them.

    1. It would be nice if you can cross check your facts before posting lies Teejay. Major General Atolagbe was not sacked because he arrested Fulani herdsmen and all, he was redeployed by General Olushakin in 2018 to Defence headquarters and not this year. The deployment had nothing to do with Fulani herdsmen or their sponsor.It it's important that you don't spread stale/fabricated news to score cheap points.

  6. So the ebonyi man who cross carpeted......

  7. Southern Nigeria the land flowing with milk and honey.... God bless our southern leaders.... They should continue like this....💪🏾✊🏾

  8. So far Tinubu isn’t the President, I agree ☝️.

  9. If federal character is used during employments, then I see no reason why it shouldn't be encouraged here...since we have 2 regions

    .a law should be stipulated in which the all parties pick a northern rule for 8 yrs
    .. thereafter, the south rules for another 8yrs

  10. Nice conclusion but I don't understand the part where their headquarters will be situated in Lagos state.


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