Stella Dimoko Afghanistan’s President, Ghani Flees Country


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Monday, August 16, 2021

Afghanistan’s President, Ghani Flees Country



  1. Coward. He should have stayed so they’d capture and kill him. The rest of the country OYO.

  2. The guy man Japa! The soldiers are working with the Militants to ensure the takeover.
    Twenty years of training, better equipment but they didn't resist these people!
    I watched Aja last night, and the ex advisor to the president was aost crying. Women will suffer the brunt of this madness. Some soldiers surrendered without putting up a fight.

  3. A good decision on his part

  4. Na wah o. Wahala no dey finish

  5. It's mostly the women n children that will suffer more in this country with their brutal law. What a pity.

  6. Thousands of afghan citizens lined up at the airport in Kabul to board flight and escape from the Talibans.But unfortunately there were not allowed, the Taliban blocked access for afghan citizens to travel out.
    They are in control of all the country's border.
    Most foreign embassies have started evacuating their citizens from there, the US did theirs yesterday with a military jet.

    1. @Chichi, infact I watched the videos on twitter! It was like the zombie apocalypse, very frightening! There were no women nor children in sight, I pity them.

  7. Nigerians are everywhere in the world. I'm just here wondering if we have Nigerians living in Afghanistan

  8. Call the president all you want but for me I will say that he made the right decision by escaping because this is one battle that he can't win so what's the point in staying.
    This moves of the Taliban will embolden other terrorist groups to keep pushing that one day they will take full control of their country.
    Small time there will be division among the taliban, some will feel cheated and left out then they breakaway to form another sect and the problem never ends.
    Is a pity that America won the battle but not the war

  9. I pity the women and children 😔

  10. When they captured Kunduz I knew they will capture more provinces.
    It's just Jalalabad and Kabul that are left, they enclosed then ceased three thirds of the country, the President took a wise decision after those strangers entered the presidential office if not they'll get him and behead him.
    Was the 20years of war worth it?

    They'll make more money trading their natural heroine and sponsor many terrorist groups in many countries.
    RIP to the military personnel, journalists and afghans who lost their lives in the long war

  11. I shed tears for the women and Children there, and they where beginning to have a voice. It pains me that they will bear the brunt of this.

  12. Afghan is gone!

  13. May it never happen to Nigeria.

  14. A living dog is better than a dead Lion, epa japa ooo. What will happen to the women and children? God have mercy. What was the war for? Very disturbing something.

  15. He knew it was a matter of time. How can he stay when his own military and police all took off. Who will protect him?? Well, he was there when Trump and Pompeo, signed an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020.


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