Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Biggie Slams Ban On Maria, Liquorose And Peace And Others Complain Of Food Shortage + Other Gists.


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Saturday, August 14, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Biggie Slams Ban On Maria, Liquorose And Peace And Others Complain Of Food Shortage + Other Gists.

Is it all about food now in Biggies house? It is really Irritating hearing adults fight over food.. Nah food carry una go there?

My people see me oh!


Housemates, Maria, Liquorose and Peace have been barred from the Head of House lounge for two weeks.

Biggie issued the punishment on Friday evening after Maria invited Liquorose and Peace into the Head of house lounge.

In page 4 of the rule book, no one except the Head of house, deputy of head of house are allowed to stay in the room and Maria broke the rules when she invited Liquorose and Peace into the HoH lounge.

The three female housemates will have to stay in the common bedrooms for the next two weeks even if they emerge as head of house or deputy.

Ooops!... I have a feeling Maria will be Head of house soon.... Na the script we dey decode dey go...hehehehehehehhe



Housemates, Maria and Pere have predicted housemates that will be evicted on Sunday.

Pere told his deputy HOH Maria in the HOH room that Arin will be evicted from the show on Sunday.

He said “I can’t believe Niyi left and Yousef is still here.
I think out of those up for eviction, Arin will be evicted on Sunday,” 

Maria agreed with him adding that she and Pere were lucky not to be up for eviction this week as their saving grace was Pere’s position as Head of House.

“You were just lucky as the head of house this week, It was needed. If not, you and I would have been up for eviction this week,” Maria said.

We will see if they are correct on Sunday, and if they are that means Biggie whispered it to them...Hahahahahahahahaha I don turn BBNaija secret service.



Housemate Boma confronted the Head of House, Pere over food shortage in the house after Whitemoney was suspended from the kitchen.

On Friday, day 20 of the reality show, Boma approached Pere in the kitchen complaining that there was no water or noodles in the house as housemates were hiding food items.

Boma said, “During Whitemoney’s time in the kitchen he cooks the food and everybody eats. Now we have no noodles or water.
Some people eat up to four to five meals. While some would eat beans, others will say they want to eat noodles.

“What I understand is that this is food for the house and should be eaten by everyone. I didn’t eat any of those noodles at all because I’m not going to hoard food in my stuff.”

“This new kitchen arrangement people hoard food while some eat more than the other. If you want to be doing cooking batch by batch, let us know. Doing it collectively has worked so far,” Boma said.

I dont know why they are complaining, if you cant find food, then cook, if you see food hide what you can and let us hear word, its a game and its more Interesting this way... 

Please watch other big brother shows in other Countries and see that Nobody cooks for the whole house , everyone is accountable for themselves alone....
Whitemoney should never have started cooking for everyone and I think Biggie should cancel this community cooking and let everyone fend for themselves...

Boma is asking for food like a child, did anyone starve him? Agbaya!!



Housemate, Cross told Biggie that he has feelings for Saskay.

He says he has feelings for Saskay because she’s smart and a great person to work with.

Cross said: “I like Saskay but feel bad for making her drunk on Saturday night.
I like her because she is smart, a genius. I’d love to be in her team for any task and I enjoy working with her but my evil side is happy but my normal side is not for doing that to her.”

Me - looking at Saskay and Cross!



On Friday during his diary session, Housemate Kayvee revealed Whitemoney and Maria’s strategy to win the reality Tv show.

Kayvee said: “Maria’s strategy is being the one to object every situation.
She’s my type and also beautiful but she wants a guy to follow her around. She likes to catch cruise. I really admire her but her inner self is chasing me back.”

He also added that he thinks Whitemoney’s strategy to emerge winner of the reality show is cooking.

“I think it’s Whitemoney strategy to be the cook. No one will want to nominate the cook. Pere saw it, he’s also a strategist and senses people’s strategy,” Kayvee told Biggie.

Hehehehhehehehehehe at least they entered with a strategy. some didnt .
All na game, enjoy it



Housemate, Boma, has revealed that financial management is one of the major problems that led to the end of his six-year marriage.
Boma noted this during his session with big brother

They have been asked to do a presentation that borders on financial management in marriage and the issues that could arise when couples run joint accounts.

While speaking on his readiness for the task, Boma said: “I am personalizing the task as someone that has been married. I was married. I think my experience here would play a part. I was married for close to six years but I am currently divorced and this topic was one of the reasons why I divorced.

“So preparing for this was very personal. We are following all the rules in the brief as much as we can, dressing for the part. I have been able to share my experiences with the male housemates and they do want me to come in and close the debate because they think my points are really strong coming from a personal experience and the points I have.

They do think I know what I am saying and do know how to get my points across.

“Only two of us (guys) have actually been married before. Me and Pere but other people have personal experiences while growing up but me and Pere have experienced this personally and we are both divorced right now”

Me - looking at Boma and wondering something.



Housemates Queen and Angel had a disagreement concerning food availability and shortage in the house.

Angel had been assigned to cook but when the food wasn’t ready, Queen got angry and the both of them entered into a squabble

“Get out of the kitchen, Angel. Get out. You’re not okay sweetheart. Stupid thing!” Queen shouted.

Angel answered, “Cook for yourself because you’re rude to me. Cook for yourself, period.”

Then Angel narrated to Nini, “I literally brought out the stew this evening when Tega was doing my makeup.
I came to check the stew and I saw that it has not defrosted yet. What do you propose I do? Should I turn myself into a stew?
How many times did I go and wake Princess up let’s cook okro? But she said after the task, she’ll cook the okro.
Now the stew is still frozen. What do you want me to do?”

She went to say there’s no food in the house and everybody is starving, which most of the housemates attested to.

On her part, Queen explained that she had not eaten good food since morning, and had only eaten cornflakes.

She said she approached HOH Pere and he directed her to go and meet Angel who was in charge of cooking at the time.

When she met Angel, Angel told her that they would cook okro after the task and she waited.

“All of a sudden, she said that if I want to cook, I should enter the kitchen and cook for myself. Is she okay?” Queen screamed in anger.

At her utterance, the duo resumed another round of clash, hurling insults at each other.

At a point, Angel became silent but Queen continued shouting and left the dining area saying, “Get out of the kitchen if you don’t wanna cook. This is not your father’s house.

 Hmmmmm see how adults are behaving because of food or is Biggie starving these people? because foodstuff is very expensive now. Bag of Oloyo beans is almost a 100k.

Biggie no food? LOL



According to Reality Stars Dorathy and Prince say,Big brother naija season 5 housemate Jaypaul was replaced with Tricky Tee (season 5) 45 minutes before he was introduced into the season five house because he had COVID-19

They had the conversation during an IG live video session with fellow star Kiddwaya on Friday.

Jay Paul had disclosed in the house that he was supposed to be among last year's ‘Lockdown’ edition but was turned back 45mins from climbing the stage.
He did not reveal details of the incident, but said he was sure his bags had already entered the house before he was turned back.


This is so wrong! So who sent these two to reveal his health status from last year? This is against Data protection and if he comes out of the house he should sue them for this. It is wrong to do this, totally wrong..... If they are not sure, they should have said allegedly...if they are sure, they should not have said anything. Amebo them.


  1. Food war
    sex position demonstrations
    fights, bickering
    sucking of married woman's breasts
    ladies masturbating on camera
    ladies asking dudes for sex
    f-word and curses galore etc. etc.

    It is me, reporter onye nta akuko, reporting from Big BROTHEL House
    I hope all the (sugar mommy and sucralose daddy) fans are saving up
    to buy SUVs and (slaughter) houses for them for jobs well done?

    1. Assistant Jesus why not avoid any post that concerns big brother. There are post on this blog that I don't open cos e no interest me. I know you will reply me acting like another person which according to your religious law is a sin

    2. Anon 11:06 ur pepper body is epic. This BBN gives u sleepless nights but u keep coming here

    3. 11:38, syate yours and let her be...

    4. @11:38 you dey mind that woman up there always judging...Let me even ask you, is fornication and Aldultery the only sin that displeases God?What about Mudering,Scamming,lies,bearing of false witnesses etc..Have you ever condermn any issues on that? But when it comes to BBNaija,Your fingers will be ready to type in condermnation...You better repent totally because this one you are doing thinking you have repented is fake..

    5. 4 ur fresh affordable Gorontula chat me up @ 08156173381 Nationwide delivery(Wholesale & Retail)14 August 2021 at 21:44

      About this food fight they've got going on, all I can say is you don't know the value of what you have till you loose it. Strategy or no strategy Whitemoney's kitchen romance was a great deal of help to them.
      It could have gotten him to the last day but certainly wasn't a guarantee he would win.

  2. I laugh tire yesterday, they have enough food in the fridge according to White money but their problem was coordination. Angel kept shouting that there was no curry and thyme but they have okro, ogbono , crayfish and protein to prepare soup and stew is there already. It is not easy to cook for 4 persons talk more of 23 adults. I don't see it as a strategy from White money , cooking is like a passion to him. Rico cooked during his own tenure ,was he not eventually evicted?

    1. I laugh in swahili
      You think coordination is beans
      Hunger never catch them

      Pere should have sought whites money's help in coordination, but his hate will not allow him

      I love how nini put them in their place, that girls fears nobody
      "Maria you said it's white money strategy, enhe leave him and do your own now'
      Nini has a bad mouth and I love it不

      Pere in the mud, pushing housemates to shine their eyes, forcing them to see white money's strategy yet your own is to make them put him up so they won't remember to nominate you.
      Las las he isolated himself and the housemates saw through him不不不

      Maria maria guilty conscience wan kill you, after gossiping your friend what was that stupid explanation to white money? I love that guy he no even answer them不不不

      See pere standing by the grill, just collect his chicken
      Strategy finder in the mud不不不

      Forcing princess to cook, dear pere why don't you enter the kitchen yourself now, you said it's not hard, delegate yourself 不不不

      This year isn't like other big brother seasons because food stuff is limited
      They never get all that they shop for
      White money told them they had food cus there was stew in the fridge
      Apart from that nothing else
      The beans princess cooked was insulted and you think another person will volunteer.
      Why didn't they say saga has gym monopoly?

      Peres regime shows you the typical nigerian government, making changes without putting adequate structures in place of the ones you are taking out.

      God bless white money, keep pressing their necks with kindness and humility.

    2. He is bringing hatred to his person thinking that he is dealing with WM, as he entered the pool yesterday all the housemates left the pool

    3. @Push Up, your last paragraph, It also revealed what it'd be like if he ever gets any political appointment. I'm pretty sure he's one of those bashing Desmond Elliot when he's not any different.

  3. Queen is very very rude.

    1. She came with tacha script
      Very rude girl.She looks so stupid yesterday.Is it by fighting and insulting everyone.

    2. I swear! Wish i can give her e-slap dat yesterday.

  4. Stella be calming down with the bashing on food.

    No be person wey chop go play game or be strategic.

    No supply of food.Sapa don enter biggie house不

  5. One thing about life is, when you do things with a pure heart and follow people with clean heart and they plot evil against you for no reason, their plots will eventually catch up with them and eventually eat them up. Uncle "i am 36 years old" was too bitter, jealous and focused on bringing WM down with his wicked girlfriend that they ended up exposing how unintelligent they are, how they both lack the maturity and ability to lead. Dude removed WM from the kitchen thinking that it was his strategy, okay then, as the leader, bring up a better idea and arrangement as to how the kitchen would be managed even better than it was when WM was handling it, dude and his girlfriend couldn't. Was it even up to two days and they ran out of food and water? He and his girlfriend didn't even make an attempt to cook for one day since they were so sure that it was WM's strategy, now people have seen them for the losers and bitter lots they both are. In Burna Boy's voice, "Run am if e easy"! 五

    Last night sweet me and my people die, can i get a round of applause for Nini girl? Chic opened her mouth waaa! and said it as it was. I began to love her from last night, thank you Nini baiby, you really stood up and spoke for your dadaa.

    Meanwhile Princess boldly told uncle 36 years old that, "head of house or no head of house, i go change am for you o, no just try me for this house o" lol.

    Angel darling, i love how you speak/talk with ease, clarity and calm even when pissed off, The Queen girl acts like she's dealing with a mental illness sometimes. God help her.

    Meanwhile Kayvee said that, Uncle 36 stopped WM from cooking because he said it was his strategy, he then went ahead to say that he himself does not care about a person's strategy, that he'd just go ahead and do him while allowing others to do them.

    It was a happy day for the Money Geng last night, we were all so happy and in all honesty, i wouldn't want Ego Oyibo to continue with that his "strategy". He should just relax and allow everyone fend for themselves because they're all adults.

    Meanwhile Cross diary section last night was so emotional. Kudos to his super heroine of a mother, now i understand why he's so obsessed with her.

    WhiteMoney was my best dressed amongst the male in the fashion runway last night. ☺️☺️

    But some of these adult HMs are lazy o, does this mean that in all honesty, they really can't do without our Ego Oyibo? Ordinary to cook food that they'd all eat and they're already pulling hairs and spitting fire? Hiaa! This goes to really prove that it takes only a kind hearted sweet soul that enjoys cooking, feeding and serving people to flawlessly do what Mazi White did for two weeks and without complains and quarrels. Strategy kor, propaganda ni.

    1. So lazy
      Even the so called head of house is a lazy ass
      Leaders lead by example.

      See the room they sleep in, always dirty
      They left plates for one person to wash forgetting it's not white money in the kitchen to clean up after them.
      The guy loves to do it
      Last season lucy was forcing them to clean they dragged her
      Now someone is willing to clean they want to still drag him

      I laughed yesterday enh

    2. In as much whitemoney is loved I still like the fact he was fired from the kitchen else there won't be all this drama and charade that "common food" is causing, this is entertainment baybi!! Just enjoy it with a open heart...

      Let me continue sipping my zobo

    3. 36yrs who acted in Thunder from Above a super story series in 2006 as a sugar daddy to a sales girl.
      He can hate whitemoney, whom all iya basira canteens have his winning banner at their shops, time will tell.
      Pere is synonymous with failure.
      Failed acting career
      Failed army career
      Failed marriage
      Failed head of house reign.

    4. Every money Geng laughed so hard last night @Push up.

      @Moesha, Yes it definitely is and i'm here for all of it boothang!

      Osundi nwanne mmadu, .

  6. Stella big brother isn't starving the housemates. they are the one not buying enough food for themselves. they are to contribute money then buy food some people are stingy to bring money out. then I don't these your comment about pere and maria. you are spoiling their game for them with these talk of biggie whispering to them which isn't true. big brother isn't going to lose reputation like inec

    1. "then I don't these your comment about pere and maria. you are spoiling their game for them with this talk of biggie whispering to them which isn't true. big brother isn't going to lose reputation like in".

      @anon 11:35 The quoted statement shows your hypocrisy stinks. So how about Pere and Maria's rant all day when they knew Whitemoney figured them out as the wildcards on Monday after the first eviction show. They went on an endless rant all day to the extent they accused the production team of revealing/ " whispering" their identity to Whitemoney ( I guess you know what that means). Thereafter they went around strategically trying so hard to put down Whitemoney before other housemates. They kept talking on and on about how he couldn't have figured them out as per his unintelligent or not smart enough. For your information, Pere is a very egoistic, misogynistic, jealous, toxic and hatred filled individual who speaks and acts condescendingly. Also, his jealousy, hatred/dislike for white started from week 1 when he discovered Maria's likeness and closeness to White. He wanted Maria at all cost but then she liked White (though may not be for a relationship) to the extent she started calling him " Mazi". Thereafter, the wildcard revelation drew them closer and the attack started. His influence on Maria is evident for all to see.

      The truth of the matter is that yesterday revealed that strategic Leadership is a skill as well as food/kitchen management. If you don't have it you don't have.

      I keep wondering what they teach them in the military world over in terms of Leadership, strategy, People's mgt and administration, especially in their Leadership and management programmes. For Nigeria, I will understand but for someone trained under the US military that's appalling. Stella post o.

  7. Pere is mean tho.. but I honestly think White Money shouldn't be the only one cooking because cooking is also content on the house. Remember Ozone cooking, Neo and Vee?

    No faves yet.

  8. Since I started watching the show ( I decided to watch this year's to see what the fuss is all about) I have been watching the show I have been looking a Nini with side eyes but after her defence of whitemoney yesterday I felt like lifting her up on my shoulder and dancing round my sitting room. I don't know what Maria and Pete's have against whitemoney, every time cooking is his strategy. so? what if it is? is it not a game?strategies your own. Though what do I know self, this might just be Nini's strategy to escape eviction, she might have deduced that whitemoney might have fans after he was not evicted last week, and as white is not up for eviction this week, going by her defence of him, his fans will vote for her as well as hers. Make we dey watch Sha.

    1. Nini and WM are close since from day one..she's his daughter and she calls him her dadfy,no be because of eviction.

    2. Ohhhh, now I get it. Thanks for clarification because I was looking at her action with side eyes, Pere don make me dey see strategy everywhere

    3. Abeg go and sit down. Everything na strategy to una

    4. BV Osundi, are you sure it's not because of eviction she did what she did, cos in her diary section with biggie when she was asked about who she would like to see in the final, she never mentioned her WM her 'so-called daddy'.

  9. Maria doing damage control last night with whitemoney after using her mouth to tell other house mate to balance like de look make another person they use cooking strategy on them,she later came to WM to come and clear her statement so WM no go blacklist her ..(joke)

    Saskay almost slapped cross on Friday night,for touching her ass while at the garden dancing so Bebe (saskay) give cross serious action warning never to hit her ass in his life cross apologize immediately ,walker go front change mood to *respect myself mood*

    So white money made Jackie B a promise abi request saying if shes free /single /alone after the game,he will like to take her out and start something serious with her, and babe became happy ooo say she doesn't know WM had her at Heart like that oo,hmm she's just friends with other male house mates oo on a norms oo no feelings as she presently single and willing to mingle after the show......
    So rose came to pick up noodles for her self and Emmanuel...
    Saga came out to the lounge and appealed to nini to go in and not get into any fight with anyone,den she said she's only defending the truth (fight unto food matter and defending WM saying even if cooking is whitemoney's strategy say make dem allow the fine guy Bcos he slaves for it..)
    Na so Mariam KOr tell saga say "they shared noodles equally but decided to give old house mates 15 packs and new the recent house mates 13 packs eh nawa oo,but saga said no oo,thats not nice abeg make Una give me and nini 13packs each ,who even made such decision hmm mm na so Mariam dey speechless.

    Then nini say soon them go say saga don monopolize d gym house as the gym them say white money don monopolize kitchen...
    Na so I tire go put gen off o..

    1. I was just watching that part of Maria blabbering from the two sides of her mouth to WM last night and praying that my guy completely ignores her two faced ass. If you are a wicked person, own it with your full chest.

  10. Pere is game abeg , white money knows what he is doing and to think he doesn't cook at home ....pere understand the game Wella and I don't understand if they gave Nini a microphone because her voice is just too loud .....Maria was snubbed by pere at the pool yesterday ,I felt for her Sha....saskay gave it hot hot to cross but I feel she was too harsh ....I just dey pity tega husband and Nini boyfriend...

    If we really understand what a game is then nobody should call pere wicked because pere is the content in bbn ..

    1. Then why didn't Pere and his wife took up the cooking themselves?

    2. 不不不 honestly Pere is bringing allllll the drama! Love it.

      WM is a king, true, but bbn needs drama and Pere is it!
      All this dragging is so unnecessary, enjoy the drama or don't.

    3. Exactly, pere is my content.. if not of him, this year bbn would have been so boring.

  11. I just pray Cross would abort whatever mission of wanting to have anything to do with any of the female housemates. He's yet to make his intentions known to her but they are dragging him already. So draining.

  12. Food is an essentially needed thing in that house oo and where there are much people in a house there will definitely be quarrels about it, I think thins time around big brother didn’t bring much food for them so they have to manage,one person cooking was a good idea then if you want to make your personal food what’s their abeg naira for? You buy your personal stuff and cook your personal food

  13. Pere Mr kitchen monopoly
    WM Mr meet everyone in the middle

  14. Jewelu,God is fighting for our white money and scattering his "enemy's" camp 不不
    Food is important o,ever everyone is complaining of hunger. Now nobody is agreeing to General Pere Abacha's plan,even Maria. This is a case of "obiara egbum,gbu onwe ya".

  15. I do not understand WM fans,why draging Pere bcs he wanted other housemates to also cook? The hate should stop pls..pere bring drama to the house, without him the house would have be very boring ,best regien ever,Pere is the real deal Pere no bnn,I restan the real contentking.. Abeg..the

    1. Pere is hated because his position came from a place of malice why didn't he figure out the problem he created instead of calling WM back. Bad leadership just like Bubu, all talks without checking the consequences

  16. This year bnn top3 are Pere, Wm and rose,make my word are save this post

    1. Buhari is still in power because of people like you that believes in ineptitude and inefficiency

  17. With all i read here, I'm beginning to love WM, I think I stand with him

    1. No need to think dear you are on the right track.

  18. I love the way Pere used "ordinary food to give us premium content this week. If he hadnt removed WhiteMoney from the kitchen, he would have been cooking and the housemates will eat and sing Kumbaya like one big happy family while boring us to death.

    Does that mean the house will starve if WM leaves the house? Those 22 agbayas cannot fend for themselves without depending on one single person. I watched Nini ranting that they were starving and I wondered what happened to her hands. Like WM asked, what stopped anyone from boiling rice since they had stew in the fridge? They all want to sit down, cross their legs and be fed like babies abi?

    Only a smart person will understand where Pere is coming from, the housemates will not want to nominate WM bcos he's their unofficial cook and so is indispensable. Not to talk of the way his fans will drag anyone that nominates him after "eating his food" Even some of his fans here dragged Saskay for nominating him. Strategy or not, the housemates shouldnt depend on one single person for survival in Biggie's house.
    What if Biggie decides to fake evict WM for a week, wont they eat? Biggie's house is a jungle and it's all man to himself. The housemates didnt go there to eat. Everybody should shine their eyes bcos no one is indispensable. Torr.

    1. I love this comment.Been looking for it

    2. Mehn.. this comment is a hit. Sentiments aside, this is a game.

    3. Best comment my left ass. Pere is a narcissist. No wonder e marriage no last. Na d type wey go spoil ur name for office becos u are doing better dan him. He is a pained nd bitter person.

    4. I ji ya, very jealous and wicked person

    5. The viewers issue with Pere is that his suggestion came from a place of malice. Has anyone noticed the contempt in his face whenever WM is speaking? He can barely tolerate him and that is not just good.

  19. Show never reach 3 weeks o but some of una don start una stupid behavior of hatred,cant you adults just watch a reality show and shun hatred for once,cant you behave like adults with sense.


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