Stella Dimoko BBN Season 6 Housemate Maria Shows Fave 'Gbenshing' Position While Angel Kisses New Housemate Kayvee


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Monday, August 09, 2021

BBN Season 6 Housemate Maria Shows Fave 'Gbenshing' Position While Angel Kisses New Housemate Kayvee

On Sunday night the housemates played the truth and date game hours after the eviction show and Maria was dared to show her favourite s#x position for 5 seconds with any of the housemates and she chose Pere

Angel was dared to kiss any guy of her choice and she picked the new housemate Kayvee..She was also dared to touch his pen*s for five seconds.

Boma was dared to grind on any female housemate for five minutes and he chose JMK.

They have turned this truth or dare game into something else...


  1. Replies
    1. It's all sex sex sex and more sex. I only watch eviction sundays. Can't they dare themselves to recite the National anthem?
      Anyways I don't blame them sef. I that can recite it, how has it helped me?

  2. Replies
    1. They are so dumb and not playing the script so well, hence the new housemates

  3. Hmmm! Angel is just test running them boys����

    1. :-) :-) no be small ���� Angela and Tega (feeding bottle) are vigorously expressing the stereotype of us from cross river, akwa ibom pipu. And they are both married. Hmm I wonder if their tribe is that one famous for offering their wives as part of 'entertaining' guests in za oda room. :P :P

      seriously tho, I think it has been between boring to okay, so far, I watch from sdk and few clips so dont quote me. P

      Polymath dude made an impact in his little way. Like from the one minute i googled the word, I interprete it as being outstanding on diverse subjects or fields. As in Stephen Hawkins, Eddison, then Elon Musk , Einstein, then Ghandi, add Micheal Jackson, Obama, Maradona, and shakespeare and more in one person. At least he made people look it up, which is cool.

      Hmm a few housemates come across as introverted, it was baffling to me to learn there is a house mate named Princess? I think I can beat my shest that i can name like 5 and a half housemates so far. (Half because the camera crew do these 'ninja cuts' in the clips i have seen)

      Its still early in the game sha

      May the BEST win! May the NExT start their rehearsal assin, watching and preparing ahead if to use the pitymeabeg or myBBLisallnatural or nagordonmakemedoamo, oroffer to cook and clean, or dance seductively et al.

  4. Replies
    1. You can say that again! The only thing they have to offer is sex and nakedness.

  5. In Nini's voice can't they do other thing in truth and dare except sex, sex and sex? It is becoming boring.

    1. After they'll be praying and crying to God to win.
      Funny ppl.

  6. If the cameras should stop working for 5mins, I can bet my life that the gbenshing that will occur mouth no go fit talk am.

    Konji don arrest all of them.

  7. While the rest of the world's youth are daring to dare in Tokyo and hauling gold medals
    home, the Nigerian youth is daring to;
    Do fornication positions
    ladies touching penises
    men sucking the breasts of married women on camera
    Girls bickering
    Anger and infightings.
    Vain glorying and foolery
    masturbation in front of the world cameras
    What a shame!
    BIG BROTHEL HOUSE is reporting...

    1. Then the winner will come and thank God. Confused generation.

    2. I tire...its all sex nudes and drunkenness

    3. Madam why do you condemn them? Who asked you to open the post..there are plenty other post, you can open it and comment there..I am not applauding them for the truth or dare game but you keep opening any post that has to do with BBN..Since it doesn't sit with you,why don't you stop opening any post on BBN..Stella usually post Unique Prayer Request but i have never seen your comment there..All you do is to judge and condemn..Have you asked yourself when the trumpet sound will i be among those ascending with christ?I will advise you to always open posts that will make you not to commit sin..#Shelah

    4. @12:58
      You want to control what I comment on on SDK's blog?
      Can you please define witchcraft for me? πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
      Thanks for reminding me the one I forgot; DRUNKENNESS.
      It is all fornication and drunkenness; that is the new past time of Nigerian youths.

    5. 🀣🀣@ anon 12:58
      Don't mind hypocritical people..

    6. Those attacking 11:26, learn to condemn what is evil okay? Taciturnity in the face of evil, amounts to endorsement. If u REALLY blv what they are doing is not right, then try to do something about it. It's not enough to condemn in ur heart but be going with the flow upfront.

  8. Nothing order than sex sex sex... smh

  9. Na wa...this their truth and dare game is becoming boring with Everytime sex,sex,sex.

  10. It's becoming horrendously annoying.

  11. Na all these thing dem dey do na him make that pastor say him no dey watch am.

  12. The show itself is getting boring. I only watch Sunday eviction shows.

  13. BBN house of sex, everything must kept ve about sex, is that all the youth think about. They should dare about what a nigerian president can do to move our country foward, not dirty games.all the time

  14. I am not even following this BBN. Seems boring

  15. Can't they do something else.

  16. I hope the new housemates will spice things up


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