Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 6 - Drama As The Men Allege The Ladies Are 'Toasting' Them And The Ladies Are At War With Each Other


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Saturday, August 07, 2021

BBNaija Season 6 - Drama As The Men Allege The Ladies Are 'Toasting' Them And The Ladies Are At War With Each Other

There was drama from left , right and center in Biggie's house on Friday August 7,2021


Housemate, Emmanuel, has confessed her love for fellow housemate, Liquorose.

During his Diary Session on Friday, Emmanuel was asked if he was developing feelings for any female housemate and he said, “Yes. I am. So far, I think I’m developing feelings for Liquorose... But, I honestly do not want to rush anything because she has told me how she feels in a situation like this, so we discussed and came to a conclusion that we should keep things as slow as possible. So, that’s fine.”

Some of the housemates believe that Pere and Saga are pushing Emmanuel into a relationship with Liquorose ..



Niyi, the only married man in the Big Brother Naija season six has revealed that fellow housemates, Angel and Beatrice are making serious attempts to seduce him.

He said that Angel had already made advances at him five times while he was in the shower.

In a diary session, Niyi was asked by Biggie about the effects of his participation in the show on his marriage, particularly, his interaction with female housemates.

In response, Niyi told Biggie that some of the female housemates such as Angel and Beatrice were putting him in uncomfortable situations.

Probed further, Niyi said, “I’ve had a time where people put me in uncomfortable situations, the likes of Beatrice and Angel. But I think it’s just coming from a place of trying to tease me to see how strong I am.”

Niyi said that Beatrice had, notwithstanding his marital status, told him that she wants to be with him and that his wife will understand.

“At first, I could always wave those advances and made her know how serious the situation is, like ‘I’m married and I hope you respect that’. But with time, I just felt that it was something I’ll have to deal with.”

Talking about Angel, Niyi told Biggie that the 21-year-old housemate always approached him in the shower even if it is a private place and she doesn’t want to have a bath.

He said, “Angel has been able to make advances at me five times when I was in the shower, just to come in, even if she doesn’t want to have her bath. So that’s another thing that I’ve been looking at but I said ‘No, I can’t do this with her.’”

Hmmmm Oga continue to control yourself before fans will evict you the way TTT was evicted by fans for being unfaithful... lol



Housemates Liquorose and Beatrice were Friday involved in a nasty fight over alleged gossip.

The drama started when Angel confronted Liquorose for giving her attitude.

Liquorose said she was upset because Angel and Beatrice were talking about her relationship with Emmanuel and her stature.

Angel had told Beatrice that Emmanuel told her that he is just friends with Liquorose, a conversation Liquorose heard and got angry.

 Liquorose said the gossip got her angry because they would have confronted her instead of gossiping but Beatrice said they did not say anything bad about her and accused her of also gossiping about others.

This made Liquorose angry and she warned her to keep her name out of her mouth, but Beatrice maintained that she had right to say anything in the house.

Liquorose said, ”Keep my name out of your mouth.”

Beatrice - “Do you know how many times you have spoken about me in this house? Have I ever confronted you?” 

Liquorose had to leave the room to avoid the altercation getting out of hand.



Housemate Jaypaul told Biggie during his diary session that Princess asked him for a relationship on the second day of the show.

He also said that Saskay likes him and he likes Jackie B.

Jaypaul said, “I have people I see as close friends, the first person I was attracted to and felt we would have a relationship was Jackie. I know Arin and Saskay liked me. I told Jackie I like her and she said she likes me but she’s not jumping into anything.

“I told my guy (Boma) I like Jackie when the ladies came but here we are. So, I’ll stay on the low.

“For Arin, she knows I’ve been avoiding her, she said that to me. I’ve been trying to avoid it by not talking to her. Saskay is like my sister, she’s lively.

“It’s not a bad thing to be the ladies man but I’m trying not to make them feel rejected. Princess called me boyfriend the second day of the show and I dodged that but biggie, I’m not closing the book on anyone, let’s see how they go. “

Hmmmm so because she allegedly called him boyfriend means she wanted him to be her boyfriend? This one should sit down one place with his moin moin mentality.



Drama ensued on Friday in Biggies house as Jackie B and Maria engaged in a heated argument.

It started after Jackie started laughing while Maria confronted Angel over alleged gossiping at midnight about housemates.

Maria then confronted Jackie B, accusing her of also gossiping about her and complaining to everyone that she called her a hoe.

Maria said: “I apologized to you twice, you’re still making it an issue.

“You’re the insecure one , you’re fake. I don’t like you.”

Jackie B, responding warned Maria to stay away from her.

They both exchanged hurtful words but were separated by other housemates.

I hope their fans will not carry this matter on their heads, we are tired of the same old same old trend oh.



Housemate, Angel, on Friday told Biggie during her diary session that she feels Sammie irritates her because she doesn’t like him romantically.

She noted that being forced to have a relationship with Sammie irritates her

She said “Sammie irritates me because I don’t like him like that and everyone says we are in love and will get married.
Sometimes when sleeping, Sammie taps me that he wants to gist and I hate being tapped. Even when I tell him we will talk when I wake up, he gets angry.
I thought I could cope with him but I am done.”

Chei, when he comes outside and reads this I am sure he wont talk to her for sometime

ALL culled from dailypost


  1. I felt bad for Sammie yesterday Sha. During his own D.S, he told biggie he likes Angel and was upset they weren't talking to each other, he said he would still settle things with her later. Angel on the other hand is irritated by him.

    Life no balance

    1. I don't feel sorry for Sammy, he wanted to use Angel but got caught up in his web. He is in love with her now but that was not the original plan and he even bragged about it to the guys. Someone should please love Arin now.

  2. Awon agbaya, I'm still trying to understand them. Very confused and unserious set

    1. Imagine the body on those chics,noooo women.
      These are Mamas in the biggie house.
      Their body statistics is shocking,like are these people actually in their 20s as claimed.
      Jackie B

      They look more like women in their 50s from their personalities.
      The remaining ones, Arin and saskay look like refugees.

      The guys look cool abeg,who is saying Sammie is irritating? He better than you all 100%

    2. Do you know what statistics are? Sounding like a confused dunce.
      Better to sound like a 50 year old on an adult programme than sound like a whining confused toddler.

    3. It's true. All their thighs are thunderous in size, wide back and shoulder dem come short join.

    4. LiquorRose should not trust anything that comes from Emma.

    5. @tiana the way it's going, these two might be the first set to have sex.
      Liquorose already told him she feels like grabbing him and raping him. She's too horny to use her brain.

  3. Drama everywhere.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Jackie and Maria actually made up last night.
    Maria be doing notice me for Pere

  4. Yesterday was wooooosk enough GB as gbos from everywhere

    Its becoming interesting, they are already forming cliques

    Even the pool party was segmented everyone to his or her clique

  5. Gossip
    falling in lust
    The Big Brothel House is reporting

  6. So I watched their pool party in the night...mehnnn, Whitemoney issa goal. Guy kept cooking and after grilled chicken for them. When he started dancing..,🀣🀣🀣🀣. At a time he put his face on Angel's bums while she was rocking him.

    These ladies no come play this year ooo. See all them G-string everywhere. The Angel lady's own na something else.
    Is it just me or was Maria throwing herself at Pere during the party. I read here that she rejected his advances. The least she could do was stay away from his space. Guy man was facing the mirror and dancing solo but she came and kept talking and poking the guy. Though I couldn't hear them Sha but I'm an advocate of "iju ekwensu, iju oru ya niile"

    Liquorrose is a professional dancer right? Cos the dance moves of that lady is badddttt.

    The guys wearing 'pant' una weldone oo.
    This Cross guy looks like Sirdee abi na just my eye? Guy man can dance ooo. The way he hoisted Saskay up and was rocking her...hmm.Shebi he is d one from Anambra?
    The one wearing neon bikini danced very well too.

    Abeg make I go wash clothes, their party was fun at least till I turned off the gen at midnight.

  7. These days I Dey hear voice calling my “name”
    I don kukuma buy suit, tie and one long shoe ministry don start be that

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. That's because she does mostly hip hop.. she's a good dancer but not a sexy dancer..I'm voting liquorose till the last day..

    3. I notice that she is not a sexy dancer her body is so stiff.

  8. They all had fun yesterday night even Beatrice that refused to come out was dancing inside, then came outside later.
    White money made my night with his funny dance moves.

  9. Their food has really gone down, hunger has set in . when White money was warning them about the consequences of wasting food they turned deaf ears. Now their true colors are coming out, no more pretences, hunger brings out the beasts in human beings. When they are replenished on Sunday, you will see laughter everywhere

    1. Is Biggie broke this year? Why the shortage of foodstuff in the house

    2. Ekele that's the fastest way to bring out the hidden facts about them. A hungry man is an angry man, u get?

  10. Pere and Maria made out self. The truth is coming out this morning from their mouths. She is neither here nor there, fake ass! She likes Pere and pretending, I don't know who she is trying to impress.

    I feel like Liquorose is trying to make all the people in the house hate Maria. She told Maria things that made her(Maria) fight with those people and everyone, including the guys are already finding Maria irritating, well, except Pere.

    I feel like Pere is being super fake and leading Maria on for his own game.

    Tonight is Gordon's party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, some people, Liquor and Maria are going to get it. They were drunk last night and misbehaving, tonight will be worse. Make dem sha no fuck oh, be em go bad pass

  11. Please fans should reduce toxicity this human being is perfect..please,give them a chance to be themselves


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