Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Angel Accused Of Theft, Maria Likes Michael, Liquorose Confronts Emmanuel + Other Gists...


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Monday, August 23, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Angel Accused Of Theft, Maria Likes Michael, Liquorose Confronts Emmanuel + Other Gists...

Na wahhhhh......


She said this while having a discussion with Pere in the garden on Sunday night.
Pere had asked her why she was not giving him a chance.

Maria said: “Micheal is my type every time he’s around me I blush; haven’t you noticed?
I stay away from him because he’s my type. I just wish he wasn’t so young.”

Michael is 26-year-old, while Maria is 29-year-old.



Housemate, Pere told Angel on Sunday that if she survives eviction he feels she will win.

He said, “What if I told you if you don't get evicted you will win this show.
If you stay back you are going to pick the money, mark my words and if it comes to pass N10 million is coming to my account because I saw it.”



Jackie B, during a conversation with a fellow housemate, JayPaul, said Angel hid a shoe she borrowed from her and refused to return it even after she asked her to several times.

Jackie B also revealed that the excuse Angel gave was that she doesn’t know where she kept the shoe.

”It’s not like I’m not angry, I had to go upstairs to confront her. She took my shoes and went to hide them telling me that she didn’t know where she kept them.
I’m like does she know how much those shoes cost. It was her audacity for me and in my opinion, whatever she did was calculated.
At this point, I don’t even trust her at all and this reminds me of why I don’t trust girls. With what she just did I’m very certain she is the one that stole the wig Peace is looking for,” she said.

In response, Jaypaul said  ”She should be grateful to you because if you had picked a serious offence in what she did, this would have brought a big dent to her image,” he said.



Housemate Angel, said on Sunday night that she would like to have a threesome with Michael and Maria.

Michael asked: “Angel, will you have a threesome with me, with any girl my/your choice?”

Angel said: “Yes I will have a threesome with you. My choice of girl will be Maria.”

Last week Angel said she likes to be watched whenever she’s having s#x.



Liquorose on Sunday night confronted Emmanuel about his statement on their team.

Show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu,had asked Emmanuel to clear the air on his relationship with Liquorose being one-sided.

Emmanuel said “Anyone in the house can think of anything but I and Liquorose are in a comfortable space.”

His response got Liquorose angry and she approached him after the live show demanding for clarity.

Liquorose said: “They don’t show when you’re all over me and chasing me, this is annoying.
Your answer about us was political to Ebuka, that’s why I’m pissed it’s the safest answer to give.
You made me look stupid, I started second guessing myself, that’s why I came out to the garden to sleep after the live show.

“This is not one-sided but you’ve made everyone think it is by the kind of answers you give whenever anyone ask you about us.
I don’t want a situation where it’s looking like I’m putting mysef on a guy.”

Emmanuel responding, apologised for making her feel bad.

“I apologize if you thought my answer was political, please don’t take it personal.
I’ll clear the air about us during my next diary session.”



Emmanuel said during his diary session with Biggie said that he would like Saga to be evicted from the reality show.

When asked who he would love to evict from the reality show, Emmanuel mentioned Saga.

 Emmanuel said he sees Saga as a competition because he’s smart.

“I’ll choose Saga to be evicted. He’s so smart and I see him as a competition.
It’s a game so I’ll nominate any housemate I see as a threat to winning for eviction,” Emmanuel said.




Pere Had a conversation with Maria in the garden and said

“I was attracted to Jackie B from the first day in the house but she was interested in someone else But when I noticed you, I started having feelings for you,” Pere told Maria.

 Pere had told Maria he would like to have a relationship with her outside the house, sadly Maria turned him down, saying she has someone outside the house.

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  1. I came too early. I will be back to read comments because na here I de watch my own.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the update πŸ€—

    1. 4 ur fresh affordable Gorontula chat me up @ 08156173381 Nationwide delivery(Wholesale & Retail)23 August 2021 at 17:08

      This is serious accusation. Though this may be a game to them but an accusation of theft isn't something to play games with. If she's sued by Angel, can she prove that Angel stole the wig? Can she???

    2. Stella, whoever wrote this for you, gave a very false narrative. Gosh! Maria walked to the garden with Pere last night to have a talk because apparently Boma and Jackie B had told her that Pere's first attraction was to Jackie B when the ladies came in to the house, Maria always possesaive over Pere was visibly upset and in the garden asked Pere to explain, Pere told Maria that yes he was attracted to Jackie B when she walked in to the house first but that was it and nothing more, Maria asked him if he told Jackie B he Pere had the attraction for her, Pere said yes but did not want anything and that Jackie B had also told him then that he was her kind of man and wanted him Pere to put a definition to the relatioship and tag it but he it was not that sort of attraction that he had for her as it was just an attraction. That he was attracted to Jackie B but that she Maria grew on him Pere, by now Maria was fuming and accused Pere of lying and contradicting himself because he had told her severally that she Maria was the only lady he liked from the off and she is surprised he had an attraction for Jackie B, Pere kept trying to explain but she wasn'having it and told him that she sees through him and that is why she has not given in completely to him Pere, she then said to Pere that since you were attracted to Jackie B, that she too is attracted to Michael and let them switch mutually, Pere told her she is making up stories in her head, you could see she was very upset from how she was flossing her teeth and calling Pere a liar. Yes no woman would want to hear that and Boma and Jackie B should not have told her knowing how jealous she is any woman coming near Pere. Even during their pass forward Questions game after that, Pere knowing Maria well sat at the opposite but Maria kept on at it calling him a liar for saying she was his first and only and contradicting himself, she just went on and on and Jay Paul called the two of them Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the other housemates with them at the dining for the games kept telling her its okay especially when she said she was going to give Pere a Gbas Gbos there and then (lol) my second time hearing the lovely slang Gbas Gbos) Pere replied I am cool as ice I will keep quiet but she never said out the reason she was calling Pere a liar . Maria will never ever go for any other man in that house but Pere, Pere is the only man she eats with the same spoon in that house, all the others she refuses cleverly, last night Cross that everyone was shouting she loves begged to eat some of her cereal with her spoon she lied that she had a bleeding gum and Cross said to her but I just saw you feeding Pere indomie with the same spoon, she said ehh, Pere should get what she also has. She is too possessive and Pere will have it hot outside the house if they date because she will fight and fight every second over any lady that comes close to Pere. I watch on Showmax Livestreaming here in the United Kingdom, some of the exclusive clips, Maria and Pere look married, we all used to feel they are married but came in separately to play the game.Maria is always looking for Pere and if she sees him speaking to any lady, she stylishly comes to take him away, she must go to bed with him at the same time. Pere is stubborn if you ask me but he truly likes Maria sooo much just like he told Big Brother but their fights if they are together after the house will be Epic and excess.

    3. @ for your fresh..., I'm telling you, very serious accusation on life TV, if I'm angel I'll so sue her, rubbish.

    4. But Maria has told Pere severally that she has a relationship outside the house that their union may not work

    5. Anon 17:47, u are really watching ds BBN . U saved me d problem of correcting what was written about Maria/Pere/Michael. To add to ur comment, I’m just coming from a blog where they posted d video of Maria sharing drinks with Michael in front of Pere & other housemates. While Michael walked away ,after Maria thanked him for d drink, Pere was just starring at Maria & she told Pere & I quote “ first to do no dey pain , na last to do dey pain pass”. D other housemates laughed over it but didn’t seem to understand d genesis of what she said. U can’t mess with Maria , even if she’s drunk, she was just saying all that to get back at Pere for contradicting himself. I’m honestly beginning to enjoy this year’s BBN. Wahala everywhere.

    6. Thank you Commenter 19:16. Ohh yess the video you just mentioned was also last night.. good thing is Maria did not use Michael's straw to drink from his cup but took off the straw and drank with the red cup and Pere was just looking at her and she dropped the bombshell statement. 🀀🀀

  2. Stella interesting!!, I hope Jackie B is not accusing Angela of theft because of Michael?. Liquor , please leave Emma and concentrate on the game, I have heard him telling the girls severely that he is not in any relationship with any girl in the house. It is good for Pere to imagine that Angel will win so that he will stop seeing WM as a threat. All the girls in the house want Michael is accent something?

  3. Girls asking dudes for sex
    Kneeling to worship humans
    Manipulative and domineering 🐀πŸ₯
    Chicks 🐀πŸ₯clinging on dudes like leeches.
    Diabolism -witchcraft 101
    Clash with each other
    Sleeping with each other
    Stealing of condoms to fornicate
    Drunkenness and crying crocodile tears
    porn shooting dreams and real
    kids watching porn
    men sucking the breasts of married women in full view of world cameras
    sex position demonstration on camera
    sacking volunteer cooks like "blatant failures"
    f-word galore and boasting
    slander and backbiting
    fights over food
    evil drama, evil drama, evil drama

    And sugar mommies and stevia daddies are saving up to buy suvs and mansions for them
    for jobs well done. And people stay up at nights with their kids to watch and copy these
    And brands of vanities will endorse these evil and atrocities?

    Reporting from Big BROTHEL House, it is me Onye nta akuko

    1. You no carry baskets today?. You are one of the reasons I open this big brother post. Crazy bvs😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    2. No be only u, Orobo. I came here for 'onye nta akuko'. Lol!

  4. Brother see-saw Pere Weldone sir. I just want to see the shock on his face when whitemoney is declared winner, e go choke!!!!
    Liquorose the lover girl better sit up, e go clear for her eye because it's a game for Emmanuel.
    As for Angel, no comments abeg.
    Emmanuel if only you knew, Saga ke? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Both of you are on the same sloppy level, that's if both of you won't be evicted on the same day.

    1. That evicted on the same day needs to happen!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™

    2. White Money is badass in the game. Pere that was nominating him back to back for evictions told Bi
      iggy on Sunday that he will nominate Boma. WM has made friends with all of them no one is seeing him as a threat, good game White!!!

  5. Angel is so shameless with sex talks,gush!

  6. Didn’t watch. Love Island had me on chokehold.
    Seeing Kaz’s sister as loud just shows how crazy loud their household must be.
    Tyler’s father hyping up Kaz is everything! Even if they split after LI (I don’t think they are that into each other), I will enjoy their little moments for now.

    1. Percy maama are these new housemates in bbn? Cos I watch mine here.

    2. No boo, it’s a different show all together. It’s called Love Island.

  7. Michael said he's 28 yrs old on the night he came into the house, So both Maria and Micheal are good to go.

  8. Pere saw wrong..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. LiquorRose is just a disappointment to be very honest. I mean this guy is obviously using you to play his game. But you have refused to receive sense. So sad for a person with such high potentials to win this season.

    1. I suspect it is as dem barb her hair, dem just barb the sense commot.

    2. Haqhaqhaqhaq πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      @barb her sense commot

    3. Hahahahahahahaha! Eyah them barb sense comot for her head. Oh SDK Bvs.

  10. Was wondering who Jackie and Jaypaul were talking about last night.So it's Angel they accused of theft.Biggie or Ebuka should address this and confront Angel.

    Biggie is really overlooking a lot of things this season,from Pere and Maria removing their mics to the pere and white money issue.Thought they will be addressed yesterday.

    As for Boma and Angel,no words
    Those two are for the streets and will keep breaking hearts.Okro geng.

  11. Michael again? I think i'm missing something!

  12. Steal kwa.......which kind talk be that on top shoe

  13. Never knew Emmanuel was Mr Africa & owns a unisex Salon.

  14. This pere na guy man. 10 gini. This will make Angel not to win now

  15. Maria may like pere, Boma, Michael or Emmanuel but a relationship with any of them won't work....not even for upto 3months! You know why? She is a control freak! She wants someone she can presss and toss around & unfortunately none of them will give in to such.

    Yousef, Saga & maybe Jaypaul are the people she can have such previledges with...

    1. Tehehehe!, abeg leave Yousef for me ooo, Maria will put that one for armpit

    2. Maria told one of d housemates a few days back that she’s never been apart from her four & half years old relationship (boyfriend), that she fears that her boyfriend might not take it lightly with her bcoz of her friendship with Pere. Such people that I see as possessive turn to fools in love when they meet who they really have deep feelings for. JB better take it easy with that accusation, stealing is not a good thing to associate someone with. Better to be a runs girl that a thief. If it’s a lie & Ebuka bursts d gist , it’s not gonna be funny & Angels family are watching & taking notes.

  16. Rose should concentrate on the game and forget about ship ish joor. Emmanuel is not into her like she is, babe face front and forget about that dude.

    1. As in!!!! The guy knows that she has a lot of followers and fans, he needs their support hence the tag-along. Chei...of only she can shake him off!

  17. Can you imagine JB just accusing Angel of theft like that. Since she is so sure then she should accuse her to her face


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